Bunheads Stars Season 1 Finale

Bunheads Season Finale: Will ABC Family Renew It For a Second Season?

The Bunheads season finale happens tonight on ABC Family. A report in the Los Angeles Times says ABC Family executives haven’t decided if Bunheads will get a second season.

The charming show about smart ballet dancers who talk really fast is produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who also produced the equally charming, Gilmore Girls.

Amy’s style attracts viewers of all ages who like her witty writing, obscure pop culture references, and multi-generational casts. ABC Family focuses on attracting female viewers under age 34 though, and it’s unclear whether Bunheads is reaching the channel’s target demographic.

More than 1.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the Bunheads pilot last summer. ABC Family has odd seasons where shows go on hiatus for months. After 10 episodes, Bunheads went on hiatus along with Switched at Birth. When it returned this winter, ratings in the target demo dropped to around one million viewers per episode.

“Sherman-Palladino and [Sutton] Foster are grappling with not knowing whether ABC Family will bring back the show. They are striving for what’s most elusive in show business: success and longevity. ‘This could be the last job, the last moment,’ Sherman-Palladino said. ‘This could be it.'”

HollywoodLife.com asked the show’s star Sutton Foster about prospects for a second season. If ABC Family renews Bunheads, Sutton says she hopes Michelle will begin a real relationship:

“‘I would love for her to find romance, or at least a relationship,’ she tells us. ‘I don’t think she’s ever had a real relationship. I’d love to see what a real relationship would bring. No more dead husbands; a nice living guy.'”

On her Facebook page, Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo) asked fans to watch the Bunheads as it airs live on ABC Family tonight at 9 pm EST to make sure ratings are as high as they can be. ABC Family’s renewal of the show for a second season just might depend on how well the season finale performs.

Will you be watching? Do you want ABC Family to give Bunheads a second season?