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‘Twilight’ Finale Sweeps 2013 Razzie Awards

2013 Razzie Awards

The Twilight finale swept the 2013 Razzie Awards in a ceremony held on Saturday night.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 walked away with seven Razzies, although the accomplishment is not a cause for celebration. The sole purpose of the Razzies, presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, is to shine a spotlight on the worst movies of the year.

Traditionally held the night before the Academy Awards, the Razzies serve as an amusing alternative to Hollywood’s biggest night of cinematic appreciation.

In previous years, big-name stars such as Halle Berry have even turned up at the ceremony to cheekily accept their award.

The Los Angeles Times writes that the last film in the Twilight saga dominated the Razzie Awards this year. Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won in the worst picture category, towering above films such as Battleship, A Thousand Words, and That’s My Boy.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 also took away awards for worst screen ensemble and worst remake, rip-off, or sequel. Bill Condon was given the honor of worst director for the film.

Kristen Stewart was deemed worst actress, winning for her work in both Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Taylor Lautner topped the worst supporting actor category, in addition to his win alongside co-star Mackenzie Foy for worst screen couple.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Sandler was one of the few non-Twilight winners of the night, taking the top spot in two categories. Along with his worst actor win for That’s My Boy, Sandler and the film also netted a Razzie for worst screenplay.

Do you think the final Twilight film deserves seven Razzie Awards?

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2 Responses to “‘Twilight’ Finale Sweeps 2013 Razzie Awards”

  1. Anonymous

    For those of you who keep commenting to us NON-fans because ‘Stephenie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank… The only reason THAT happened is because YOU all allowed her to force this incredibly dysfunctional story down our throats like this AFTER we were SCREAMING our issues about it.

    Basically, the way they filmed BDp1 AND BDp2 is a great big huge FLIP OFF to MANY of her FORMER FANS – not to mention the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE VAMPIRE FANDOM (those of us who weren’t obsessed with Twilights not-even-SORT-of ‘Vamps”, anyway.

    SMeyer could have written ANY ‘ol ending in Breaking Dawn – and that’s obviously what she did. The fans she ‘accidentally’ got addicted to her story because of the irresponsible way she wrote it would have LAPPED UP whatever PISS she wrote like honey.

    This entire ‘blockbuster saga’ was built off of DEBATES, not good storytelling! If you would like the COMPLETE explanation that officially DEBUNKS the Twilight Saga storyline, so a search for ‘explain twilight breaking dawn ending on blogspot’ – you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know and ALOT more than you EVER wanted, LoL!

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