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Emmett Till’s Family Writes Open Letter To Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne has been criticized by his fans, his record label, and musician Stevie Wonder for his offensive lyrics regarding Emmett Till in his song Karate Chop (Remix). Now Till’s family is letting the singer know how they feel about his lyrics.

Till’s letter penned an open letter to the singer. The letter, which can be read in its entirety at Vibe, criticizes Wayne for degrading Till’s legacy, black history, and women.

The letter reads:

“When you spit lyrics like “Beat that p—-y up like Emmett Till”, not only are you destroying the preservation and legacy of Emmett Till’s memory and name, but the impact of his murder in black history along with degradation of women.”

The letter attempts to explain to Lil Wayne that he has an amazing power. The letter states that Wayne could be a proud voice for black men, that he could be a role model for young children, and that he could empower his audience with his words.

The letter reads:

“Your ‘celebrity’ thrusts you into the spotlight affording you the opportunity to embrace your role as a black man, father, friend, and artist that has the ability to reach international audiences. Are you bothered in the least by the staggering statistics of the extinction of our children?”

The family expressed gratitude for the decision to pull the song but said that the damage had already been done. The song will remain on the internet forever and will continue to inflict pain on the Till family.

The letter ends by asking Lil Wayne to join in the effort of turning the tragedy of Emmet Till’s death into a triumph. The family is waiting for Lil Wayne’s response.

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2 Responses to “Emmett Till’s Family Writes Open Letter To Lil Wayne”

  1. Edward Dunbar

    Pepsi is racist toward Blacks and thanks to the Emmit Till family the Black race won't be getting a dime anymore. Black folks are some real corny mf's. They attack each other and it cost millions. Only people who win is the White Race, because we have 2 Black Families at odds over some damn lyrics. Emmit lost the Pepsi deal too, because as Black people we are all connected to Emmit and little Wayne. Why do Black people destroy each other? I'm pretty sure White folks are laughing like a mf at both sides. Shame on the Till family and lil Wayne because this shows that we as a people will run to the Master and blow someones freedom. Sad day in Black History. Two popular Black families out to destroy one another over some lyrics. Stevie you are wrong too. Sounds like the Till family wants some attention from White folks, so they attack lil Wayne, someone White folks would love to destroy. But was it lil Wayne that beat down Emmit? No! White folks did it, not lil Waynes lyrics. Stevie knows that White folks are going to eat this up, so why not take this in the back room somewhere, because all it does is tell Black kids to destroy each other over words. He said, she said shit! And in the first place if lil Wayne had not mentioned Emmit's name, many of the kids wouldn't know who he was.

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