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O’Reilly Book On Jesus To Be Full Of Errors Like Kennedy And Lincoln Books?

O'Reilly Book On Jesus To Be Full Of Errors Like Kennedy And Lincoln Books?

The O’Reilly book on Jesus might be full of errors if previous historical titles are anything to go by. Both Killing Kennedy: The End Of Camelot and Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever have been criticized in the past for errors and typos, making some wonder if Killing Jesus: A History will be the same.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Bill O’Reilly book on Jesus will be entitled Killing Jesus: A History. The book will be co-authored with Martin Dugard, who also co-wrote the Kennedy and the Lincoln books with Bill O’Reilly. The previous titles have sold more than five million copies. Henry Hold and Co. will publish Killing Jesus on September 24, 2013.

According to the Examiner, in Killing Jesus Bill O’Reilly “will recount the seismic political and historical events” that made the death of the “beloved and controversial young revolutionary” known as Jesus of Nazareth inevitable. Previous titles managed to delivers a taut, action-packed narrative with cliff-hangers aplenty, but some wonder if the O’Reilly book on Jesus will also attempt to sensationalize and oversimplify the topic like cable news networks like Fox News tend to do.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the Killing Lincoln book had so many errors that historical sites refused to carry it:

“The National Park Service, citing inaccuracies, had decided not to sell the book – which is co-authored by Martin Dugard – at Ford’s Theatre, the museum that is also the site of the assassination. Deputy park superintendent Rae Emerson conducted a study on the book and concluded that its errors were too numerous for the museum to want to offer the book for sale.”

Bill O’Reilly has not been taking such criticism quietly. On his Fox News show, O’Reilly admitted that the Killing Lincoln book had two typos and “four minor misstatements, all of which have been corrected.” He challenged critics to come on his show.

Do you think the O’Reilly book on Jesus will be full or errors or at least biased in some manner? Or do you think that the bias lies with those criticizing Bill O’Reilly for a handful of mistakes?

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2 Responses to “O’Reilly Book On Jesus To Be Full Of Errors Like Kennedy And Lincoln Books?”

  1. Lou Polizzi

    Dear Mister Bill O’Reilly, Ignorance of the Scriptures is no excuse. In your Movie, Killing Jesus, John the Baptist was not washing away sins of the people with water, He was preaching “Repentance”. (Luke 3:3-4 And His Cousin Jesus, was not dumb struck as you portray. He always knew He was doing His Fathers business even at age 12 see Luke 2:41-49 And John the Baptist did not talk Jesus into becoming the savior of the world. Get real!

    Making some little man play the part of John the Baptist, washing away peoples sins with water is ridicules and then starts to convince his dumb struck cousin into being the savior of the world as if Jesus didn’t know His mission from the beginning, is preposterous. You need to check these references and spread the truth. You portray a whole different picture than described in The Gospel of John Chapter 1 verse 26 to 34. and elsewhere.
    You disappoint me! Lou M P West Palm Beach Fl. 3/30/15

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