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Wayne Newton Estate Up For Sale, But Singer’s Horses Could Complicate Deal

Wayne Netwon Estate Up For Sale, But Singer's Horses Could Complicate Deal

Wayne Newton has his estate up for sale in Las Vegas as part of a bankruptcy process, but the Arabian horses that live on the land could make a sale tricky.

Newton’s estate went up for sale this week, with sale signs arriving on the lawn of Casa de Shenandoah on Friday. US Bankruptcy Court Judge Bruck Markell said potential buyers must post a 5 percent cash deposit of their proposed price by May 15 if they wish to but the home. An auction is scheduled for May 31, The Associated Press noted.

But the process could be very difficult. The 38-acre property has three houses with individual leases, and Newton’s Arabian horses have a right to graze the land. Judge Markell admitted that selling Wayne Newton’s estate would be complicated given such conditions.

Newton and his wife Kathleen are also appealing the sale order, the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted. The couple has filed papers to move all or part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of CSD, the entity controlling of the estate, back to Clark County District Court.

Meanwhile, CSD has been trying to move Wayne Newton off the estate. The company filed an action to terminate the leases on the homes and force the Newtons off the land. CSD is also seeking to relocate the Arabian horses.

The original plan for CSD was to turn the Wayne Newton estate into a theme park to celebrate the entertainer’s career. That deal fell through, however, after the Newtons and the project manager couldn’t seem to work together.

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110 Responses to “Wayne Newton Estate Up For Sale, But Singer’s Horses Could Complicate Deal”

  1. Craig Diana

    I met Wayne Newton when we were stationed in Torrejon Air Base Spain in the '80's. I worked at Billeting and met him talked with him personally. I met him again when I was a volunteer for the USO for many years. My heart breaks for all he's going through. Thank you for many wonderful memories Wayne….on behalf of many miltiary families.

  2. Forest W Wall

    I Think You To Old To be A Idiot, You Just Misinformed… Everything NOT!!! Obama Fault…

  3. Charles Bowles

    Katheryn Wilkinson, you are an idiotic moron, so I guess that Obama is responsible for you being stupid as hell.

  4. Charles Bowles

    Ueah Kathewryn, take your old butt to bed, and don't forget to take your Dementia medication.

  5. Teresa Parker

    I'm sorry to hear that…I thought u re still working at Casino Las Vegas where it will keep u working and keep busy…don't let it happen this time…keep up your work.

  6. Anne Savana

    wow wayne did not that times where this had for you I hope you get all straighten out save those horses.

  7. Teresa Parker

    I'm sorry to hear that..I thought u re still working at Casino Las Vegas that keep u busy…so don't let it happen this time…its a beautiful memory house u got with your family.

  8. Linda Hollenbaugh

    It isn't Katheryn I am worried about it is those of you who seem to have this delirious opinion of Obama. We heard for the first four years how everything was Bush's fault seems like with folks like you everyone is to blame but the King himself. He has to meet his maker someday just like you.

  9. Linda Hollenbaugh

    It isn't Katheryn I am worried about it is those of you who seem to have this delirious opinion of Obama. We heard for the first four years how everything was Bush's fault seems like with folks like you everyone is to blame but the King himself. He has to meet his maker someday just like you.

  10. Ken Dudley

    If a tree falls in the forest and Kennedy is the president at the time , is it his fault ? If your logic is correct , then my son passed away on 9/15/2012 , and Obama was and still is the president , then he should be held accountable for my sons death ……… SORRY , It just doesn't work that way …. Please think BEFORE you speak …. Thank you !

  11. Ken Dudley

    If I had to put the blame on someone , it would have to be Bin Laden … ( Remember him ? ) Wars cost money , and we are at WAR … ( more than one ) ….. We'll get through this if we stick together …. BTW, neither Bush nor Obama started these wars … Never forget 9/11 ..

  12. Mary Wider

    Ken Dudley I am truly sorry for your terrible loss, but I am evem more sorry for losing our Coountry to those scum bags in the WH!

