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WWE Challenges Beck After ‘Stupid Wrestling People’ Quip, Glenn Beck Declines

WWE Challenges Beck After 'Stupid Wrestling People' Quip, Glenn Beck Declines

The WWE challenged Beck after the conservative talk show host attacked the World Wresting Entertainment, calling them “stupid wrestling people” on TheBlaze TV. WWE’s challenge invites Glenn Beck to appear on the WWE Monday Night Raw program to explain why.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, WWE challenged Glenn Beck because he accused WWE of degrading tea party advocates with a racist, unrealistic caricature played by a wrestler called Jack Swagger. In the meantime, the wrestler who portrays Jack Swagger was busted for DUI and has been pulled from WWE shows.

Yahoo News describes the scenario that sparked Glenn Beck’s ire and then led to the WWE challenging Beck:

“The wrestling production company has cast wrestler Jack Swagger as a conservative, tea-party-ish villain with a xenophobic fictional manager, Zeb Coulter, in a Wrestlemania matchup against Latino star Alberto Del Rio. In the ring, Coulter went on an rant against immigrants, standing in front of yellow flags commonly flown at tea party rallies.”

Glenn Beck said on his show that the WWE took things too far:

“I can take it from a lot of people. I can’t take it from the stupid wrestling people.”

Wayne Keown plays the Zebediah Colter. In a YouTube video, the character from WWE challenged Beck on his statements that an essentially Republican and conservative audience would be turned off by the Tea Party WWE storyline. He claims that Glenn Beck is essentially calling the 14 million WWE audience stupid, as well. He also noted that 20 percent of WWE’s audience was Hispanic.

According to The Raw Story, Wayne Keown explained how the WWE writes its stories:

“We are in the entertainment business. Everything we do as our characters is designed to tell stories. Right now the story we’re telling is that Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are using the current, relevant, and topical story of immigration to target the WWE world champion Alberto Del Rio. Also a character played my my friend Jose Rodriguez. In our story, we are the antagonists, and Alberto is the protagonist.”

Keown then presented the WWE challenge to Beck:

“You know, Glenn, many of your followers are WWE fans and they understand the difference between reality and entertainment. Are you so out of touch with your own audience, Glenn, or are you just a stupid political commentator.”

So far, in response to the WWE’s challenge, Beck has had only this to say via Twitter:

“Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else.”

Do you think Glenn Beck should have accepted the WWE challenge?

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21 Responses to “WWE Challenges Beck After ‘Stupid Wrestling People’ Quip, Glenn Beck Declines”

  1. Robert Volpe

    Uhh, gee, storytellers? Grandma was a storyteller. Burl Ives was a bit of a storyteller. Combining Jersey Housewives with Jerry Springer and adding muscle, HGH, too much tree bark and other 'roids and a low brow crowd is not storytelling. It's called 'panderering to the lowest common denominator'.

    Wanna make it fair? YOU take your happy a$$ on Glen Beck's show and present your case in an intellectual fashion; no chairs smashed across the back, no flying whatever-ya-call-its off the ring ropes into a fake medula-oblongata. I'm an ardent UFC and Martial Arts fan and I've been through 2 divorces….. I know what real combat looks like!

  2. Anonymous

    Robert C'Mon Man! Its ENTERTAINMENT. You see way worse stuff on" Prime Time Dramas" and the nightly news. grow up. Don't like it, don't watch. Its their rights as Americans to ACT and ENTERTAIN. We wrestling fans know its not real. Its all make believe but is entertaining. Can't have a cast of only good guys. you need those bad guys as well. Sad you are like Glen Beck and cannot see that its just a show like any other on TV. WWE The People!

  3. Rodney McFadden

    Shit please keep talking that shit there Robert if you stepped in to a wwe ring you would get your ass handed to you !and BECK is a bitch for talking trash and not being able to back it up !and WWE has been arounf longer then Beck tell him to go try make money like they do hahahahahaha!

  4. Anonymous

    One thing teabaggers should not wage war with is wrestling fans. They'll lose!

  5. Anonymous

    So… you can't hold down a relationship and are into barbaric, neanderthal sports that take little to no athletic ability whatsoever. Get over yourself, please!

