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Octomom Is Smoking Weed And You’re Paying For It

Octomom is getting high on marijuana

COMMENTARY | Nadya “Octomom” Suleman admitted on Thursday that she has replaced her addiction to Xanax with a new marijuana habit.

While much of the media has focused on Octomom’s 14 children and her ability to raise them when stoned, they have ignored her financial constraints.

Let’s face it: Marijuana isn’t cheap, and Octomom is currently accepting thousands of dollars in monthly welfare. Currently, Octomom receives $1,800 in food vouchers and $1000 in “emergency cash” which should be used to care for her 14 kid. Now it appears that at least some of that much needed government money is going to a marijuana addiction.

Nadya rather than focusing on her finances has focused on her method for consuming the pot. According to Suleman, she cooks the marijuana into cookies and other baked goods. Sure, her children avoid second-hand smoke, but it also increases that chances that her little ones find her brownie stash and get high.

We don’t know how much of her welfare money Octomom is spending on marijuana, but any amount is too much when she can barely afford to support her large group of children.

The US National Library of Medicine notes that marijuana is less addictive and controlling of a person’s life than Xanax. The addiction fact though is hardly the point. The real issue is that federal taxpayers are now paying for Nadya to feed and cloth her children and get her high.

Past arguments have been that “her children are not to blame” and I fully agree with that assessment. However, when it comes to buying pot with taxpayer money, it’s time to end government assistance regardless of her financial situation.

Throw in a home eviction because of her inability to pay her mortgage, and you have to wonder where Octomom’s priorities stand.

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7 Responses to “Octomom Is Smoking Weed And You’re Paying For It”

  1. Tara Dodrill

    I surely don't care if anyone smokes pot (as long as they don't drive etc.) but this poor excuse for a mommy needs to stop doing it on the taxpayers' dime. I seriously doubt that drugs bought with our hard earned dollars is an isolated incident.

  2. Heather Johnson

    As I've said before, she is a terrible woman (I can't even call her a mother) whose kids need to be taken from her.

  3. Kris Bunting

    U give ur tax $$$ to the big oil co top 1% u don't think any of them do drugs

  4. Jaryn Lenore LaFiore

    um… I think Xanax is more expensive than weed, plus more dangerous if her kids got a hold of it.

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