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Brandi Glanville Wears Half A Dress At Academy Awards

Brandi Glanville Wears Half A Dress At Academy Awards

Brandi Glanville’s dress turned heads at the red carpet show before the Academy Awards, mainly because it appeared that half the dress was missing.

Known more for her personal issues splashed across tabloids each week, Glanville decided to make headlines for a different reason at the Oscars. The reality star showed up to the event wearing what The Huffington Post described as a “nude mermaid getup” that appeared to be missing the top half of the bodice.

“The dress looks like it’s going to pop off at any moment — yikes!,” the report noted.

Of course, Brandi Glanville’s dress was another form of self-promotion for the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville said she had made the dress herself.

“I’m designing my own dress for the Oscars with my designer from My BrandB line,” she told RumorFix. “It’s not done yet so I’m a little worried. Fingers crossed!”

Viewers had more than a good chance to take a peak at Brandi Glanville’s revealing dress. She served as a fashion correspondent for the On The Red Carpet live stream show before the Oscars.

Glanville had been in the new more for her personal life and struggles with her ex-husband. She’s taken frequent public shots at Eddie Cibrian and has been particularly hard on his new wife, LeAnn Rimes. Glanville has called out Rimes’ parenting, calling her irresponsible for leaving prescription pills where Glanville’s kids could find them.

Glanville has even written a tell-all book in which she went into more dark secrets of Cibrian including a clam that he was impotent.

Another look at Brandi Glanville’s dress from the Academy Awards can be found here.

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8 Responses to “Brandi Glanville Wears Half A Dress At Academy Awards”

  1. Anonymous

    why is there even a story about yet another nobody who the story seeks to make into a psuedolebrity just for the waste of ink?

  2. Jamie Flowers-Rhodes

    she is just a nobody wanting to be a somebody but will remain a nobody. She looks ridiculous.

  3. Gaye Spivey

    I wish this woman would get over Eddie and LeAnn and move on for her and the kids sakes. This is an unhealthy obsession for her and she really needs to go and talk to a professional about it.

  4. Gaye Spivey

    Then to write a whole book about the ordeal so when the kids are older they can read it is just uncool in my book and they probably teased at school about it…Girl he has moved on and you need to as well! Go and find yourself a good man that will love you and your kids.

  5. Terri Powell Wiersma

    Really, REALLY not flattering. YIKES. I can't even imagine the looks on her sons' faces when they saw THAT hot mess. Everybody already thinks you're a BIMBO, Brandi. No need to reinforce the stereotype.

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