Ted Nugent on african americans

Ted Nugent: ‘I Honor Blacks’ But Obama ‘Wants Black America Destroyed’

Ted Nugent insists that he’s a fan of African Americans, and that President Obama and the Democrats are the real enemies of Black America.

In a column for WorldNetDaily (in honor of Black History Month), Nugent says that African Americans have been duped. Though president Obama boasted 93 percent of the black vote, his policies have made it apparent that he is “the clear and present engineer of the destruction of black America.”

“The economic and social policies he endorses are destroying what is left of a once proud and strong black America,” Nugent says. “As a MotorCity Motown guy whose gravity-defying career pivots on my intense adulation for my black musical heroes, it pains me deeply to witness this self-inflicted destructo derby. The destruction of blacks has been engineered by President Obama’s party for at least the last 50 years.”

Mediaite points out that Nugent does use several statistics in defense of his version of Obama’s “destructo derby.” He argues that Obama’s social welfare policies have caused vast disparity between black and white unemployment rates, dropout rates in inner cities, and an “epidemic” of black-on-black crime in Democratic cities designated as “gun free zones.”

“With all this unbelievable negative information, what is more unbelievable is that black Americans continue to support Democratic politicians who have raped and plundered black America forever,” Nugent wrote.

“I don’t celebrate Black History Month. I celebrate it every day, as my very black-inspired musical dreams could not have been successful were it not for black Americans,” he, citing Bo Diddly, James Brown, and BB King as big influences on his music.

Nugent also said that he plans to name his 2013 tour Ted Nugent Black Power 2013. “Say it loud: my music is black and I’m proud!”

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