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Fans Wear KKK Hoods To High School Hockey Game

To High School Hockey Game

A photo of fans wearing KKK hoods during a high school hockey game in North Dakota, caused outrage and sparked an investigation by school officials this weekend.

The incident occurred Friday night during a state hockey semifinal game held at Ralph Engelstad Arena. Three students from Red River High School were seen sitting together in the crowd wearing what appeared to be Ku Klux Klan-style white robes and hoods.

The Associated Press writes that 19-year-old Shane Schuster was attending the game when he noticed the offensive regalia and captured it with his camera phone.

The resulting photo kicked up a firestorm of controversy after Schuster posted it to his Twitter account. Schuster described his reaction to the students’ wardrobe:

“I thought, ‘Are those KKK hoods?’ I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked.”

The three fans wearing the KKK hoods were seated in the Red River High School student section. The offending outfits were almost lost among the crowd as fellow students participated in a traditional “whiteout” by donning primarily white clothing and white face paint.

Inforum reports that a subsequent investigation by school officials identified the three students.

It was concluded that they did not enter the arena wearing the KKK garb, but changed into the clothing following the first goal of the game. The students reportedly removed the garb between 30 and 60 seconds later.

Red River High School principal Kristopher Arason explained:

“The students removed the attire after students around them told them how offensive their attire was.”

Arason has stated that “appropriate action is being taken” against the students involved and their parents have been contacted by school officials. He expressed the school’s regret at the incident:

“We, as a school, are extremely disappointed with the behavior of these three students. This behavior is not a representation of our school or student body.”

Student Hockey Game

What do you think about three fans wearing KKK type hoods and robes to a high school hockey game?

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95 Responses to “Fans Wear KKK Hoods To High School Hockey Game”

  1. Moe Ruise Lima

    I know right! That's what happens when White people are allowed to raise children. SMH!

  2. Ampage Grietu

    I don't really see what the big deal is to be honest. Yes it's offensive, but unless there is a specific dress code the students were asked to attend to, this is more a problem with freedom of expression.

  3. Jeff Becker

    Look's everyone did the right thing, except for the 3 students. The three kids probably thought they were being funny. Kids do stupid shit all the time. I think they will learn from their antics. Hopefully their dads will kick them in the ass, then educate them on the horrific acts that the KKK has perpetrated in the past.

  4. John Ferris

    take em out tie the to a post and whip them! That'll teach them heathens.

  5. Tori Falls

    The big deal of it is sitting in the beginning of the second sentence of your statement with, "…yes it's offensive, but…". This translates as it's wrong but it's not wrong. In our increasingly litigious society it's like we no longer care for social mores & common sense & decency. We look for an ordinance – otherwise it's a-okay. It being offensive should be a good enough reason for it to be a big deal. Why even invoke the Bill of Rights beyond that point?

  6. Gideon Pasillas

    I do not see what the big deal is. people may see it offensive however other people may not like me. I could see if they were wearing actual KKK wardrobe i.e the patch but I do not see the big deal.

  7. Thomas Roti

    Unfortunately, people have the right to express themselves in any way they want to as long as it is not violent. If they decided to dress like this at a costume party or for Halloween not much would probably be made of this experience. Dress the way you want too kids! However, there may be consequences by doing so.

  8. Anonymous

    Three grownup sized people are wearing KKK costumes. The kids are simply wearing their school colors and makeup. Who are these THREE? I think it is a FALLSE FLAG event designed to stir up anger between races. IGNORE THEM!

  9. Anonymous

    Three grownup sized people are wearing KKK costumes. The kids are simply wearing their school colors and makeup. Who are these THREE? I think it is a FALSE FLAG event designed to stir up anger between races. IGNORE THEM!

  10. Anonymous

    Look closely at the pictures. There are 3 dummies wearing KKK outfits. The kids are wearing school colors ( white) and makeup(white). This is a false flag event designed to stir up trouble. IGNORE THEM!

  11. Mark Barkawitz

    "Dress Code?" This is about racial prejudice & hatred. If you don't see "the big deal," it's because you don't care or you're uneducated as to the level of hate for which the KKK stands.

  12. Marcus Washington

    We won't ever get pass all this hidden racism until we punish the people who has it hidden in their hearts….. but nothing will happen, they'll just say it was a prank or they lost a bet or something

  13. Mary Wider

    Mark Barkawitz negros love this crap, they are doing to themselves! It was slmost gone before "obama" started it up all over anew, and now they have what they arre asking for. They are either Americans or Africans, they chose!

  14. Richard Haynes

    What if those three folks are black under those hoods? Is that Still Racism? I'm offended that some of them coveredtheir face with paint and dyed their hair
    yellow. It reeks of intolerance against Albinos.

  15. Anonymous

    I dare the people that say it's no big deal to walk through a black neighborhood and see if you'll make it out alive. How about I show up at the next game with a shirt saying 9/11 was no big deal.

  16. John Leiker

    Tori Falls–The Bill of Rights includes freedom of expression, even if that freedom is being expressed by morons. You know that freedom of expression doesn't include being harmful, such as yelling fire in a theater, but those kids dressing up like D-bags was ONLY offensive not harmful.

  17. Noel Hinchley

    They took them off 30 to 50 seconds after they put them on when people around them complained.. Sounds to me like they thought it would be funny but it wasn't. So why do we have to make what seems to be a mistake made by school kids into such a big issue? I feel that a large amount of the problem in this day and time is fueled by the press. They are the first to play the Race Card and we buy into there plot for better ratings. The more they can get people to go back and forth with race driven comments the better they feel about there story. Do yourself a favor be who you are and try to treet every person you meet as if they were you brother regardless of the color of their skin. Don't buy into this type of article the comments I'm reading are I'm sure just what the writer wanted. The bigger the storm they stirr the better they feels about themself. God Bless you all and remember what is really important and it's not this article.

  18. Jonanthony Gagliardi

    I guess its ok for the black panthers to walk around in their nonsense and preach their bs but these kids are worse?

  19. Ryan Walker

    Marcus racism is a thing we shouldn't be sensitive about. Laugh about it! What hidden racism are you talking about? Want to give minorities like you guys even more rights?

  20. John Oliver

    Here we go with that double standard Again. The first standard deals with.
    something offensive against black people and is always declared to be.
    just something minor. Then comes the second standard. Let's just say.
    the students decided to wear something offensive to white people like.
    a German uniform with a swastika. The reply would then be someone get a rope.

  21. Kenneth Taylor

    Offensive? Yes. Insensitive? Absolutely. Illegal. Not in the least. People are free to be offensive if they want to be. It's a FREE country people. This political correctness BS is beginning to turn into LAW. Is that what you want? MORE LAWS? Don't you want the freedom to like or dislike whatever you want? Well, it has to work both ways. I have no clue what these kids intentions are/were but it doesn't matter. Unless there was/is a dresscode, let them be as you would be left alone to do and feel as you are free to.

  22. Al Clark

    "what appeared to be Ku Klux Klan-style" Case closed. liberal media once again being racist and causing unrest.

  23. Sanchia Roache

    When the last time the black panther blow up a church or hung someone because they happened to black or believe in civil rights? The three teen are just being jerks but you can not compare the black panther with the KKK.

  24. Cory Carlson

    I attend an all Black university (PVAMU), I agree with Ampage and disagree with Tori. They have civil rights also, known as Freedom of Expression, though we may not agree with their views, we must allow them their right to express them. People wear shirts all the time with offensive messages, this is no different. I would hope they can not be punished for their actions, otherwise where do we draw the line? They were idiots, but do we deny idiots their rights, NO.

  25. Dwayne Belton

    keep going on this path america and the weather is going to get worse and worse just like The Minister says this society is finished, good!

  26. Kristine Ilochi

    Um, since 1619? Still not even close to the number of Black victims of white crimes. Oh, and the majority of them got away with it. There was even photographed proof. They were displaying us hanging or burning like we were prized bass fish that they caught. Emmett Till ring a bell also?

  27. Manny Madison

    If they feel it's ok to do this now, I wonder how they will act when they grow up. That concerns me more than anything. For everyone that thinks this is "not a big deal", just remember that one day they will be out in the real world with the mindset that this is alright.

  28. LaToya N Lewis

    That's so stupid!!!! It's offensive bc the KKK is know for racism and hanging people etc. At what point is the world going to stop being so close minded. This is not ok

  29. LaToya N Lewis

    That's just it. It should be offensive to anyone not just black people. They also hate Jews, gays and other races so it has nothing to do with it's specifically being about black people.

  30. LaToya N Lewis

    Yes we should be offended by the German uniform. I'm not even white but that would offend me. It's what it represents!! Some people take the constitution to far sometimes to excuse their ignorance

  31. Carl Pope

    It is ok to wear baggy paints and have a head of hair that looks like an old dirty mop and an odor loke an outhouse— but thin it is a BLACK thing!

  32. Carl Pope

    I find walking around with a hod over your head inside and it seventy degrees with sun shades offensive as well as being stupid!

  33. Robert Medina

    That type of so-called "freedon of expression" reverts to an era that was a disgrace to society. It promoted, hatred. I think that it was in extremely poor taste and should not have occurred.

  34. Carol E Craver

    these are the sons and daughters of bigota…they can get away with this foolishness in some lily white state like north dakota…they wouldnt pull this crap in Calif or other more 'progressive place'…..these kids are damned with the stain of racism….poor,pathetic souls!

