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Octomom Swaps Xanax For Weed, Doesn’t See A Problem [Report]

Octomom Nadya Suleman

“Octomom” Nadya Suleman is pretty confident that she can take care of her massive brood while she’s stoned out of her gourd.

The controversial mother of 14 is always making headlines for her bizarre (but not totally unexpected) life choices and seeming naivety to her situation. Lately, she’s making waves as a proud new owner of a medical marijuana card, which she reportedly acquired just two days after leaving rehab for an addiction to the prescription drug Xanax, reports MSN.

How did Octomom get her hands on a license to toke? According to TMZ‘s sources, Suleman was able to get a prescription for marijuana due to anxiety. Okay, fair enough.

The sources say that the marijuana Octomom gets isn’t smoked (she has kids, for Pete’s sake!) but rather cooked into delicious confections like cookies. She reportedly exercises her right both at home and when she’s on the road.

Octomom considers herself the primary caregiver to her 14 children and reportedly believes that they’re not at risk while she’s high. She also allegedly doesn’t use when the nannies are around, meaning that she’s only high when she’s the only one around caring for her brood.

So now we get to the dicey questions.

Do you think it’s okay for Octomom to use marijuana to “check out” regularly? Is it understandable, given her situation? Or is it never acceptable to use marijuana when you’re taking care of your children? Are they at risk? Sound off in the comments below!

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8 Responses to “Octomom Swaps Xanax For Weed, Doesn’t See A Problem [Report]”

  1. Heather Johnson

    She is a terrible mother and person. Those kids should be taken away from her.

  2. Jaryn Lenore LaFiore

    lets see, she could be on Xanax or stoned. Which is more dangerous to be around.

    Also why do all these stories act like she is always non stop stoned out of her mind… You only get so much a month, it's medicine. If she was getting stoned hardcore she would be out in days. Being on Xanax is dangerous, it puts your mind in a state where you are not suppose to drive, it can kill you if you overdose, and it's more expensive.

    weed is the devils plant, but Xanax is heavens magic medicince? is this a joke? You get way more fucked up on Xanax than weed.

  3. Paul Nenninger

    She has the right to medicate for anxiety, Xanax is more addictive, and harmful than Marijuana. I think she is making the right choice for her body. Get a life and let this women live hers. If you don't want to use Marijuana don't use it, but you have no right to judge other people for there choices. Reefer madness seems to be alive still, educate yourself and keep an open mind. If you believe everything the government tells you then you are a damn fool.

  4. Robert Smith

    Or she can drink alcohol in front of her kids and get drunk. Honestly, what idiot wrote this article!?

  5. Jedidiah Hoyle

    that is her business if she chooses if the kids are neglected then you can step in, leave her Alone! she is making the right choice for her stress family and body, Xanax mixed with alcohol will kill someone. Marijuana has never hurt anybody, the laws surrounding it has, I am proof of that if it weren't true then id still be walking today, but over an ounce of weed the Kentucky State Police Wrecked me off of the road and severed my spinal cord when I was just a 19 year old boy.

  6. Cindy Morine

    Any one that commits welfare fraud should go to Jail..She is no different.Using marijuana while taking care of her childre? Hell NO, Not even when she isn't taking care of her childre..It is illegal to use PERIOD! Why should she be treated any different than the rest of us? What's good for 1 is good for all! Illegal is illegal!

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