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NBC Falls To Fifth Place Behind Univision


NBC has fallen to fifth place behind CBS, Fox, ABC, and Univision.

According to the LA Times, NBCs fall to fifth comes as a bit of a shock since the network recently experienced its best fall in years. The network climbed to the top of the rating after getting a huge advertising push from the Summer Olympics. They also scored big audiences with their surprise hit Revolution and Sunday football games.

But NBC’s reign at the top was short-lived. According to Deadline, the network is projected to finish fifth for the first time in sweeps history. NBC averaged a 1.2 rating among 18-49 year olds between January 31 and February 19. Univision, on the other-hand, averaged 1.5 in the same demo.

This is the first time that Univision has beaten NBC.

NBC’s fall from grace may come as a bit of a surprise due to its success last year, but the network has had a few major flops recently. Do No Harm, which premiered on January 31, had the worst opening for an in-season scripted series in network history. It has since been cancelled. 1600 Penn is still on the air, but it isn’t doing any favors for NBC. The show had a 1.1/3 rating during its last episode. Smash, which had a promising debut, saw its audience drop 71 percent for premiere of season 2.

NBC also failed to get a rating boost from returning comedy Community.

Gary Carr, senior vice president at the media agency TargetCast, told the LA Times:

“I hate to say it, but they’re in trouble. Nothing’s really held. Go night by night, and they don’t really have anything … They don’t seem to have a whole lot of great shows coming down the line.”

Are you surprised that NBC has fallen to fifth place?

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10 Responses to “NBC Falls To Fifth Place Behind Univision”

  1. Anonymous

    Am I surprised? NO! With commentators like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and the rest of the far left wingers I'm surprised that these people even have a job on any TV station. All they do is suck up to Obama and more imortant news gets hidden from the public.

  2. Michael Kious

    Visualize Chris Matthews with right hand in a fist biting his index finger! Absolutely marvelous!

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