  35. Carol E Craver

    You cannot 'beat' acceptance into people…these type of folk,live on Fox news,Doomsday Preppers and fear of the 'browning of the US'. They cant hide in lily white NDakota (previous Indian land) ..if they dont like it here in the US ,THEY canleave….but to where? the signs of racism are dying out and there is no where for them to go..there is no 'white only' country…..they are tainted and disease ridden vestiges of a past time and if they dont wake upand learn no tto play this silly game,,,KARMA will knock them flat….there ARENT the days to be an open white bigot…not anymore

  36. Al Clark

    The media makes a big deal about 3 knuckleheads at a basketball game hurting no one, but not a couple rapper/pimp/drug dealer thugs in Las Vegas killing innocent people and themselves.

  37. Anonymous

    Public school grounds have separate laws as far as freedom of speech is concerned. Off campus, they can be as offensive as they want.

  38. Rusty Santos

    let me get this right it is ok for the black panthers to put on there militant gear and stop white voters from voting in 2 elections.but let 3 high school kids put on a robe and hat at a hockey game and people are in a uproar? there is something really wrong in america today!

  39. Rusty Santos

    way to show the rest of the world the freedom the united states stands for

  40. Rusty Santos

    not as long as we have the black panthers blocking white voters from voting in presidential elections. that will keep racism alive!! people do not want to admit racism goes both ways !! i do not care about the color of skin i can honestly say i do not like humanity as it is today so i do not care if your black,white tan or poka dotted i hate everyone equally.

  41. Rex Harris

    The wearing of the KKK costumes is a lot less disrespectful than what the racist knuckle draggers in the Congress practices on a daily basis toward the President of The United states who is paying the price for being Black in this country.

  42. Anonymous

    I'm reading these comments and it's funny how every time a Murder, Robber, anything Illegal involves the Caucasians "It's no big deal" " Get over it", there's never a hype or any hurtful words to say. Other race whether it's Asian , Spanish, Afro Americans etc.There's so much Negativity , so many hate words. Playing the race card? Ha… Then stop showing everyone the reason why…

  43. Brandon David

    There's nothing wrong with indulging in ones culture, the Klan has always worked to preserve the existence of the white people. Why is it the naaPCP, BET, scholarship funds, holidays, etc can be cherished by the black but when the whites do something we're deemed as evil racists? Even if the intentions by these kids was pro-Klan, there is nothing wrong with it. 83/311. >>>>In before FU, Evil racist, etc. etc.etc.

  44. Michael Zulim

    Yes, exactly Al Clark, the media are such mongers looking to fuel tensions. Yeah, that poor cab driver and passanger died because of the black rappers and their bullcrap violence. These kids didn't hurt anyone, but they make a big deal of it. B.S>

  45. Nathaniel Green

    Germany does not have the problem with race like the sates they seem to judge people on there own merit and not there color like here in the states.

  46. Nivi Solis

    They no doubt come from racist families, there's no way these three boys sewed or bought these costumes on their own.

  47. Anonymous

    Take a look at the N. Dakota basketball team. For a state with very few neegears they ought to be ashamed.

  48. Larry Cook

    peterherrera01 ,only as far as the students go. Parents or paying spectators are not bound by the draconian rules. These KKK costumes or even the KKK is no more offensive than say the NAACP, or the JDL (Jewish Defense League), or even the Hispanic Cacus. It is a group, that in the lack of criminal actions, has every right to exist under the Constitution.
    I myself find it amusing, because of the stir it made. That seems to be the intent of the people.

  49. Larry Cook

    To get a reaction. And did they ever. Of course, no student identified, that would violate their "rights". But the public reacts. And the comments about the German uniforms, I know many Germans in their army, and they wear uniforms, could you be talking about the NeoNazi movement and their wearing of the SS uniforms? Or are you a hater of German army soldiers. One of the few countries that supports American ideals. Even after we beat them twice. But even over there, they have racists.

  50. Larry Cook

    Kristine Ilochi , the bombing of the Alabama church was done by a man, who belonged to the KKK, not done by the KKK itself. There is a difference. Just as the rouge cop in Los Angles was black, but I do not judge all blacks by his actions. Nor do I judge white actions by the few extremist groups. There were white supporters of equal rights back in the sixties, not all was done by blacks. All people are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Backed up by our Constitution, and its Bill of Rights.

  51. Tracy Maybank

    People are so thinned skinned. Racism is the belief that one race is better than another. Who here hasn't thoguht that?

  52. Wolfy Ghalkhani

    let me see, the white libs and blacks are offended by kids wearing white KKK outfits but not by black burka Jihadis. Oh, the selective outrage of silly Americans.

  53. Marcus Washington

    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

  54. Odin Fossum

    Yet u make comment on our prez being monkey you racist pig. I hope the plastic cups at McDs does the job that I want to.

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