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Sony PS4 Won’t Be Backwards Compatible, PS Cloud Service Might Solve That Problem

Sony PS4 Backwards Compatibility

When the Sony PS4 finally goes on sale, customers with PS1, PS2, and PS3 systems will not be able to put in their favorite legacy games and enjoy them.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed to Engadget on Thursday that the new Playstation 4 console is NOT backwards compatible.

However, the company is examining backwards compatibility options for “some” games by providing service for older games via the PS Cloud service.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the PlayStation 4 will utilize technology Sony acquired from its $380 million acquisition of Gaikai to provide PS Cloud service.

The move away from backwards compatibility has already angered game sellers, specifically GameStop, which derives much of its profits from used game sales.

The PS Cloud service will offer many other functions for Sony PS4 gamers, including access to a new “share” button which allows players to instantaneously share their gameplay with friends.

According to Gaikai CEO David Perry:

“With that one button, you can broadcast from your game, live 100% real-time to your friends.”

Friends will also be able to comment on your gameplay live, and users will be able to hand over control of the game to other gamers.

It is still unclear how the PS Cloud will allow for backward compatibility. If that compatibility requires users to pay for a new service, it could anger people who have already paid for their PS3 games.

There will be one big advantage for the PS Cloud, according to Playstation Lifestyle:

“You can start playing games immediately off of the PSN store, there’s no need to wait for it to download. “Try it for free, share it if you like it, buy it only if you fall in love with it.”

Do you find it strange that the Sony PS4 doesn’t allow for backwards compatibility at least for PS3 games?

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33 Responses to “Sony PS4 Won’t Be Backwards Compatible, PS Cloud Service Might Solve That Problem”

  1. Anonymous

    At least with backwards compatibily eliminated there is now a viable reason for FF VII to be updated and re-released…

  2. Colin Kendig

    Yeah its not expensive enough to develop a new system, but they have to pay more money to please GameStop, you know because they contribute so much to the well being of developers. I will be putting my PS4 next to my Ps2 and PS3, Becuase I'm not lazy to the point not wanting to plug in another system to play a game that is supposed to be on the orignal console. Get over it people, this is about Next Gen, not 15 years of previous gen.

  3. Gary M Grunenberger

    I think the fact that they are killing off PS1, PS2, and PS3 disks kinda kills it for me. I am not going to buy this thing until they give me a good reason to buy it. I am not like all the other brainless idiots out there that think all a game needs is good graphics to be an awesome game. I see them taking away something here and there. They dropped the ball with the PS3 and it looks like they are going to do the same thing with the PS4. I think they are just going to nip and tuck away there gaming systems until there is nothing left. People need to open there eyes just a little wider and stop all of this before it gets really out of hand.

  4. Stephanie Bishop

    Then one day your PS2 stops working and you cannot find another….then what?

  5. Stephanie Bishop

    I agree with you I'm afraid I just do not have the money to buy another console that I've bought games for and downloaded games just to lose it all for a new console and have to waste money all over again? Nope no thank you.

  6. Padraig Timmins

    Having bought the PS3 as my first ever console I was hugely impressed and loved games like Dragon Age and Skyrim. But it's an absolute huge p**s take by Sony not to allow backwards compatibility for the PS4. I don't want 2 or more gaming consoles next to my TV, I want ONE. I suppose I can't blame them too much. They want a complete change over to soak as much cash from us all as possible, but it is going to alienate customers. I think I may just move back to my PC and buy games for it and not bother with consoles any more.

  7. Alexandre Oliveira

    Yeah dude this is about a console that won't even be on par with normal gaming PC's get with it! IT'S THE FUTURE! -.-' that guy can't be serious it's not about next gen it's about catch up and it would be nice for those of us that don't keep all the consoles that come out if i did i would have like 13 of them hooked up to my TV…

    it's so nice to have a xbox then a 360 then a ps2 then a ps3 and now a ps4 and "720" hooked up…

    it's not about being lazy it's about not being a dick for people who supported your console since the ps1

  8. Michael Jorns

    Its not about laziness. Last time I checked they don't make ps1 or ps2 any more. So if ps4 is not backwards compatible sooner or later there simply won't be a way to play these games any more. If I buy a new Ipod, Apple doesn't delete all my old songs and say 'well your only allowed to listen to new releases now'. I just want the freedom to enjoy my old games and the new ones without having to worry about what I'll do if my ps2 or ps1 craps out on me. If Xbox 720 comes out and is backwards compatible it will sink ps4 entirely.

