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Carrie Fisher: Cruise Disaster?

carrie fisher cruise disaster

Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher may be out of control again, according to a report from Dan Avery at Queerty. Passengers aboard the RSVP Feb. 9-16 sailing of the Holland America Eurodam reported that surprise headliner Fisher entertained them in, well, some unexpected ways.

An anonymous source told Avery that several people noticed her swimming with all her clothes on in Half Moon Bay, one of the ports on the cruise. When it was time for her to perform, she appeared to be “trashed and incoherent.” Her dog then allegedly joined her onstage, leaving not one but two unpleasant mementoes of his appearance.

According to a lively discussion on Cruise Critic, the gay-friendly cruise has had an uneven quality of entertainment over the years. Fisher’s performance apparently represented a new low. According to one Cruise Critic poster, Christo1, when the shocked audience members started to walk out, she screamed at them to stop. “When they did not, the star jumped from the stage and ran down the aisle to stop them.”

Regular RSVP duo Amy and Freddy had to replace Fisher for the second show.

David Rogers interviewed her shortly after the cruise for the Palm Beach Daily News. While not addressing the cruise ship debacle, Fisher did admit that drugs are “an ongoing thing to battle.” She must also struggle to keep her well-publicized bipolar disorder symptoms in check.

Several of the cruise attendees asked for understanding for Fisher’s problems, pointing out that she didn’t choose to have a difficult mental illness. Poster PJfunny1 posted, “She was NOT ‘on’ anything, she was just in a very strong manic state. I feel so badly for her. Anyone who lets her appearance ‘ruin’ the entire week for them needs to lighten up.”

Fortunately for Fisher, her cruise antics may have gone mostly unnoticed, thanks to the Carnival Triumph — what many people are calling “the worst cruise ever.” As a result of a fire, the Carnival passengers were stranded without working toilets. After being asked to eliminate liquids in the sink or shower and feces into biohazard bags, those unlucky travelers are probably envious of a cruise where the worst “poop” storm involved a dog leaving two deposits onstage.

Co-star Mark Hamill just confirmed the rumors of casting talks that have been swirling around the next Star Wars movie. Fans hope that Carrie Fisher’s cruise meltdown won’t spoil her chances.

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53 Responses to “Carrie Fisher: Cruise Disaster?”

  1. Brad Dillon

    Why is everyone from Star Wars now completely effed up?

    Obi-Wan is gay, Luke Skywalker looks like a drug addict, and Carrie Fisher has gone insane.

  2. Chris Delay

    Don't throw stones at glass houses? I admit that Carrie has issues, but there is a mojority in Hollywood that do. Give the woman a break. She's Leia, she loves Ewoks for Christ's sake. I am skeptical about the new movie, but I WILL see it, like everyone else.

  3. Jeff Soo Hoo

    This story is a lie because nobody swims in Half Moon Bay. Maybe the author meant Half Moon Cay.

  4. James Wills

    Part of her better health involves taking control. One must give up all control to sail on a cruise ship. You are powerless to do anything but eat, drink, dance and gamble. I know some say, what else is there.

  5. Lisa Fletcher

    I cannot imagine dealing with all she has dealt with, her book explains some of the difficulties in her life better, but to deal with mental illness and keeping medication in check is surely not easy. She needs our prayers, not our gossip.

  6. Laura Bond

    We all need to have sympathy for mental illness & chemical addiction. I love her. She is so funny, witty, and kind. I struggle with stuff too & it hurts so much to be judged.

  7. Anonymous


    That's almost as bad as standing on the street corner dealing cocaine! SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL!

    *end sarcasm*

  8. Alan McAnelly

    Obi-Wan died in 2000, and was married to a woman for 62 years and had a son.

  9. Valerie Sullivan

    I so agree with you – bipolar disorder can cause such havoc in a person's life as well as those around them – and there's no rhyme or reason as to what and how medications will work – and meds one has been on consistently can suddenly stop working – so frustrating indeed. She needs compassion from others, not judgement

  10. DeeDee Potter

    She is a hot mess, and she comes from such a dysfunctional family that nothing surprises me. There is medication for manic depression. It just isn't meant to be mixed with alcohol. She's her own worst enemy.

  11. Henry Goff

    You're still a Princess to me. Get well my lady, and show them your stuff in 2015!

  12. Henry Goff

    You're still a Princess to me. Get well my Lady. Show them your stuff in 2015.

  13. Bob Scrivens

    I was there, so I can correct some things.

    She did not "scream" for people to stop leaving. People were leaving her show throughout; it was only at the end that she took notice and called for us to come back. "Scream" really wasn't what happened. But she did run out after us, which is where the MC decided to stop the show.

    The dog, Gary was adorable, but the two deposits — a #1 and a #2 — did steal focus from the star. These incidents were dealt with promptly; Ms. Fisher sopped up the first episode whilst spontaneously singing a capella.

    It's Half Moon Cay, not Half Moon Bay.

    She did confirm that all three principles — Hamill, Fisher and Ford — will be filming Star Wars VII this summer. "I get to be wise in this one," she said.

