Sexting and Photo Storage

1 In 4 Mobile Users Have Dirty Pics And Videos On Their Phone, Study Finds

Software security company AVG has conducted a new survey regarding the inclusion of “intimate photos or videos” on a users mobile phone or tablet devices. The study found that 25 percent of mobile phone and tablet users have intimate photos or videos on their devices.

The study — which surveyed 5,107 smartphone users in the UK, US, France, Germany, and Brazil — found that 36 percent of mobile phone users will store photos and videos but are adamantly against using their smartphone to check their bank balances.

Thirty-five percent of users also revealed that they trust mobile online shopping.

While 25 percent of users take photos and video on their smartphones, they are actually less likely to send those naughty files. According to a 2012 Pew Internet report, only 15 percent of adults admitted to receiving sexually suggestive photos and videos in a “nearly nude or nude” state. That 15 percent level has been observed since May 2010.

Based on those numbers, it is likely that solo users and couples are taking photos and videos on their own devices but then keeping them private.

Sadly, 70 percent of users were not aware that they could better secure their privacy with mobile data wiping and cloud based services in case their phone was lost.

The study did not attempt to determine how many users now send naughty photos and videos using temporary file programs such as SnapChat and Facebook Poke.

Are you surprised to learn that one in four people store naughty photos or videos on their smartphone?