Kids Recast In Best Picture Favorites

Every year while Oscar pundits and bloggers fight with each other over who will win for months on end, a sweet and charmingly hilarious video is released to calm everyone down momentarily.

This sweet side to the Oscar race comes in the form of a viral video. The video covers most of the Best Picture nominees, by showing children recast in the roles of the favorites. This gives a moment for everyone to take a breath on the politics surrounding the race, and instead note that not everything about the Oscars should be taken seriously.

For the past few years, these viral videos often see these children say inappropriately hilarious things as the Oscar sketch provides a simple watering down of the scripts from the Best Picture nominated films. This year is no different as the viral video shows Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Lincoln, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and Django Unchained.

The highlight from this sketch would undoubtedly be the Django Unchained reenactment. The children are seen on fake horses, and most of their “speech” is censored, before the boy playing Django says, “Can we say the N word less?”, which certainly plays up to the controversy surrounding the film’s use of the N word. In true Quentin Tarantino fashion, another child, with a signature Tarantino hat sits in the director’s chair while shaking his head, “No.”

Which is your favorite Best Picture reenactment? Do you think more viral videos surrounding the Oscar buzzed movies should be made in addition to the discussions about the films themselves? Sound off here!

Catch the video of the Best Picture nominees with the recast kids below: