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Woods, Nordegren Together: Golfer Reunited With Ex-Wife, Couple Seen Leaving Event Together

Woods, Nordegren Together: Golfer Reunited With Ex-Wife

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were seen together in public, adding fuel to reports that the couple could be getting back together.

The couple was reunited for an event in Jupiter, Florida, for a youth sports organization. A source told TMZ that Tiger Woods arrived earlier to the event to be with his son and daughter, and Elin Nordegren joined them later.

Woods and Nordegren were seen even closer together as the event went on. A witness said the golfer and his ex-wife talked for about 30 minutes and “seemed to enjoy each other’s company.”

The couple endured a very public and very painful breakup at the end of 2009, which began with a fight on Thanksgiving night. Elin reportedly found evidence of an affair Tiger was having, which led to a parade of mistresses from throughout his marriage.

Today the two appear to be doing well on their own. Woods is reportedly in a relationship with professional skier Lindsey Vonn, though neither athlete has confirmed reports of their relationship. It was even reported that Tiger lent Vonn his private jet so she could travel to Colorado, where she was having surgery to repair an injured ACL and MCL.

Elin meanwhile has moved on with the help of a large settlement from Woods in their divorce. She is building a 21,000-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, one that will include a 1,200 square foot master bedroom, koi ponds, and a movie theater.

As they moved further from their volatile breakup, there were reports that the couple grew to be civil with each other. Now, there are rumors that Tiger and Nordegren could get back together for good — the National Enquirer said Woods wants to win back his former love, and is willing to include a $350 million “no cheating” clause in a pre-nuptial agreement to do so.

It appears the former couple isn’t quite ready for media attention, however. Woods and Nordegren left together in Elin’s car as soon as they people started to notice them at the event this week.

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87 Responses to “Woods, Nordegren Together: Golfer Reunited With Ex-Wife, Couple Seen Leaving Event Together”

  1. Kimberly Barnett

    that picture of them does not look like a happy picture to me! they do have children together, but I don't believe they will get back together! a relationship is based on trust, and his ex-wife do not trust him!

  2. Kimberly Barnett

    all the comments that he received about vonn,nobody wanted him to be with her either!!

  3. Anonymous

    …if women get upset that they don't get the respect they deserve, look no farther than stories like these…whether you're doing it on a street corner, brothel, or Rodeo Dr, hooking is hooking…all some women care about is money and it's hard to give respect to those who don't respect themselves…

  4. Anonymous

    …if women get upset that they don't get the respect they deserve, look no farther than stories like these…whether you're doing it on a street corner, brothel, or Rodeo Dr, hooking is hooking…all some women care about is money and it's hard to give respect to those who don't respect themselves…

  5. Arlene Thomas

    They are young people who have 2 children. If they can successfully participate in marriage counseling I see no reason why they should not reunite. Elin is not stupid for wanting to have her children's father in their lives. If Elin can forgive Tiger, that is her business and I admire her for wanting to have her family intact. There are two many children subjected to broken homes and it affects them for the rest of their lives.

  6. Arlene Thomas

    That is not necessarily true. My husband cheated on me once, confessed and promised he would never do it again. He never cheated again.

  7. Kevin Webber

    Look, she has grown fangs from sucking all that money out of him. Their relationship will never be the same I don't understand what he hopes to accomplish at this point. He will only have regrets! Time to move on and don't look back except to remember what they used to have.

  8. Giappetto FromBelleville

    nah, she just wanted to tell him how much she loves the island he bought her and also that the kids needed new shoes, so can you fork over maybe a couple of million or so for some footwear, it's a long trip to the mall from the island so, I need a private jet

  9. Ed Bennington

    Has Tiger lost his frickin' mind? He needs to just keep tellin' himself over and over…100 million…100 million. It'll sink in.

  10. Cat Summers

    Come on..take off your rose colored glasses.. Tiger and many others get tired of paying out monies to the ex-wives, that is the only reson they play the "baby, i'll never do it again card".

