Woman Banished From Westboro, Writes Memoir

Woman Banished From Westboro Writes Memoir

A woman who was banished from Westboro Baptist Church has written a memoir chronicling seven years as a member. The book is titled “Banished, A Memoir, Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church.

The Westboro Baptist Church remains controversial as they publicly speak out against what they refer to as sin, mainly through public picketing demonstrations. The church is notorious for picketing events, memorials, and funeral services in an attempt to speak out against people that are considered sinners according to their faith.

Currently planned picketing demonstrations include a Maroon 5 concert. As stated on godhatesfags.com, the group has several issues with the popular band:

“Maroon 5 has set risen to fame on a platform of promoting fornication and adultery in their music when they should have been using their world-wide platform to tell some Bible truth.”

Lauren Drain joined Westboro church with her parents when she was fifteen. As reported by The Topeka Capital-Journal, Lauren’s family made the decision to join the church at the urging of Westboro leader Shirley Phelps-Roper. Lauren’s parents sought help when they discovered letters she had written to a male friend. Phelps offered the guidance of the church, prompting the family to relocate from Florida to Topeka, Kansas.

Wanting to make her parents proud, Lauren struggled to be a “good Christian” and gain acceptance in the congregation. Although Lauren admits that, through the church, she learned to respect her family, she had many concerns. Lauren states that she was “brainwashed to believe what they said was truth.”

Lauren was reportedly banished from Westboro when she was 22 years old. Her parents discovered that she had been corresponding with a young man who was not affiliated with the church. Lauren was disowned by her parents and banished from the church.

It was a struggle for Lauren to live on the “outside” without the support of her family, but after 12 years she has adjusted and felt it was important to share her story.

Lauren’s memoir chronicling her life and eventual banishment from the Westboro Baptist Church is complete and will be released on March 5.