5.7 Magnitude Earthquake

Earthquakes Hit Japan, No Tsunami Warnings Issued

A pair of earthquakes struck Japan on Monday afternoon.

The US Geological Survey reported that a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit central Japan at around 4:24 pm local time. According to CNN, a second quake arrived roughly 11 minutes after the first.

It’s being reported that the second earthquake in Japan on Monday had a magnitude of 4.6. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency has not issued a tsunami warning as of this writing.

Although the quakes shook buildings and gave citizens a fright, no injuries were reported. It’s also currently believed the earthquake didn’t cause any structural damage in the area.

The Japan Daily Press explains that some residents said some tall buildings in Tokyo were seen swaying during the event. Witnesses said the shaking lasted for about 30 seconds. However, the intensity of the tremors seems to vary from one prefecture to another.

The website also reports that Japan’s nuclear power plants also survived the recent earthquakes without any immediate damage. The Fukushima Daiichi facility, which was severely compromised during the 2011 quake, did not report any damage.

Bullet trains in the area were reportedly halted during the quakes. However, service is believed to have resumed roughly 20 minutes after the event took place.

Japan is still trying to recover from the devastating quake that hit the area in 2011. Approximately 19,000 lost their lives during the event while thousands more were evacuated from their homes.

Businessweek explains the Japanese government will sell its stake in Japan Tobacco Inc. in an effort to help the country recover from the 2011 quakes. When the deal is finalized, the government will receive roughly $10.3 billion for it share.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently upped the recovery budget from six trillion yen to around 25 trillion. The money the government brings in from Japan Tobacco Inc. will be used to help cover costs.

What do you think about the earthquakes that hit Japan on Monday afternoon?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]