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Landlord Whipped Tenant Over Late Rent

Tenant Whipped With Belt

Waynesville, OH – An angry landlord allegedly whipped a tenant after failing to pay his rent on time.

Authorities explained that 53-year-old Ron Kronenberger attacked one of his tenants with a belt after the man fell behind on his payments. According to The Associated Press, the man submitted to the whipping as punishment for the delay.

Kronenberger said his tenant was behind on a $2,800 rent payment. Since the landlord felt the man was acting childish by not holding up his end of the bargain, he decided to reprimand him like a kid. That’s when he reportedly whipped the tenant on his bare behind with a belt.

The victim claims the incident took place at Hometown Marketplace, a supermarket owned by Ron Kronenberger. After stopping by the office, the tenant said he removed his pants and allowed the landlord to whip him four times. The Dayton Daily News explains that pictures show four marks on the man’s behind.

Police Chief Gary Copeland said the victim was frightened by Ron Kronenberger and just wanted to get everything over with.

The landlord has been charged with one count of assault for whipping his tenant with a belt over his late rent. Kronenberger, a former Waynesville “Citizen of the year,” reportedly. missed his first arraignment. However, court records indicate that he is still free.

Sadly, this isn’t the only instance of a landlord behaving badly that has made news in recent days. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that 63-year-old Dennis Maryland resident Alan Van Dusen was arrested after placing hidden cameras in his tenants’ apartments.

In addition to the criminal charges he’s currently facing, Van Dusen is also looking at several civil lawsuits from the tenants who felt violated by their property owner’s behavior.

What do you think about the landlord who whipped his tenant with a belt over late rent?

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12 Responses to “Landlord Whipped Tenant Over Late Rent”

  1. Tony Gomez

    WHY would he allow a grown man to whip him? I guess he doesn't have to pay rent now? $2,800 ass whipping.

  2. Om O'Loughlin

    Well, possibly made him feel like a naughty school boy again. But he didn't get away with $2,800 thoght, the whipping was for the delayed.

  3. Harry Oscar Hershey Junior

    I wouldn t let no body hit me with no belt or anything over due rent that landlord is crazy to even come up to do that he needs more the a assault they need to take his license away from him that he cann t be a landlord at all okay. don t be so stupid law he stand there lift the aughter man hit him with a belt that not even a assault at all okay. nobody would hit me for 2,800.00 dollars or no kind of money at all okay. from harry oscar hershey junior from hagerstown maryland.

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