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Kid Calls 911 On Mom Over Unjust Bedtime

Kid calls 911

Brockton, MA – A 10-year-old boy called 911 on his mom Wednesday night because he just wasn’t ready to go to bed yet.

Enterprise News reports that the 10-year-old boy in question called 911 at 8:09 pm, according to the police log. The boy called from Terminal Place, which is off Montello Street near the Campello Commuter Rail station.

The boy had intended to tattle on his mother for forcing him to go to bed but hung up. As is standard policy, the 911 operator called the number back and got the mother, who explained the situation.

The mother can be heard on the line telling the boy that she’s talking with police because he placed a call to them. She asks him if he still wants to talk to the authorities and complain about his bedtime, but he elects not to.

MSN reports that a police officer (Officer Friendly or possibly Officer Public Service Announcement) went to the house to explain to the 10-year-old when calling 911 is appropriate. It’s reserved for people being shot at, stabbed, or burglarized, not to protest an unfair bedtime.

No charges were placed on the family.

The most remarkable thing to me is that the bedtime (presumably 8 pm) does seem like it’s a bit early for a 10-year-old. Don’t get me wrong: I count down the hours to the time when all the juvenile rabble go to bed so I can play on XBox Live in relative peace, but I at least had a respectable bed time of 9 pm or 9:30 pm by age 10.

Anyway. You can listen to the 10-year-old boy’s 911 call here.

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27 Responses to “Kid Calls 911 On Mom Over Unjust Bedtime”

  1. Linda Cramer Wilson

    This sounds like a brat that wanted to get his way! Hummmm, I bet it didn't work! That's what's wrong with our kids today! They want no discipline, so he thought calling 911 would get him out of going to bed. GO TO BED ALREADY!

  2. Anonymous

    Unless it wasn't a school night, 8 PM is a good time for a 10 year old to head to bed. He's still growing and needs his rest. I didn't get a 9 PM bedtime until I was 14 or 15. I didn't have to go to sleep, I just had to be in my room and in bed at the appointed time. If I wanted to, I could read before drifting off to sleep.

    If I'd had kids, I'd do the same as my parents did for me.

  3. Anonymous

    My daughter did some thing like this when she was 5. I gave her a crash course on the use of 911.

  4. Anonymous

    my daughter did some thing like this when she was 5 yrs. I gave her a crash course on the use of 911.

  5. Kimberly Ragno

    My boys are going on 11 and 13 in the next 2 months and 7 is normal bedtime. If they have trouble waking in the morning, I have put them to bed as early as 6. I should also note that they are both very active, intelligent and get great marks in school. Perhaps there is something to the saying, "Early to bed, early to rise…."

  6. Trisha Bruner

    Who is this reporrter to say what time is reasonable for a child to go to bed. Do they know what time this boy had to be up in the morning. Bedtime at 8 doesn't mean he is going to be asleep at 8 and if he has to get up at 6 or around then won't that be a reasonable time to get your child to their bed so they can get settled in and asleep.

  7. Rosalba Garcia Mendez

    7 is really early! Do they actually go to sleep or just to their rooms? My kids go to bed at 10, and yes that is too late. But to much earlier and they won't see their dad, who gets home very late. Want to try moving it down to 9, but I don't think that is gonna work:?

  8. Kimberly Ragno

    Usually Kieran is first to fall asleep…about 7:15. Liam sometimes lays until 7:30 but K gets up a whole hour before Li. Any less sleep and they are monstrously grumpy the next day. On the weekend if we let them stay up later, K will sleep a minimum of 12 hours and Li will still wake with the sun, no matter what time he goes to bed.

  9. Tel Ie

    The ADULT knows better and she was a drunken idiot. The CHILD was a brat and is still learning right from wrong.

  10. Caitlin Owen-shore

    I went to bed really late as a preteen and teenager. It wasn't until I was older did I realize the effects of that and regretted not having a bed time. I think maybe 8.30 in pajamas and bed, lights out by 9. But I guess it depends on the lifestyle. Like, if the kid has a test tomorrow then lots of sleep that night would be the best thing.

  11. Susan Innes

    man this kid would hate me then I have both my 18m and 8 yr old in bed no later then 7:30 with exceptions to weekends and school breaks for my 8 yr old but he is also up by 6/6:30 every morning no matter what time he goes to bed.

  12. Alexandra Schoonover

    As a teacher, I must say 8pm is too early for a 10 year old. When they get to school they are overtired, and their body goes back into sleep mode. I dealt with 2 such children for months. When I told the mothers this 1 changed her son's bedtime to 9:30. He now is doing much better, and the parents are happy. The other one refused, and he sleeps through most of my lessons.

  13. Alexandra Schoonover

    Each child is different. Watch their sleep patterns for about a week. If they get up easily, and are active in about 10 minutes, let them stay up longer, if not put them to bed earlier.

  14. Anonymous

    My kids go to bed at 8 but don't go to sleep til 9. People you know your kids. Just keep doing what is best for them.

  15. Stephanie Hughes

    Who said that this person was a reporter? Most "reporters" on the internet have never stepped foot into a journalism classroom. Sad, but it explains why new reporting has gone down the drain over the last 15 years.

  16. Andrew Dellolio

    I thought you were suppose to report news? I don't think it is any of your business what time the kids go to bed. How would you like it if somebody told you how to raise your kids?

  17. Rosey Jacob

    I always went to sleep late growing up (absentee parents) and I think that is the reason why I am short.

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