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Joy Behar To CNN? ‘View’ Host Meets With Jeff Zucker

joy behar

Joy Behar could be heading back to CNN.

The View host reportedly met with CNN chief Jeff Zucker over the weekend. It’s unclear why the two met but rumors are circulating that Behar is part of Zucker’s plan to rejuvenate the network.

The New York Post writes:

“The comedienne and The View host was spotted at the network this week meeting with new honcho Jeff Zucker … The meeting sparked speculation that Behar is part of Zucker’s plans to rejuvenate the channel.”

According to News Busters, Zucker is trying to move CNN away from a complete news focus to give the network some more entertainment. Behar could fill Erin Burnett’s 7 PM slot, which will soon become or available, or the comedian may take on a new late night comedy show.

Behar is currently working at Current TV but according to the Huffington Post that gig will be ending soon now that the station has been purchased by Al Jazeera. Behar may start looking for a new gig once she leaves Current TV.

Behar also has some experience at CNN. She hosted a show on HLN for two years before the show was cancelled in 2011.

Do you think Joy Behar would be a good fit at CNN? Do you think the network is making the right move by focusing more on entertainment?

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82 Responses to “Joy Behar To CNN? ‘View’ Host Meets With Jeff Zucker”

  1. Allen Smith

    Agree with you. What's so funny about Behar? She's lucky to be surrounded by other people on the View so that her lack of talent isn't so noticeable.

  2. Pura Smith

    I don't think she'll bring in too many viewers. Her comedy is outdated & as far as her interviewing skills, she has no class. She needs to stay with the rest of the 'ol hens at The View. Zucker…..BIG mistake to bring her in!

  3. Frank Ravely

    CNN and Behar are the perfect match. A bogus, slanted so-called news outlet and a mouthy liberal who's opinion shouldn't be taken seriously unless she is commenting on what she knows best, stupid air-head house wife stuff.

  4. Joseph S. Horoszko

    As long as a person on the View agrees with her opinions Joy will then treat them with a little respect. I have heard her unprofessional comments about people that she does not like. She is rude, obnoxious, arrogant and just plain mean toward a person who does not have her same political opinions.

  5. Paul DeCroix

    Her claim to fame is as a side kick to Barbra Walturds. All her own shows get axed quickly. CNN will learn that soon enough if she is given a show on the low rated cable news network.

  6. Alan Davis

    One of the most bigoted, hateful people I have ever seen on TV. I can't imagine watching any show she is on. Her talk show was a dismal flop, why would they keep going this way? They replaced her with "Dr." Drew, and he is almost as pathetic.

  7. Pamela Pam Verrinder

    Didn't her HLN show get cancelled for poor ratings? Seems like they are just making the same mistake.

  8. Sharon Mahan

    Hmmm! A less rich female version of "The Donald". Most often I agree with her thoughts but don't care for her delivery of those thoughts. She is always too distracted to listen to guests. It's like she is waiting for the cue to do her (overly rehearsed) one liners but her timing and delivery are usually WAY OFF!

  9. Yolanda Velez

    @frank, so i guess you take fox seriously? seriously? whine to whine typical conservative idiot!!

  10. Sam Smith

    wow, she would make a great addition to CNN. I notice Cooper is missing?

  11. Pam Hylton

    that's suppose to help ratings…sorry you better rethink that idea.

  12. Anonymous

    Joy BeyWHORE.. no brains a total LIBERAL piece of crapppy… I you think she has anything important to say… you MIGHT want to check yourself into an asylum… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Anonymous

    I'd rather be a conservative ANY DAY than an IDIOT liberal… when the S@#T hits the fan, you liberal freaks won't KNOW what to dooooo and you'll come CRYING to us conservatives…. problem with that… we'll tell you to go AWAY and let your savior OBAMASHIT save you….

  14. Gwynn Charlie

    I like Joy on "The VIEW" but don't watch that show much because of Elizabeth Hasselback….cannot stand Elizabeth! I watched Joy's show on HLN before they stupidly cancelled it. I watched Joy's show, "SAY ANYTHING", on CurrentTV before Time-Warner dropped the Channel from it's line-up after it was bought by al Jazeer, now I can't get the channel. Hopefully, it will be a good move for Joy to go to CNN. It remains to be seen what they want to do with CNN and how Joy's new show will fit in with that new change. I like Joy's type of humor. I'll watch her new show on CNN. Hope it works out for her in a good way. None of these honchos that run these TV networks can be trusted.

  15. Valerie Uram

    she is terrific and is repected/liked by the conseratives she has on. trying to get a word in with the bill Geddie Faux news mouth piece is impossible on the view. for the guy said he could not imagine being married to her? but you could the rocks for brains Palin?

  16. Anonymous

    Brilliant…….are you on LSD?……She is a comedienne from back in the prehistoric times. I guarantee, she does not even read a newspaper. I did like her radio talk show back in the 90's, but that was "tongue in cheek". Now people are going to take her seriously like Bill Maher from HBO. Her comedy is very good.

  17. Karen Kellogg Fain

    Love her and then I wouldn't have to watch The View, ever. I watched on HLN and now on Current. She would be wonderful for CNN. Just what they need.

  18. Valerie Uram

    why is she a pig? lacking in vocabulary mr yale university? the best part of joy is she does not give a crap folks like you think..she does not need Faux News to fill her mind

  19. Jacqueline Briscoe

    I think CNN should get someone with more of an understanding that there are more points of view then hers(Behars) She attacks and treats as stupid anyone that doesnot support her ideas. Well in this country we can have different points of view and you can disagree without treating people badly. One of the reasons I stopped watching the View. She has a mean streak a mile long.

