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Chinese Hackers Could Bring Down America With An Attack On The Power Grid

chinese cyber attacks

Chinese hackers allegedly have the capability to bring life as we know it in America to a screeching halt. Recent headlines about cyber espionage by China have caused concern for infrastructure in the United States. Worries about an attack on our antiquated and over-taxed power grid continue to snag air-time and may have increased the prepper ranks in America.

China has strongly denied the hacking claims and maintains the allegations lack “technical proof,” according to The Australian. American industries supposedly at the top of the cyber hacking hit list include agriculture, metals, mining, and energy.

Mandiant, an internet security firm, recently published a 76-page report about what it termed an Advanced Persistent Threat No. 1, or APT1, the Huffington Post. The report focuses on the alleged Chinese hackers in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai.

The internet security firm believes that possibly thousands of computer hackers are employed in the Pudong region. The cyber attacks stemming from the area supposedly began in 2006 and include data stolen from 141 agencies in various industries.

An excerpt from the Mandiant report about alleged Chinese hackers reads:

“We believe that organizations related to China’s strategic priorities are potential targets of APT1’s comprehensive cyber espionage campaign. While we have certainly seen the group target some industries more heavily than others, our observations confirm that APT1 has targeted at least four of the seven strategic emerging industries that China has identified in its 12th Five Year Plan.”

If a Chinese cyber attack successfully hacks the power grid, the impact would be devastating. A downed power grid would not only impact the business realm, but the military and health of American citizens as well. Unless you live off the grid and are can supply your family with food, water, and fuel without, the lack of electricity would impact nearly every aspect of your life.

What do you think should be done about the alleged Chinese hackers and cyber attack threat to the power grid?

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6 Responses to “Chinese Hackers Could Bring Down America With An Attack On The Power Grid”

  1. Bajie Zhu

    America has at least 1,000 times the capability of any Chinese hacking crew, AND has demonstrated the wont to actually use such capability (viz. Stuxnet and the Flame Worm against at least a few countries that has NO symmetric capability).

    The issue is not black and white.

    The Chinese looks at this as a bout of mindless fear-mongering, and thief-screaming-stop-thief to boot. Worse yet, The accusations smell like Gulf of Tonkin redux.

    ECHELON, CARNIVORE, MAGIC LANTERN, INFRAGARD, PROMIS, Stuxnet, the Flame worm…. The list just goes on. Data collection without permission (if anyone else does it you'd call it stealing), hacking, physically and maliciously destroying the equipment and networks of others, done on a scale 100 times larger than that of the rest of the world put together, and for much longer periods of time. Spy satellites, coastal SIGINT, There is no major fiber optic undersea cable going into or out of any country that has NOT been hacked by Americans, with the help of its gang of international thugs such as the UK. Nobody else has the capability to do mischief on this scale, or ever attempted to do as much.

    From the end of WW II to now, data taken without permission from China by America and the West is at least a MILLION TIMES (alright, mayhap only 100,000 times) compared to that going in the other direction. And it is well documented that America uses the stolen information to favor its own commercial interests.

    What is good must be universal. America should show the world leadership and stop, and the world would follow.

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