  11. Anonymous

    If he puts a 350mil no cheat clause in a prenuptial he is a fool. She will then have 350 millions reasons to cut him off. Part of that 350 no cheat clause should include she has sex with him whenever he wants or she pays him 350mil. Fair is fair.

  12. Bonnie Roberts

    how do you know? caught cheaters do not necessarily stop cheating. they just get more secretive and careful about it.

  13. Vanessa Powers

    Arlene Thomas Unfortunately there's no definitive way to confirm that. While I do hope it is true that your husband has only had one transgression, Tiger Woods' story is just another level. That man had an entire bevy of booty! I mean, how many women had he had an affair with?? Those stories were just scandalous.

  14. Earl Hassler

    Living proff that money does not buy happiness. these so called high profile people don't have an inkling what real life is. wild hog hunting, rattlesnake hunting and drinking a little moonshine is living in total freedom.

  15. Tammie Heazlit

    If he's serious about winner Elin back, what is he doing in a relationship with Lindsay? Sounds like old habits….

  16. Diane Parker

    Taking your ex back is like buying your stuff at your garage sale

  17. Sindy Finn

    No one said they were together… The press implying it is not always the truth… It maybe they decided to do a family day out for the children…. However if they are trying to repair a broken marriage invloving kids then most people need to worry about themseleves and stop speculating on the negative.

  18. Jeffrey Ross


  19. Anonymous

    She s a fool and he s scum.. White girl marries black guy for money! Enough said…

  20. Stephen C Wing

    It's totally none of our business, that said I will never ever forget that beautiful family picture, it glowed with love! How could they not want to heal and work it out?

  21. Vee McBride

    Why don't he just hand his wealth over now? He'll cheat again and she'll continue to get richer and richer. The ultimate gold digging!!

  22. Billy Turner

    Tiger made a mockery of adultery, but who am I to judge. I don't know why, but I think Tiger has learned a most valuable lesson. The commonality is that they have children, and that is a most powerful bond. "All men make mistakes. A wise man yields when he knows his course is wrong, but then, there's the sin of pride."

  23. Beverly Griffin-Shippy

    As the old adage goes – its cheaper to keep her and in Tiger's case its cheaper on future payments to Elin if she goes back with him. If he has that $350 million no cheat clause in a pre nup on Elin's return, my bet is Tiger will LOOSE.

  24. Anonymous

    I disagree with basing a relationship on the children's emotional well being. You only live once and if you do it for the children it places pressure on them later, to appear happy and balanced. After all mom and dad have live together unhappily for years for them. I would rather be unhappy with my parent's happiness,than feel unhappy with their unhappiness.

  25. Marina Christiansen

    It's a trade off. You cheat you pay. Simple as that and he doesn't mind it. He would rather cheat. Money is easy come easy go.

  26. Marina Christiansen

    No botty is for him. He is a sick man and there are plenty of them out there but he just happens to have the money for the trade off.

  27. Marina Christiansen

    All people who don't have money say that. I would rather be rich and not buy happiness than poor and not have a chance of every buying happiness. Homes and boats and cars and mansions all make it happier than a shack under the bridge.

  28. June Jankowski Coll

    This is NOT a man that had one affair! He has had too many to count! I hope she isn't stupid enough to take him back!

  29. Simon Wa'Brigit

    so annoying how some wives run all public when their husbands cheat instead of goin to councelling or whatever works to keep your marriage! they run all over and listen to the public not to forgive and cries of ask for bigger pre-nups and huge $$$, soon when they hear their ex-husbands is talking to another bomb female, they start feeling so down, try to soften their heart want to reunite again even after getting those $$$millions! trust me, I will take careof my kids and move on, i won't reunite period! you never wanted to listen nor forgive me, you wanted big pre-nups the heck, move on, I moved already!

  30. Ramera Since

    I wouldn't say stupid lol. Don't forget the "is willing to include a $350 million “no cheating” clause in a pre-nuptial agreement to do so"

    That's a pretty serious agreement.