  9. Jim Mount

    nobody cares about a stupid fucking share button what I care about is the hundreds of dollars ive spent on PSN everything that is ps4 doesn't matter unless all the work and goddamn money you put into your ps3 games amd psn account comes with it so no I will not be buying this even though I was super excited for it and now sony has just destroyed my faith in the playstation.

  10. Justin Dring

    "In an interview after the conference with selected journalists, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide, announced that there is no hardware backwards compatibility on the PS4 but that other options are being looked into."

    That was on a seperate website…. granted downloading the games again would suck up a lot of bandwidth for the user, but my personal view is that it would be an acceptible loss, if I was still able to play all my PS games (old and new). Not forgetting that we really weren't given a lot to go on purely because it was an annoucement to say that "Yes, we're officially doing the PS4". E3 and the next few months will provide us with further details and information..

  11. Anonymous

    I've always stuck with Sony and their playstations even when I was pissed that my ps3 wasn't backwards compatible and I hung on to my ps2. I will not buy a ps4 and have to have a third system taking up room in my house. This is stupid. I guess I will have to start supporting xbox where they have made their systems backwards compatible. Sony you just lost a customer.

  12. Anonymous

    It's not lazy that you don't want to have several systems in your house. Yeah lets just keep buying new ones because they aren't willing to do the work to make it backwards compatible. I would be willing to pay extra to have a system that can play my old games. Not all of us have room to keep piling up consoles.

  13. Connor Ortiz

    Everyone here is getting upset for no damn reason. Hey, if you have the ps3, FUCKING KEEP IT. No need to get worked up over everything. You are not going to 'waste away' the mass amounts of money you spent on ps1/ps2/ps3 if you keep the damn system and play both! Sony is moving forward! they still care about their customers, they just don't want to keep looking back! Its not like as soon as you get the ps4 that all your other systems are not going to work or anything, you'll just have the slight inconvenience of having to switch the jacks every now and then. I for one am SO DAMN EXITED for this thing! Infamous 3, watch dogs, bf4, they all seem awesome! Not stop getting upset and look at the awesome side of things! God damn people!

  14. David Addley

    Ii only just read the full thing the stuff that was said at PS4 press realse. 'Im pissed, I've spent over $1k on PS3 games. I have a decent collection of Classic/Rare PS1 games and only kept my "Rare" PS2 games. Its bad enough I have to have a PS2 set up as well as my PS3 to play all my games but if I was to get a PS4 id need 3, its just fucking stupid! They only way I'm going to buy a PS4 is if they make it so my Disc collection of PS3 , PS2 , PS1 as well as my PSN games or if they can't do that at least make a way to get digital copy's of all my disc games to play on PS4.

    Also Cloud and streaming games is a big big big big mistake. I know its not a big deal to people who live in USA ect but in countries where Internet charges are steep and you get X amount of GB's a month for X amount of dollars then X amount pre GB after that its a big deal. For example I get 40GB's a month, normal internet use i.e youtube, facebook, Streaming sports live, watching 1 TV show a week plus 2 people in the house using PS3s playing online and patches ect all adds up I went over by 10GB's last month and it cost around 60NZD.

    As a long time user of Sony consoles PS1 was my 1st console, I'm pretty pissed off about a lot of what I've heard maybe more so then the excitment for the better things.

  15. Greg Libera

    Sony. Please, Please, play ps3 games, you will get so much more buyers. As a playstation die hard fan, please have backwards capability.

  16. Julius Guthrie

    it just isn't possible, PS3 games work because the PS3 has an incredibly unorthadox cell processor to play them, the PS4 uses relatively high end PC parts, they just don't work together

  17. Julius Guthrie

    yeah, haha, all of these people saying "uhhh!! I refuse to have more than 1 or 2 consoles plugged into my tv, raaah" I just don't understand them, maybe it's because I'm a collector and I've already got 7 consoles plugged into my TV

  18. Dana Gonzales

    Even if it can not be backwards compatible with PS3 at least PS2, as they will no longer be making the PS2. How are we going to play those games. Some of my favorite games came out on the PS2, when I was a kid.

  19. Izzy Mahmood

    ya but PC you have to keep upgrading it all adds up to the same amount when you get a console on PC expect with PC its one time straight out 300 bucks for a new ram graphic etc

  20. Ãbdula Ŝaleh

    I think it's better for them to make ps3 games compatible with ps4.. so that xbox owners, like me, have a better reason to switch to PS, and I would like to play kingdom hearts 1.5 which will be released only on ps3, but I also want to get a ps4, I'm stuck, Kingdom Hearts is a really important game to me but I might not be able to play it.. I have no idea why they don't do it, or because it might be more expensive? at least make another version of PS4 that plays ps3 games for people who want.

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