  13. Mary Wider

    Charles Bowles/ you are obvioulsy a liberal. Jealouse, envious, and ignorant, I hope your turn in the shyte House comes soon if you Voted your Country down "obama's" toilet!

  14. Mitch Smith

    Gerald- in your effort to be snarky, you likely hit upon the truth. Newton's life of excess began long before Obama came on the scene and the downfall of our economy traces back to a neglected housing bubble that was inflated almost entirely during the Bush years amid a climate of deregulation and lax enforcement of Wall Street.

  15. Kathleen L. Howard

    Katheryn, your comment does not make sense. How on earth could the President be responsible for the over -spending of a flashy Las Vegas entertainer who has lived beyond his means for years?

  16. Kathleen L. Howard

    Many of the following commentators seem to believe there is some relationship between the Newton bankruptcy and President Obama. Please explain in a calm and logical way how the two are related. No rants, please.

  17. Brenda Trotter

    well, if anyone who plans to "but" the home, hope they will be happy, geesh, get a proofreader.

  18. Joe David Williamson

    Why do Obama's comrades always call names and hurl insults instead of discussing issues and ideas? Who's the person lacking mental capacity?????? At least she can write a coherent sentence. Forest and Charles should have spent their time getting an education instead of propaganda rallies.

  19. Cheri Halda

    I met Wayne several years ago in Vegas. He was a very classy man who treated everyone with respect. He had worked hard to get what he achieved in show business and he was grateful to God for the graces he was given. I do not think any bankruptcy is funny; and there are many idiotic people in this country who love to laugh at other's misfortunes just to make themselves feel better about their sorry self. Wayne's problem was that he trusted too many people who took him for his money. He tried to reach out and help others less fortunate.

  20. Greg Beckham

    If he's broke, then why doesn't he just borrow some money from his rich brother Fig?

  21. Micki Haffar

    This man made millions and millions of dollars throughout his life time. It is no one's fault except his own if his funds have run out. Katheryn Wilkinson, is Obama at fault because you're unhappy?

  22. Micki Haffar

    Mary Wider, how can you and all the other idiots blame Obama for Newton's problems. He has lived expensively and did not bother to consider savings. It is no one's fault except his own (and possibly his accountant). Stop being a total idiot. This isn't he first time he filed bankrupcy.

  23. Stanley Castle

    I find it hard to believe the highest payed entertainer in Las Vegas for God know how many years and who made hundreds of millions was that stupid or ignorant! If it's true and people he trusted stole his money, there should be a public hanging in the town square for the everyone to see and to set an example for anyone else who tries the same thing!

  24. Anonymous

    It's unfathomable the idiocy in America. For untold millions to still believe that somehow miraculously, the fault of the state of America's disasterous economy lies on the Bush Administration. It is, and has been for 5 years resting on Obama, and his failure to run the presidency in a responsible manner.

  25. Rick Daccardi

    there's many "heart breaking" stories out there – a performer paid 1 MILLION A MONTH that was forced into bankruptcy and foreclosure for not paying taxes isn't one of them

  26. Ron Waggoner

    when america is bankrupt–lady liberty has fallen–who is dictator obama going to blame> GEORGE W BUSH?????? You idiots that voted him in the first time and second time should be sued

  27. David Taylor

    And why is this turd famous? Also, is everything some politicians fault? You morons trolling to bash each others politicians are sophomoric buffoons, your childish rants are so petty, your children would be mortified if they saw half the crap you're writing. GROW up

  28. Beckee Handrich

    Whomever was handling his business is to blame for not letting Mr. Newton know of impending financial problems. Put the blame where it belongs. I sincerely hope Mr. Newton is able to iron out this mess so that he doesn't have to sell his home or get rid of his horses. Take care.

  29. Jim Personette

    oh yes, obama created the finanical problem that bankrubted this country. we are tired of lisening to you cry babbies who forgot who got us is this mess. buttheads.

  30. Donna Artist

    He shouldn't have wasted money on that hidious plastic surgery—he looks ridiculous!

  31. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    I must first say that I am an Obama hater. That being said, Newton has been performing forever and is the longest running performer in Las Vegas. I am sure he has made many hundreds of millions of dollars. Just like all the other celebrities who live beyond their means this bankruptcy is no one's fault but his own. Obama had nothing to do with this.