  6. Anonymous

    WWE never said what they do is "real combat". Its always been said they are Entertainers. It is somewhat real becasue people do get hurt bad sometimes. They are athletes and what they do takes strength and skill. UFC is not comparable to WWE, its completely different. Compare UFC to boxing or kickboxing….but not WWE. Its a TV show. And WWE has a strict wellness policy and test regularly. HGH anf steroids have been done by athletes of all sports in past. Tour de France winners, soccer players, tennis players, baseball, basketball, football, UFC, Boxing. Its not like UFC where someone is nearly getting killed in the ring and bloodied and bruised and broken, that's comparable to the gladiators, more neandrathal than WWE Wrestlers are actors putting on a show, its like broadway mixed with soap opera mixed with TV drama and current events. To Generalize people as being lowest common denominator or stupid is just wrong. You like UFC, WE like WWE. its all a matter of opinion, like NBA vs NHL or MLB vs MLS and so on. Please grow up.

  7. Anonymous

    Now before eevryone goes on here trashing Beck and defending WWE, consider Vince McMahons political affilations. Could this also be part of a ruse or more story line. He has used Pete Rose, Donald trump and other celebs to promote his program. Think people before you fall into this, especially if you ever see, Beck show up or if this "story line" continues.

  8. Anonymous

    brpunker0421 Excellent come back, however MMA participants are some of the most phsically fit athletes in the world and it takes years of training in wrestling, the martial arts and various styles of boxing to be successful. This isn't back alley brawling.

  9. Angelito Tan

    all too common GB crap – he can say what he wants to say but SUPPRESSES other's right to express their beliefs…. it's the tea bagger way OR NO WAY! lol! Tea bags and GB = hypocrites!

  10. Allan Zinkann

    I don't care about Glenn Becks politics or watch wrestling but I was taught that you should never call anyone "stupid". Maybe GB doesn't agree with them and visa versa but I'm sure there was a better way to get your point across. Just because YOU don't like something and other people do does not make them stupid. One mans opinion…

  11. Michael Browne

    Why does the WWE need to do this? Why don't they call Booker T a slave to the "Big Machine" Why fan the flames of raceism or the hatered between classes. Isn't there enough problems in this country without adding to it?

  12. Ryan Callen

    This was the worst angle ever. I love WWE, but I watch it because it is ENTERTAINMENT. Stay away from politics. I knew this would happen. Did Glenn Beck overreact? Probably, but politics is a sesative subject these days. I was cringing during this story line. We've had plenty of heels without resorting to politics. Stay away from it. It's the whole reason I watch wrestling to begin with….to escape reality. I'm glad Jack Swagger got a DUI, so they can quit this lame angle.

  13. Vahid Bacchus

    This fucker can't hold a real wife he had to go get an asian mail order bride and he's a badass watching UFC and kickboxing why you don't you get in than?

  14. Angelito Tan

    good post – tea baggers and republicans are just like GB – they like express their views and wouldn't care others that differs – it's either the republican or tea baggers way or no way at all!

  15. Robert Volpe

    Hey Punkboy; Maybe you need to get over me. You don't know enough about me to offend me, or for that matter, offer an objective or intelligent observation, let alone snap-judgement. Look up sarcasm, learn to spell, and do a little research next time before you hurl insults at someone so you don't get your lunch ate. Again.

  16. Robert Volpe

    Yeah, you have a point, and I appreciate your approach and demeanor. I guess I behaved much more aggressively than I should have. I don't watch regular TV, and can't take much Beck either. I do Road Race, and I understand and appreciate ALL real sports take committment, talent, courage (some more than others), and mental toughness. I'm not sure why I enjoy the UFC so much. I know part of the reason–when a guy has trained in multiple Martial Arts disciplines and uses them to beat an opponent without much violence, it's an amazing thing. Especially when both guys are similarly trained. The skill levels are phenomenal, albeit these incidents are not commonplace.

    But it's like anything else. I'm also an instructor, and I've had to put drag racers and circle track racers in my Race car and teach them how to drive on a road circuit. Only THEN did they understand the level of skill, the fulfillment, the enjoyment of that type of sport. So I need to keep in mind the old "don't knock it 'till you tried it" addage.

    Have to say though, (and this thought has nothing to do with you, just reading some of the other posts following yours), I've never seen a Party built on the principles of acceptance, inclusiveness, and individual ideals throwing so much hate, ALL the time when anybody actually expresses themselves in a way not consistent with the Party Mantra. Name-calling, labeling commentors as racists so they'll be afraid to say anything, etc. On many sites, they sound like the groups they're describing.

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