Michelle Obama: 'Evolution Of Mom Dancing' Skit With Jimmy Fallon Goes Viral

Michelle Obama And Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Evolution Of Mom Dancing’ Skit Goes Viral [Video]

Michelle Obama is just days away from a two-day national tour celebrating the third anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” anti-child obesity initiative. So to get things rolling, the First Lady dropped in on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday night with hilarious results.

It was quite the double act.

In a skit called the “Evolution of Mom Dancing,” Fallon debuted his best mom-drag outfit consisting of white cut-offs, a pink cardigan, and white sneakers, while Michelle sported recently cut bangs, jeans, pink pumps, and a turquoise cardigan.

Showing off an array of moves such as “Go Shopping, Get Groceries” dance, the “Dougie,” “Hip Bump,” “Sprinkler,” “Oh My God, I Love This Song,” and even the “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies,” the pair cut a rug in a series of moves that would put any disco-dad to shame.

The “Evolution of Mom Dancing” clip showcased the first lady’s graduation from awkward side shuffling to some serious shaking and has now, rather inevitably gone viral, The Guardian reports.

“That was so much fun,” a flushed First Lady told Fallon after the dance-off, before adding, “You’re a beautiful mom. Pretty hot.”

Host Jimmy Fallon with First Lady Michelle Obama during a skit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on February 22, 2013.