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Playstation 4 Unveiled: Capcom Releases Trailer For ‘Deep Down’ [Video]

The Playstation 4 was unveiled by Sony during an event on Wednesay. The event included a number of titles that are expected to arrive for the new console.

During the news conference, the folks at Capcom unveiled the upcoming fantasy Deep Down. However, this is apparently just a working title. There’s a very strong possibility it could be called something else when it finally arrives on retail shelves.

According to Kotaku, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono unveiled the upcoming Playstation 4 title during the press conference yesterday evening (February 20). The clip embedded below shows off a number of richly-detailed characters as they traverse a dark and foreboding dungeon.

In addition to showcasing the PS4’s ability to render impressive lighting effects, viewers will also get to check out the machine’s ability to create some truly frightening creatures. The battle between the hero and a fire-breathing dragon is on par with a number of computer-generated Hollywood movies.

During the Playstation 4 unveiling, Ono said he was very excited to show off Deep Down in action.

He said:

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to talk about this.”

Capcom Deep Down PS4