Snow Sculptures: Who would have thought that white crap could look beautiful

I really, really don’t like winter. Personally I think Canada should shut down and we all head south until the last of that white stuff melts away. Since that isn’t likely to happen it is nice to see that other talented people can find it within themselves to brave the cold and create such beautiful things to look at.

This is a collection from around Flickr that was spurred on by a post at the WebUrbanist. The nicest thing is that no-one froze their feet and hands off putting this spread together.

2007 Chicagoland Snow Sculpting Competition

Golden Eyes on Flickr

Travelazine’s Flickr Stream

Even cartoon characters get the snow sculpture treatment – Justalby’s Flickr stream

Tim in Sydney’s Flickr Stream

Sandra Leidholdt’s Flickr stream

David Carter’s Flickr stream