  31. Cindy Johnson

    Let's not forget, it wasn't one discretion, it was SEVERAL and he didn't confess–she "found out" and this stuff had been going on for years. How could she ever trust him again? Next time and there WILL be another time–she could get AIDS or an STD and she has 2 young kids to take care of. Look at Kobe Bryant–his wife took him back after a well publicized indiscretion and he still continued to CHEAT on her multiple times over the years! Let sleeping DOGS lie!

  32. Kimberly Barnett


  33. Simon Wa'Brigit

    i diggin what you said man! she listened to the public and all what was on her mind was pre-nups other than seeiking councelling and reparing the marriage!

  34. Simon Wa'Brigit

    am shocked beyond word, she never wanted councelling to repair the marriage, she listened to her friends and mostly public about how much she was to get from a brotha, $$$millions she did get huge $$$, the fact Woods will be sorrounded by many bomb females and he's seen with one, Elin can't bear it and she's said to have joind Tiger with kids huh…she knows Tiger won't be single for long and th potential to get a fine one is high(already he has) so Elin is trying to come back…i won't repair this marriage give that, she refused to forgive him and build the marriage, all she did was to get money, I will move on and take take of my kids period!

  35. Steve Brown

    When it comes to love anything goes. There are no rules in love, only passion counts. You cant tell somebody who they should or shouldnt love. Only they can do it.

  36. Simon Wa'Brigit

    i agree with Arlene Thomas, why would you have the first option to break coz the husband cheated? most famous couple listen to the public and the only advice they get is, file for a divorce, get that huge money and move on…most women they realize later that the love their ex-husband gave them was more that the cash they run away with!

  37. Rick Dear

    In agreement, all to sell ads and ad space, all because they were seen in public. Why should we really care if they get back together on not. Focus on your own lives, wife's and husbands and let them work on their family (children) problems. This world has gone nuts worrying about celebrities, entertainers and professional athletes personal lives. WTF!

  38. Cole Howard

    I love all of the judgmental comments on here. You don't even know if they are back together. You're accepting this article as the truth and running with it. The collective public is so ignorant and easily led.

  39. Justin Credible

    She was the ultimate gold digger in the first place. I think he is stupid for wanting her back!

  40. Saffareene Gray

    If you have experienced growing up without a parent or even knowing the extent of the damage that it does to a child growing up without a father or a mother, can you make that statement. Children are developing and need input from both parents. That's why it's important for grown folks to be responsible and be able to sacrifice for the children whether they are happy or not.

  41. Mike D Cogburn

    Some of you are so insecure within your own lives and relationships that you directly let your personal experiences sway your opinions about Tiger and Elin getting back together. "Once a cheater, always a cheater"…"Once a fat ass, always a fat ass"…I guess you can't lose weight and change your life? And for some to say that he only wants to get back with her so he doesn't have to pay her? what about maybe he would like to be a father to his children. People make mistakes, some bigger then others. Tiger is at a point in his life to where he realizes that now, on what's most important. Tiger would be just fine financially by himself…he makes plenty of money to live a celeb life. Probably because he earns it on the course and has his line of endorsements back.

  42. Dave Navarro Sr.

    Clearly, what's going on is no one's business but theirs.TMZ and the media are a pain in the ass.

  43. William Felder

    Tiger never said how many women he was with. Just that he was unfaithful. The media kept saying how many they thought it was. He has never said. He let the media run wild with it as they so often do. As for the women who supposedly came forward. Hell, there are a lot of 15mins of fame groupies. They sure did try and get their 15mins to. Case in point, the women, Gloria Alread, or what ever her name is, represented. Her own mother said she was crazy. He more than likely fooled around with two or three of them, but not all who tryed to cash in on the press. A whole lot of pro golfers have had their pitfalls when it came to marriage. You just don't hear about it like you did Tiger.

  44. Steven Cartelli

    I was once in Tigers shoes, Once a cheater always a cheater is not true. My wife of 24 years is dying of cancer and I never cheated on her.

  45. Charles Edward Rorie

    "Their testimony will be "if we can make ours work, what's your excuse?"

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