  32. Artis Phillips Jr

    Katheryn Wilkinson, who is pumping the air into your body, because your not smart enough to inhale and exhale.Once I find out who has that job, I will pay them more to stop pumping, because they are wasting their time on you, what a waste of good air also!

  33. Steve Momot

    this should be an eye-opener to all. the inevitable march of time caught up with wayne newton. he simply got old, and could no longer earn money at the rate he once did. he had too many expenses, not enough coming in, and had not prepared for old age by saving enough. INDEED, THERE'S A LESSON HERE FOR EVERYONE. I saw his show during his latter years, when his voice was fading. while he did a great job of surrounding himself with younger talent, and still produced an enjoyable show… NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. the sad thing is just how many entertainers and sports figures share this same, sad fate…. yet, no one seems to learn. perhaps, our fine government should take some instruction from this…eventually, it too will run out of other people's money!

  34. Lee Hoffman

    Mary Wider here I was thinking that ol' Charles Bowles must be another mean spirited extreme conservative! what's up with this?

  35. Lee Hoffman

    Katheryn Wilkinson: I will speak slowly so you can un der st and: Are you aware that it is all drawing a SS check and getting Medicare coverage, along with defense spending that is bringing down America's agenda. Please check out how are tax dollars were spent in 2010. It's your SS and medicare that the teaparty want to end. Are you ready for that?
    21.5% SS
    18.6% Defense
    15.4 Medicare
    7.2 Medicaid
    10. Low Income Earners: includes funds for housing subsidies, food stamps, school lunch and other nutrition programs, aid to families with dependent children (welfare) and other aid, plus the earned income tax credit.
    6.2 Interest on Fed Debt
    3.8 fed employees’ and military retirement
    3.3 Transportation
    1.9 education
    1.3 Homeland security
    .9 science and space

  36. Lee Hoffman

    Ken Dudley while I do agree with the thought behind your comment, I have to say that actually Bush did get us into an unfunded war, useless to America but not to Haliburton, Cheney's company, Remember Weapons of Mass Dystruction? Obama was rewarded with that debt along with the bubble burst of a robust (illusional) economy.

  37. Lee Hoffman

    David, while your thinking is correct, I am thinking YOUR kids might not be too proud of how you expressed it.

  38. Lee Hoffman

    chrisemfinger: oh wise one, forgive me for correcting one small part: Bush and Cheney's Weapons of Mass Dystruction that not budgeted, and was placed on Obama's plate along with the burst of the illusionary economic bubble…from day one of his first term. Sorry to have to correct such a wise one as yourself. please forgive. Oh, and I am not blaming bush for that bubble burst, but it was there.

  39. Lee Hoffman

    Linda Hollenbaugh remember this little thing: Bush and Cheney's Weapons of Mass Dystruction that was not budgeted, and was placed on Obama's plate along with the burst of the illusionary economic bubble…from day one of his first term. Oh, and I am not blaming bush for that bubble burst, but it was there. and it was the biggest hit since the depression. And we are still here, pulling up and moving forward, but definitely needing people with real opinions on how to solve our deficit. Are we ready to see our indigent parents, grandparents, or even ourselves doing without our SS checks or Medicare? Considering the top three line items on how our taxes were spent in 2011, that may be what will happen with the extreme teaparty types have their way. Are you ready to give up your benefits?
    21.5% SS
    18.6% Defense
    15.4 Medicare
    7.2 Medicaid
    10. Low Income Earners: includes funds for housing subsidies, food stamps, school lunch and other nutrition programs, aid to families with dependent children (welfare) and other aid, plus the earned income tax credit.
    6.2 Interest on Fed Debt
    3.8 fed employees’ and military retirement
    3.3 Transportation
    1.9 education
    1.3 Homeland security
    .9 science and space

  40. Lee Hoffman

    Steve Momot: Thank you for this sound comment. and thanks for not falling into a blame hole. Don't know which side of the aisle you sit, but would be pleased to sit beside you on this opinion.

