Joe Biden Facebook Town Hall

Joe Biden: ‘Buy Hard Drugs, Fast Cars, And Shotguns’ [Video]

Call it his appeal to our nation’s youth, just in case he runs in 2016. Vice President Joe Biden is advocating the purchase of hard drugs, fast cars, and shotguns (at least in this humorously self-referential Conan O’Brien clip).

The always gaffe-laden Vice President made headlines on Tuesday when he said during a Facebook Town Hall event that people who want guns should “buy a shotgun” instead of a high-powered, so-called “assault style” weapon like the AR-15.

According to Conan O’Brien, who was recently announced as the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner emcee, Biden’s shotgun comment is hardly the most controversial thing he’s said in recent days.

Mediaite notes that O’Brien used the same technique as last summer’s “Lousy Slogan” segments when he played highlights from Biden’s Facebook Town Hall that show some sad attempts to appeal to our nation’s social-savvy youth.

Biden might be considering a run for president in 2016, so he has to keep with the times, after all. More speeches like the following will certainly help.

If he runs, Biden will be 73-years-old when he seeks the Democratic nomination for president of these United States.

Check out Joe Biden’s humorous appeal to the youth vote via Team CoCo below. Let us know what you think. Is Joe Biden angling for the youth vote just a little too much here?