Academy Awards 2013

Oh, Poop! Pipe Bursts During Oscars, Floods Women’s Bathroom

The Oscars are known for their glitz and glamour. But, on Sunday night, at least one room in the Dolby Theater was known for its human excrement.

Thirty minutes before the Oscars were set to begin, a women’s bathroom pipe exploded, causing the room to flood and emergency workers to scramble for a fix.

The pipe exploded just as the mother Kief Davidson, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary shorft Open Heart, flushed a toilet.

Following the exploded pipef water quickly began to flood the same lobby where nearly every Oscar nominee and studio head was entering the building.

Speaking to the Daily Wrap, Lucy Walker, a 2012 Oscar-nominee for the short film The Tsunami and The Cherry Blossom, said Davidson’s mother was “soaked” by the exploding bathroom pipe.

According to the onlooker:

“The poor woman came out looking like a scene from ‘Carrie. She was drenched.”

Oscars officials were quick to clean up the small flood in the lobby of the Dolby Theater.

Oscars 2013 went forward without a hitch, although we have a feeling workers at the Dolby Theater will be doing a once over on other plumbing systems in the building.

Flooding at 2013 Oscars

Are you surprised by the pipe bursting incident at one of the country’s largest awards shows?