  41. Betty Hood

    Charles Bowles I don't see anything funny about The Newton's looseing their home. Wayne worked hard for what he has and he and Kathreen are wonderful people. Someday you will lose all you have worked for and then see if its so funny. I know what its like because I have been there. My prayers are that things can be worked out and Wayne doesn't loose it all.

  42. Betty Hood

    Charles Bowles What is your problem? Are you so full of hate for your own short comings that you must belittle others and downgrade them? I'll pray for you and hope God can change your heart without makeing you lose too much.

  43. Lori Patane Jensen

    Micki Haffar – With people stop going to Vegas because they can't afford it because of their President telling them not to go… what do you expect – Newton EARNED everything he owned… he was ok up until Obama took over this country… and PS… the guy could spend his money any way he wants to…. its nobodys busness….

  44. Snarf Jabroni

    If Wayne Newton can go bankrupt after all the money HE made….then truly ANYONE can lose it all.

  45. Scott Wright

    No your right about "everything" not being Obamas fault,But he is perprtuating things at a much greater pace,And quite possibly could go down as the absolute worst President ever Appointed ERRRR I mean Elected,I mean give me a break there is no way there was enough dumbass people to re-elect that know nothing fraud who isnt even legally allowed to occupy the office,Thats right he is from Kenya and lawyers have subpoened and received the sealed transcripts from Occidental that prove it,So he was installed by the real power brokers who by the way still happen to be "White"!

  46. Al Alford

    Dear Mary. Stop being a bitch, and lose your hatred. You don't argue like a rational person (probably because you're not one); you just call people names. Please take a class in logic at your local college or university. It could help your conversational skills immensely. Until then, you'll simply be another insignificant bit of background noise. There is no link between Obama and Newton's bankruptcy. If you simply want a means of venting your putrid hating of Obama, just rent a billboard. You're pathetic. If you're trying to make a case for something, provide evidence.

  47. Alice Gaunt

    I met Wayne & his brother (I think his name was Jerry) when they first started out and was on a local television station called Lew King Rangers in Phoenix, Az. They used to appear at some of our assemblies at Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix. He used my notebook to sign autographs on for the kids. I guess he forgot the old saying "What goes up must come down".

  48. Anonymous

    Stupid kunts like you are abounding although thank god on the way out!

  49. Madeline Forman

    i feel the same way Mark about Obama and the bankruptcy. i only wish people would have recognized that Bush was not to blame for all that he wa accused of.

  50. Judy Sondergaard

    Apparently many of you are not aware of the man, Wayne Newton. He has not only taken care of his family since he was quite young, but he has given so much to the community. He has a heart of gold, and some of your comments are shameful.

  51. Anonymous

    Charles Bowles obama ought to be impeached – period, he's a traitor to what is LEFT of our Constitution.

  52. Marsha R. Ferrell

    His property is in bankruptcy because he and the project manager could not come to a conclusion on what to do. This is not Obama, Bush, or anyone's fault but his. Instead of trying to compromise with each other Newton decided to end the project and the costs he wanted the company to eat. This just does not sound like a good busiiness decision.

  53. Donny Granberry

    Hate to see anyone loose their home and things that are dear to them. Best wishes to Wayne Newton, a man who has entertained millions of people. Hope things work out for you.

  54. Cynthia Livingston

    Yes, this is what happens when you live the high life! Leave the Obama's out of this and besides it is the GOP that is causing the "down the tolilet" by holding out and not allowing Obama to get his job done creating jobs. Let's let all the wealthy keep their monies and then be allowed to file bankruptcy to get themselves out of debt when they overspend!!!

  55. Linda K. Marelic

    Why must we always blame the government when people fail to use common sense and save money. People need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of always blaming others.

  56. Diane Lapinski

    He can always travel around giving speeches, playing at county fairs or casinos in different states. This man, for having the same voice as Peggy Lee and growing up a pudgy little twirp, has more resources left than any of us.

  57. Tom Hartl

    Lee Hoffman , ever heard kids talk lately?? My neighbor hood has kids of ages 7-13 pass by all day and the language is unbelievable. His kids won't be hearing anything they don't hear at school~!