  20. Jacqueline Briscoe

    CNN are you mad? I ditched the View as Ms Behar has no understanding that everyone who does not agree with her is not a moron. It may be better to get someone that understands that in America we have a right to our points of view and everyone who isn't liberal isn't a villian.
    P.S. She has a mean streak a mile long.

  21. Cindy Pawenski-Lennie

    I'm glad I downgraded my Dish so I can not longer get CNN…another liberal media…I dislike anything that comes out of that woman's mouth.

  22. Jan Weiler

    Despite our shaming and begging(!), Insight did not carry Current. Miss the days when CNN gave us instant legit. news and Joy on HLN. Hope she finds her niche if not on CNN…………SOMEWHERE! LOVE HER!

  23. Paul Greenfield


  24. Karen Erskine

    I would NOT watch any show she is on and I do not watch CNN so good hope she leaves the view and we can get rid of her sarcastic attitude and hate of anyone who does not think like her – Bye Joy could you take Barbara also, the view would then be enjoyable.

  25. Noreen Simak

    I agree with Melanie.I love to watch Joys programs. She always had good guests and never a dull moment. Please network, bring her back.

  26. Barbara Crowley

    Go, Joy! She is funny and smart – doesn't take herself too seriously, and she gets great guests – liberal & conservative – hope CNN grabs her!

  27. Dorothy Boyer

    Another reason not to watch CNN. She's stupid., arrogant, dumb, big-mouthed illiterate "know it all" with her Nose stuck up Obama's A$S. She is a Democrat Fanatic with no common sense.

  28. Valerie Uram

    then you have not watched her current show she has conseratives on all the time. They sound like broken records trying to defend the GOP .

  29. Valerie Uram

    do you have a Masters Dorothy like Joy does? or is all your information from Faux News?

  30. Penny Hubbard

    I so agree…."I" also cannot STAND Sherry…she's SUCH a hog of NEEDING the attention.

  31. Carla Baslee

    NO Joseph dear, you just decribed Barbara's high pitched, yappy little lapdog. What's her name? Oh, yeah Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

  32. Linda Noga

    cnn really is scrapping the bottom to find this feeder. maybe this will FINALLY do them in.

  33. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    CNN is big trouble if they believe Joy Behar, is the their "next big thing." Ms. Behar, the anti marriage, shacking up is how to live, married her long time boyfriend; why? Maybe, for financial reasons?

  34. Vicki Turner Brain

    This woman is evil–I will never watch anything with her on it!

  35. Anonymous

    I will NOT watch any , ANY show she is on! I watch CNN mainly too. She is too mouthy. CAN"T stand her voice or accent. In fact , she is obnoxious. Please -find someone else.

  36. Anonymous

    I will NOT watch that irritating. obnoxious, loud mouth person. There are so many BETTER people to get. Her voice is irritating, and difficult to listen too.

  37. Mike Kelly

    That will be the final nail in the CNN coffin! Then have her go to FOX and MSNBC to do them off too!

  38. Mike Kelly

    "Imagine" being married to her???? I would rather be water boarded!

  39. JA Crane

    I like Joy Behar. She takes up for women's issues which we need. Calls it like she see's it. Tired of looking at the pathetic Hasselbeck woman.

  40. Tina Slutzky

    Joy Behar would be an excellent addition to CNN. She speaks her mind, but is open to others opinions. I would grab her up quickly if I was CNN. Tina

  41. Tammy Ellis

    Can't stand her….she didn't get ratings at HLN won't be any different at CNN, talentless and not funny. Jeff Zucker is an idiot if he adds her to the network.

  42. Carol Miles

    I certainly hope not! – She is rude, not funny, it would be a mistake, there are so many good people out there, why can't CNN find somebody new, who has a wholesome sense of humor who can look at the world we live in with comedy, common sense and caring, there must be somebody out there like that. I would hope they would think out side the box instead of recyle all the time..Maybe somebody who is not left or right, but down the middle who can look at both sides of the coin! what a concept that would be…

  43. Joyce Stein

    I think this ahole BIG MOUTH is not an asset to anybody, most of all – herself. She should realize she's NOT FUNNY and just an OLD HAG and sneak away quietly into the night. We all hate her in these parts – these parts being the 'left' coast (close to Hollywood/Beverly Hills FYI). Why is it that her type never knows when to leave. Bad upbringing I guess.

  44. Carl Thomas Natalina

    CNN is a very Loberal news outlet and this confirms it. Joy B is a harsh, abrasive, loud mouth. Why do we keep recycleing this losers. There are 300 million people in the US. Certanily we can find something fresh. This goes for NFL coaches and The Clintons.

  45. Louise Wood-Markasovic

    Why any one would want to sit with Joy Bayhar is beyond me. She is the most hateful, disgusting person I have ever listened to. I have had to stop watching the view because of her and the way she treats any one who thinks differently than her. She should stuff a sock in it.

  46. Bob Moyer

    If Jeff wants to improve CNN, dump this broad. When she talks it is like finger nails across a black board.

  47. Laslo Bigsby

    I've got just the assignment for Joy Behar. She should go to the Middle East, go undercover, infiltrate Al Qaeda and report back her findings. If she just so happens to be captured by the enemy then she should take the poison cap she was given. We will honor her in America with a 5 second tribute on her life.

  48. Erna Ziegler

    Yes yes and yes bring her on please. She's a winner in my book anytime. So smart, funny, quick witted and easy on the eyes. I respect her for all of the above and was upset when HLN canceled the show. Go get em.

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