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Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Ditched Over Contract Dispute

Slayer Drummer Ditched

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was ditched over a contract dispute. Lombardo, a founding member of the band, was removed from their Australian tour dates.

The news was posted on Facebook by the drummer, who said he is “shocked” and “saddened” by the band’s decision to remove him.

The tour starts on Saturday and is followed by several stops around the world, reports NME. Lombardo’s Facebook post reads, in part:

“Last year, I discovered 90 percent of Slayer’s tour income was being deducted as expenses including the professional fees paid to management, costing the band millions of dollars and leaving 10 percent or less to split amongst the four of us.”

He went on to say that he did not believe a band’s business should operate this way. When Dave Lombardo went into the studio for rehearsal on Thursday, the band’s guitarist did not show. Instead, he received an email later in the day that explained he was being replaced for the band’s show dates in Australia.

Slayer’s drummer replacement will be Jon Dette, who was with the band on numerous occasions when Lombardo took a 10 year break. The Toronto Sun adds that Lombardo will also not be paid until he signs “a longform contract which gave me no written assurances of how much or on what basis management would deduct commissions.”

Lombardo added that he spoke to the guitarist, Kerry King, and Tom to propose a new business model for the band. Instead, Kerry stated that he “wasn’t interested in making changes.” He added that if Dave wanted to argue the point that King would find a new drummer.

Lombardo ended the letter by apologizing to fans that he will not be in Australia. It is not known if he will be with the band for the rest of their tour dates.

Are you upset that Slayer’s drummer Dave Lombardo was ditched, at least temporarily, over a contract dispute?

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26 Responses to “Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Ditched Over Contract Dispute”

  1. Rob Billeaud

    Kerry King is a douche. Always has been always will be. The guy goes starting feuds with people for no other reason that he wants people to thing he's a bada**. He's started feuds with Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich amongst others and then a couple of years later he's all kissy face with them because they call him on his cr@p.

  2. Roger Shike

    I can't believe Slayer is still around. Zero evolution, just doing the same stuff over and over. I loved them when they first came out, but after Seasons in the Abyss it was just more of the same.

  3. Jeff Wanca

    I am not a fan of Slayer or of Hard Rock for the most part but being ousted really sucks because it seems to me that if he was a founding member then since he did the hiring(most founding members do and there is a pecking orde in the miusic industryr) then he should be doing the ousting. I think he is being royally screwed by his bandmates and/or management. The politics of the music industry are being played here for someone else's benefit…and it sounds shady to me. I feel for the man.

  4. Trevor Gowe

    That's ridiculous. The man is upset that they're getting screwed and want's to rectify the situation. And as a thanks the pussy Kerry King kicks him out of the band? What a fucking tool.

  5. Marc Benedetti

    saw Slayer about 25 years ago at The Channel in Boston with Meliah Rage!

  6. Tim OConnell

    He should sue as he came up with the name slayer and force the band to player under some other name.

  7. Chris Schweitzer

    There is something super shady about this whole deal. No band is willing to work for 2.5% of their income per member. If this was found out by Dave, then you would think Tom and Kerry would be outraged…..Unless they are getting more off the top and only Dave is getting screwed.

  8. Robby Foster

    BS! SLAYER! ../(~_~)../ FU Kerry King! He is 5'6 of over hyped douche bag!

  9. Doug Tull

    I guess that's why they call it the music "business." Kerry is a bit of a jerk.

  10. Mark Needham

    WOW! That certainly lowers my opinion of KK quite a bit. It is a pretty douchey thing to do. I could see shit-canning an original member of a band if they are a chemical nightmare (Gary Richrath, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss) after all possible attempts have been made to rectify the situation, but over something like this is pure douche-baggery. Kind of sheds new light on why Jeff Hanneman didn't come back.

  11. Chris Humphrey

    Most artists get ripped off by their management. Newbies usually sign a short form contract but once established, it becomes more entailed. I don't pretend to understand the artists' contract but do know a bit about the business.
    Dave is a perfect fit for SLAYER; however, he has proven to be flaky in the past. There is ALWAYS more than meets the eye.
    I have met Kerry & found him to be uncaring about the fans. Upon asking the question: "Any idea about when the next album will be wrapped?"
    Kerry replied, "It'll be ready when it's ready!" and shot me the bird.
    Quite honestly; Dave should reprise "GRIP" (an excellent band) & forget about the Slayer ego.
    Maybe he should join "Machine Head," "Testament," or "Devil Driver!" All of which have surpassed SLAYER in technique in my eyes.

  12. Robby Foster

    Used to love kerry, F@#k him now… Dave is The only drummer for SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Liz N Kyle Vorrath

    Dave is a great drummer but being ousted is so lame and yeah Kerry is a asshiole.

  14. John Strandwitz

    Kerry's "my way or the highway" attitude is what has kept slayer going for years. Let's face it, Dave is whining about money. That being said, Kerry King is a massive hairy asshole!

  15. Ray Ryneer

    Dave l is half the reason slayer is what they are today. without Dave slayer is and wont be the same. DAVE made Rein in Blood what it is. BEST E.P. EVER. SCREW KERRY. and TOM should back Dave up and grow a pair.

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