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3 Sisters Convicted: Devoutly Catholic Political Family Rocked By Scandal

3 Sisters Convicted: Devoutly Catholic Policital Family Rocked By Scandal

In Pennsylvania, 3 sisters convicted of campaign corruption have marked a once-powerful political family’s sudden fall from grace.

On Thursday, state Supreme Court Justice Jean Orie Melvin and her sister Janine Orie were convicted of campaign corruption charges. A third sister, former state Senator Jane Orie, is already in state prison for political corruption.

The 3 sisters convicted were accused of using state funds to further their political careers, The Associated Press reported. Jane Orie was sentenced last year to 2 1/2 to 10 years in prison for using state-paid staff to run her campaign. Her two sisters were convicted in a spinoff investigation, and also fond guilty of misusing staff.

“It’s all pretty unbelievable,” John Burkoff, a university of Pittsburgh law professor, said of the 3 sisters convicted. “Whatever you thought about the Orie sisters, whether you liked or didn’t like them, you have to look at all of this as tragic.”

Prosecutors claimed that the women had staffers write speeches, drive Orie to campaign events, and work at the polls, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Before her fall from grace, Jane Orie was once the highest-ranking elected Republican among the entire Northeast, serving as majority whip in the state Senate. Her sister Melvin was one of seven members of the state’s highest court.

As if having 3 prominent sisters convicted of corruption wasn’t strange enough, the most recent case brought some bizarre revelations. From The Associated Press:

“During the investigation, which centered on the sisters’ emails, prosecutors stumbled onto messages Sen. Orie and Melvin sent to the “angel lady,” a Philadelphia psychic who read her client’s written questions aloud before claiming to receive a whispered answer from an angel.

“The senator and justice sought assurances from the $85-an-hour medium that Zappala’s investigation wouldn’t result in criminal charges.”

The 3 sisters convicted say they were unfairly prosecuted by Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., who they say has a politically vendetta against them.

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22 Responses to “3 Sisters Convicted: Devoutly Catholic Political Family Rocked By Scandal”

  1. Buce McLaughlin

    Is this any surprise? EVERY time I have/had dealings with people who exposed their 'beliefs', I ALWAYS had problems.
    In fact, I'm going threw a 'sour' episode now with two different people who claim their belief in god and BOTH transactions are based on dishonesty.

  2. Anonymous

    What do republicans, Catholics and corruption have in common? Maybe more corruption! There are lots of politicians and judges that will meet the same fate as these stupid sisters. Talk about "twisted Sisters"? Lets clean house and lock up some more!

  3. Phil Schneider

    It is the real religious ones you have to watch out for! When someone tells me they are a "good Christian", I run in the opposite direction as fast as I can!

  4. Tim Greenleaf

    Its something….Weather or not you consider the Bible Fiction or Non-Fiction. It looks like those involved in the deepest sin and living a life of lies always come back to the lowest place in their lives and seek out Satan's counsel in the end. It truly is the "END"!

  5. Gail Gray

    If someone commmits a crime and is Catholic, it seems important, not so with other accused. The fact that both Columbine killers were Jewish is not important. The fact that most serial killers are Protestant, not important. The fact that the majority of child abusing clergy are not Catholic, not important. A liberal, abortion loving, same sex marriage pusing, and generally sick media war against a single group is obvious and on-going. The sad thing is that the general public is un-concerned, until it is their turn.

  6. John Peileke

    I just read this article, didn't pick up on any reference to the sisters being religious. Only that they consulted psychics & are Republicans…. hmmmm.

  7. Del Wasso

    "Oh woe is me! I'm so persecuted!" Fuck you and your Nazi Pope you right-wing douche. When we throw you to the fucking lions you can bitch – 'til then, be happy we're not leaving it up to the states as to whether or not your hypocritical conservative asses can get married.

  8. Thomas Kavany

    Gali: you hate the truth the 'liberal, abortion loving, same sex marriage pus(h)ing and generally sick media' tell 'cause it intrudes into you sick racist, homophobic, and corrupt conservative fantasy world.

  9. Darsha Doran

    You are wrong in much of the garbage you posted. And more priests are abusers than any other religious clergy. You have to be a denial Catholic to say this. And what you said about liberals shows that you are far from Christian!!!!!!

  10. Darsha Doran

    Forget what their religion is, look at the fact that they are Republican or should we say Repulbi"con". As an Eisenhower Republican I have come to distrust the right of the Republican Party. Their so-called agendas actually reflect individual greed and desire to get re-elected time after time pandering to causes that bring in the most financial support whether they believe in them or not. Middle of the road Republicanism appears to be a thing of the past. Eisenhower, Regan, both Buckley brothers are probably turning over in their graves at how low the Republican Party has slipped.

  11. Eileen Luciani

    I don't care if they are Catholic or bow down to a tree, they should be flogged on CNN and FOX and not put into a cuntry club. Maybe the rest of the politicians would think twice before being boot licking lackeys to the "important" groups that run the 1%.

  12. Nancy Snead

    just think about all the repugnant idiots in washington and in nc, just like pat Mccroy they pretend to b good church going people but most will say anything to get elected then they turn like the devils they really r and start trying to destroy there country and the state that elected them they don't care they just r making themselves look like the true idiots they r.

  13. Gail Gray

    Darsha, perhaps you can read, but obviously cannot comprehend, Read the post again, take your time and try try to understand. My problem is with a biased press. How many times have you read, "A prominent Baptist, Devout Jew, Upstanding Unatarian," when a conviction or crime is reported. Then find where I posted anything negative about liberals. Liberals do not bother me any more than consevatives, for I am neither. I am a registered Libertarian. Nor do I care who marries who, or if a woman chooses an abortion. These are hot points of politicians. As for the priests, on that one you are dead wrong. Please research, My main problem is with journalism, or more correctly, the lack of it. As for Del Wasso and Thoms Kavany, their vile posts do not warrant a reply.

  14. Catherine Gray

    Gee just read some of those posts. I cannot believe the filth from that Darsha's mouth. Gail has a right to her opinion and as a Catholic and her sister I agree with her!!!

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