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Sisters Regret Getting Breast, Butt Implants As Teenagers

Breast And Butt Implants

Two teenage girls who received breast and butt implants as teenagers say they regret the decision to alter their bodies in an effort too look like J-Lo.

Karen and Jennifer Lopez explained that they started getting plastic surgery in their mid-teens. Jennifer reportedly received breast implants at the age of 15, while her sister Karen got a nose job at 14. According to The Gloss, the procedures were a gift from their mother.

Now in their 20s, the sisters say they regret getting the implants when they were teenagers. Jennifer says her infatuation with singer and namesake J-Lo prompted her to go under the knife.

She explained:

“I envied curvy women like [US pop star] J-Lo. When I asked for the surgery, [mum] said no at first and that I should wait until I was 18, when my curves might develop. But I wanted the results straight away. I kept on asking every day, saying how unhappy I was until, a year later, she agreed.”

The National Ledger explains that the teenagers didn’t stop with one surgery. Altogether, the sisters said they had seven procedures in an attempt to improve their bodies. However, they now say their enhanced looks draw too much attention from guys.

Karen explained:

“My bum is so big now it’s kind of a curse because guys in clubs always want to have a feel of it. Even girls want a photo next to it. My body attracts everyone – I get too much attention and it annoys me.”

According to the Daily Mail, the teenagers were unable to have the breast and butt implants performed in the United Kingdom since the girls were underage. However, the family traveled to Colombia to have the surgeries done there.

What do you think about the sisters who had numerous plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like J-Lo?

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23 Responses to “Sisters Regret Getting Breast, Butt Implants As Teenagers”

  1. Valerie Castillo

    tell them to get over it!!! im sure they're spoiled brats who begged like whinny lil animals til their mom caved in…shame on the mom for not standing her ground…i would love for my daughters to ask me..i would laugh in their face n then educate them about implants. then i would teach how beautiful they were born!!!!!

  2. Liz Wolfe

    What do you think of the girls? More importantly, what do you think of the parents who allowed it? They were obviously too young because now, a few years later, they regret it. Too bad the adults in their lives weren't mature enough themselves to work on the girls self esteem instead of giving them whatever it is they think they desire!

  3. Lauri L Smith

    Sarah asked me for breast implants. We talked about it and told her how she was still young and not to worry look at the women In the family she was going to get boobs!

  4. Rickie Altergott

    I cannot believe that a parent would allow this type of surgery for 14 year old girls in the first place. Their bodies aren't even finished development the natural way yet. Now they're crying in their milk for the fact that this in fact ends up being the case. Surgery on top of surgery….one to enhance and then removal to put back to what should have been left alone to begin with. A royal waste! I never allowed this sort of thing when my girls were growing up and wanted a damn tatoo. Why would I allow something with potential health risks at any time any their lives. I would argue the point even if they were older and asked my opinion.

  5. Lois Lynn Kingsbury

    Lauri, She may end up looking different from the other women in the family. She may end up having smaller breasts and did u ever think about how that would affect her? Thinking she was supposed to have bigger breasts like the rest of the family, but doesn't? JS. Maybe you should have told her that no matter what, she'd be beautiful. Just telling you this for personal experience.

  6. Mandy Sorenson Bernarde

    mom should be locked in the nut house…id call that child abuse and maybe they need their story told everywhere to discourage younger grils from having the same thing done.

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