  58. Thomas Keim

    lots of enternators went broke from being stupid wayne made millions elvis made millions he was just about broke when he died his ex turned graseland around and brought his income back up wayne didn't bother saving his money nither did burt reynolds just to name a few.

  59. Rosemary Smith

    People, these days, find it difficult to take responsibility for their own failings. It's always somebody else's fault.

  60. Susan Reed

    Wayne Newton filed for bankruptcy? Are you kidding me? Mr. Newton should be very ashamed of himself for living a life style that he couldn't afford! I have wanted to see one of his shows "forever" but have never been able to. I bought his book many years ago hoping to someday meet him and have him autograph it. The book is going in the trash, I have lost all respect for him.

  61. Margit Suesser

    Many entertainers outdo themselves and buying to much property not thinking that when in age things could turn.
    around in a negative manner like in this case. I hope they wont bother the horses or maybe someone buy them.
    and give them a good home. The singer should have some for a rainy day put aside. Nothing lasts forever. Many
    celebrities go haywild when having to much money. See Michael Jackson who ended up in debt at the end.
    Most people could live high on the hog if they had the greens that Newton had for the rest of their lives.
    I don't see how anybody goes bankrupt when swimming in millions. I guess they spend the money blind folded.
    Maybe Newton can work out a deal and get to keep his horses.

  62. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Madeline you are a person after my heart. I love all of the Bushes. Yes, they made mistakes but all of them are very decent people, down to earth who love America. They did not think of themselves as above everyone else like Banana does. History will show that the Bushes did a lot of good for our country and Banana will go down in history as a vengeful, nasty person who I think truly would love to be a dictator. I just hope some day it is finally proven that he is not a citizen and gets imprisoned for the rest of his life.

  63. Anonymous

    There is no excuse (in my opinion) for wealthy people going broke and filing bankruptcy. What do they do with the millions they earn besides lavishly squander it on multi-million dollar homes, several cars more than they need, expensive art, jewelry, and other things to feed their vanity that they could live without. They take expensive trips around the world, and numerous other foolish spending (just like the government) that is totally unnecessary to be happy? Then they fail to save and prepare (like most of us) for the time when they can no longer earn money due to old age and have nothing to live on or to pay their bills.

  64. Robert Hindenach

    Mary-Obviously you, like a huge majority of conservatives live on the side of a hill somewhere in the deep south. Without all you Rebels, the GOP would never have a chance to win the White House again.

  65. Robert Hindenach

    Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette Nice – and Hitler loved his mother too………The best thing the Bush family did for our country was to retire.

  66. Robert Hindenach

    David Taylor Your southern conservative hill upbringing is obvious. No doubt you have a rebel flag too.
    If your children wouldn't mind your child like rants, that is your problem also.

  67. Tom Adamski

    Bush already brought down America with his war justified by a hoax and the giant deficit he created. You should learn to spell too.

  68. Anonymous

    lets face it, his ego led to his problems, 1) famous, making millions, 2) I ain't never going to be 'not wanted', 3) I'm going to buy what most people would like to buy, building up my ego even more, 4) big ego=big problems, cause I can handle it,, SURPRISE!, you are finished, of course you never thought it would happen, IT'S YOUR EGO, STUPID.

  69. Buford Doyle

    Cynthia you do know all those jobs obama is creating are minimum wage jobs right? He has not created any jobs that pay enough taxes to run the country.

  70. Steve Momot

    to sharon peppy: thanks… but i don't use spell-check. i had the best spell-check on earth when i was taught by the sisters of st. francis, in philadelphia, pa. it was a simple concept…we went to school…they taught us. there was discipline…we learned…and, then we were accountable on things called tests. if one did not pass, one was not passed on to the next grade. this effective way of doing things seems to be lost on those who run education today. i should add that i'm still in touch with those of my nuns who are still alive–and i thank them frequently for the gifts they gave me. it was also interesting how much they did, with so few resources…i doubt the budget per student was nine-hundred dollars, let alone nine-thousand. it should come as no surprise then that i'm a conservative, who is so sad to watch our beloved country literally coming apart around us.

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