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Louisiana Health Department Forces Homeless Mission To Destroy $8,000 Worth Of Deer Meat

venison destroyed louisiana

Shreveport, LA – A homeless mission was ordered to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat. There was reportedly nothing wrong with the meat, but state law forbids the serving of venison at homeless shelters. The Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission was ordered to destroy 1,600 pounds of donated deer meat.

The deer meat was not even returned to the generous folks who wanted to help feed the homeless people in Louisiana. Health department officials ordered the Shreveport Bossier mission to put the deer meat in the garbage and pour bleach over the venison to prevent even hungry animals from having a free meal.

A statement the Louisiana Health Department submitted to Fox News reads:

“Deer meat is not permitted to be served in a shelter, restaurant, or any other public eating establishment in Louisiana. While we applaud the good intentions of the hunters who donated this meat, we must protect people who eat at the rescue mission, and we cannot allow a potentially serious health threat to endanger the public.”

Venison boasts far less fat the beef and is a favorite on menus in southern Ohio. Perhaps the deer meat destruction highlights how drastically eating habits vary from state to state. An annual crawdad festival is held in southern Louisiana. In Ohio, hardly anyone would consider plopping a fried crawdad in their mouth – perhaps on their fishing line, but never on their taste buds.

Hunters who donated the venison to the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission are extremely angry about the destruction of the deer meat, according to The Blaze. Hunters for the Hungry co-founder Richard Campbell had this to say about the incident:

“Hunters are going nuts over it. It’s created an outrage across our state and even over into Mississippi.”

Reverend Henry Martin sated that he had served deer meet at the homeless shelter for many years. The Louisiana Health Department ordered the venison destroyed after one of the homeless people at the shelter reportedly complained about being fed deer meat.

What do you think about the Louisiana homeless mission being ordered to destroy the donated deer meat?

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25 Responses to “Louisiana Health Department Forces Homeless Mission To Destroy $8,000 Worth Of Deer Meat”

  1. Michael Guyer

    We destroy perfectly good meat that has been donated to the homeless? I would love to come up with something witty to say here but I am absolutely speechless.

  2. Jerri T. Varelli McCaffrey

    Yeah, but I bet they see nothing wrong with serving fried pickles..

  3. Tom Walton

    I'm starving but I hate fried pickles. The health dept. will hear oboist this!

  4. Daniel Layne

    So, next time coordinate with the shelter and have someone else cook and serve it and the shelter simply provides transport to the location OR permission to serve the food on their own location by said third party. Ridiculous but at least there is a workaround.

  5. Kevin Wirth

    No one explains in this report why deer meat icannot be served. Is there any good reason for this? I withold my judgment on this matter until I hear WHY the state forbids serving it.

  6. Rose Robertson Aguiar

    At the risk of sounding like a "conspiracy theorist", there is nothing wrong with the deer meat other than it bypassed the FDA. They are really cracking down on any kind of food that citizens provide for themselves or each other without going through them. It's not about safety, it's about control.

  7. Geo Maciolek

    Fun fact about Maine – in a lot of places, if it's local-to-local food, there's less regulation. From our farms to our tables, far less paperwork.

  8. Phil Elliott

    In Alaska, a LOT of Moose are hit by vehicles, almost all of that meat is donated to charities by the investigating agency. The charities are almighyt glad to get it.

  9. Lanney McMann

    FDA is a joke, and does their job only when it benefits their pockets, AND NOT the people that they are "protecting." I wouldnt trust the FDA is someone paid me to.

  10. Brice Milling Griffin

    The article says, "The Louisiana Health Department ordered the venison destroyed after one of the homeless people at the shelter reportedly complained about being fed deer meat."

    I don't like this free food. Take it away!

  11. Siouxsie Choosy

    It's bad enough that they refused to allow it to be served to the people who are hungry. But to refuse to return it to the donators who saw to it that it was properly packaged and delivered to the shelter is just freaking CRIMINAL! There was nothing wrong with the meat and there is no excuse in not returning it to the people. The only reason they claim they couldn't use it in the shelter is due to some really stupid policy. So there was NO reason to destroy it! Clearly some people in Louisiana shouldn't be allowed to continue with decision making. Throw the idiots out on their ears say I.

  12. Siouxsie Choosy

    This is the real out rage, There was NOTHING wrong with the meat. They ordered it destroyed because of some stupid state policy that says game meat can not be served in homeless shelters. I am sure originally it was put in place to make sure no one was boiling up road kill or something along those lines, But given this was properly dressed and packaged deer meat one would think they'd use their feeble brain and decide there is an exception to the rule. At the very least they could have returned it. There was absolutely no reason to destroy the meat. That's just disgusting. Residents of Louisiana need to take a good long look at who the 'decision' maker was and see to it that person is promptly removed from the position. Clearly decision making is not their forte.

  13. Kyetsu Fox

    @Brice Milling Griffin What's sad it that it could very easily be true. There are people that strongly believe that beggars CAN be choosers…

  14. Kyetsu Fox

    Yup. They wouldn't let the shelter serve it, wouldn't let them return it to the people that donated it, AND had all of it removed from the individual packaging so they could pour bleach all over it, just to prevent even the local animals from getting any of the 1600 pounds of meat that was being tossed…GENIUS!

  15. Kevin Casey

    The deer meat is DONATED as opposed to FARM RAISED Beef, Pork, Alligator, Chicken Turkey & Commercially cough Fish & Seafood. These hunters were taking money out of Rancher's pocket so the met was destroyed & made inedible. GOOO CORPORATIONS!!!

  16. Kevin Casey

    Rose Robertson Aguiar The FDA had nothing to do with this… Those folks only protect corporate interests of Farmers & Pharmaceutical companies. This was a STATE Corporate protection agency…

  17. Kevin Casey

    Local animals my ass more like the homeless folks digging it out cooking & eating it… Thoe homeless folks should hit up a corporate Ranch & kill some livestock lets see how they like that loss.

  18. George Wills Jr.

    Notice they just say " the health department officials?" I want the name of the sole decision maker on this and when it's known we all can make him/ her look as stupid as Pierre's Morgan. That's so ignorant !!!! Mad in New York!!!!

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