Russian meteorite video

Russian Meteor Video Blocked In Germany Over Song Rights

The whole world tuned in to YouTube last week to watch the amazing Russian meteor videos. The whole world, minus our German-speaking friends in Europe.

Various versions of the Russian meteor video have been blocked in Germany over a tense song rights battle, reports MSN. GEMA, the main performance rights org. in Germany is asking for a “per stream rate” of $0.005 for a song playing in every version of the video.

“I don’t remember a song” you might be saying. “Why not just watch a Russian meteor video without a soundtrack?” you reason. Well that’s the kicker. The song in question is in every version of the video because it’s playing on the car radio in the background.

OpenDataCity did a study on the subject, and found that more than 60 percent of the top 1,000 YouTube videos are completely unavailable in Germany.

Critics are saying that GEMA’s blocking is tantamount to a limitation of free press, but the problem is more complex than that. Germany doesn’t have an equivalent of the American provision of “fair use,” which would almost certainly cover the video in this instance.

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