    I don't blame the cruise line. They had to know that bringing out Ms. Fisher was a roll of the dice (and the roll did admittedly come up snake-eyes that night). Entertainment on a cruise ship is common, but we got a real story out of this episode. No regrets, and I wish Carrie and Gary well.

  14. Brian C Mck

    Unfortunately some people, even with medication still have troubles with mental illness. I have been dealing with Bi-Polar all my life, and even if you stay on your medication, you still have episodes. Many bi-polar individuals do not take their meds regularly, or it can be as simple as missing a dosage. Mental Illness is a big problem here in the states.

  15. Brian C Mck

    You are obviously not talking about something you have personal experience with. Imagine having your worst day ever for weeks at a time. Bi-polar symptoms are managed with medication, not cured. People still have episodes no matter what. Maybe become literate about the illness before you pass judgement.

  16. Steve Pardee

    Brian C Mck – I have a family member who is bi polar and yes, even on meds there are trying times. But then there is a period of relative peace and that makes her think she can go off her meds. And when that happens, all hell breaks loose.

  17. Steve Pardee

    You are lucky to never have had to deal with a friend, acquaintance or loved one being Bi Polar DeeDee. If you had you would never make such a statement.

  18. Lin Frank

    I love Carrie Fisher and you have to understand…she's battled this her entire life. Sometimes like a drunk…mental health suffers go OFF the wagon…she did.

  19. Karen Churchill Wilkison

    I am so glad to see most of the comments on here are in support of Carrie. I do know someone with bipolar disease, but most of my experience with it comes because I was once active in the medical field. It's a sad plight, one that deserves compassion and sympathy, not ridicule. God speed, Carrie!

  20. John Chancey

    Went swimming with clothes on? Wow…….probably in a hurry to wash off the Vaseline from the cruise.

  21. Anthony Paul Lisanti

    I have no sympathy for people like her. None. When she was living the High Wave from her imbecilic parents' fame, she "learned" how to behave normally. I am sorry. I am old fashioned. My grandmother was MORE beuatiful than she was when she was young, and my mother and sister also. And they were all too busy to act nuts. This is an act. She's a has-been nobody. Who the hell cares? Get a job. This country is in the midst of an Economic Collapse, common folk–who made these people wealthy–watching their nonsense on the silver screen, are losing their jobs left and right. And we should be sympathetic for a middle-aged Spoiled Brat? Let's talk about J Lo's latest Halloween Costume, or who in Hollywood got arrested for drugs and DUI–people do nutty things and blame it on "Bi-Polar" and their mama hit them once, or a Priest(in their minds) molested them back in 1956-Stupid Country.

  22. Anthony Paul Lisanti

    This Country would probably elect her President if she ran. Why not? Her mental stability qualifies her to run this America.

  23. Holly M. Scott

    @ Brad The ORIGINAL Obi-Wan, Alec Guinness was NOT gay, and neither is Ewan McGregor. Oh, and his name is MARK HAMILL, not Luke Skywalker. You obviously need to spend more time at your college, learn maturity, and then come back and post a comment.

  24. Patrick Cox

    I met her in 1980 at a private screening for "Empire" and she was very gracious and pleasant. there was not a single hint that she was struggling with her issues. having suffered through some intense depression problems myself years ago, I can understand how difficult it is to come to grips with these problems and stay on top of it all. praying for her and millions like her who are struggling.

  25. Patrick Cox

    I met her in 1980 at a private screening for "Empire" and she was very gracious and pleasant. there was not a single hint that she was struggling with her issues. having suffered through some intense depression problems myself years ago, I can understand how difficult it is to come to grips with these problems and stay on top of it all. praying for her and millions like her who are struggling.

  26. Vicki Cicolari

    If you want to hear a first hand report of this than listen to the latest episode of Jonny McGoverns podcast. He was there and witnessed it all. Plus it's more entertaining than this article.

  27. Anonymous

    My prayers are with her, I hope this does not hinder her from getting other jobs. I can see how it might.

  28. Linda Miller

    Not the judge and Jury. Hang in there. Medications can sometimes get out of whack. Get back up and I hope you will consider the new Star Wars movie. Can't be easy up on that big screen.

  29. Robin Adams

    She is a person with bipolar. And there is still many people out there who don't know that they have bipolar disorder.

  30. Jonathan O'hara

    Her bipolarity is exactly what makes her brilliant and impossible. I really don't feel as sorry for her however as I do the nameless faceless millions who deal with this disease without the support system and forgiveness she clearly gets.

  31. Jennifer B Jacobs

    I am always wary about jumping to conclusions about substance abusers when there are compounding circumstances. In Carrie's case, she has openly discussed her ongoing battle with addiction, weight issues, her bipolar disorder, and her ECT experiences. Some or all or none of these things could have contributed to what occurred on the cruise. I am not willing to condemn her just yet. Not to make light, but everyone should really check out her hilarious one woman show that was featured on HBO not too long ago. She is just so funny and talented; it is a shame what happened on the cruise.

  32. Robin Adams

    Some of the most intelligent people, have some kind of mental illness.

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