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Lauren Silberman: 28-Year-Old Kicker Is First Woman To Earn NFL Tryout

Lauren Silberman: 28-Year-Old Kicker Is First Woman To Earn NFL Tryout

Lauren Silberman is the first woman in history to earn an NFL tryout, and though the 28-year-old kicker is realistic about her slim chances of making a team, she still thinks her feat will be good for the league.

Silberman is part of a group of players invited to an NFL regional scouting combine, which features players not invited to the main combine held next week in Indianapolis, Yahoo! Sports noted. The New Yorker will join college kickers on March 2 and 3 in New Jersey, with the best participants moving on to a super-regional held in April in Dallas.

Lauren Silberman herself admitted that her chances of landing with an NFL team are slim, but still hopes her participation will prompt more women to try out.

“I was not aware that I was the first female registrant,” Silberman told on Tuesday. “I was actually hoping that the 2012 historical milestone rule, to allow women to play, would prompt more women to attend tryouts this year. But for me, what’s important is to finally have a chance to fulfill my dreams by trying out to play in the world’s most competitive football league.

Silberman has actually not kicked a football in a while. She attended the University of Wisconsin, where she played club soccer.

Still, she is looking forward to the combine and the chance to become the NFL’s first female player.

“The opportunity to attend this event could not be more exciting,” Lauren Silberman said. “Getting to meet interesting people and perfect my technique from others could not be more rewarding … Regardless of the outcome of the tryout, I hope there is a way I can contribute and strengthen the league.”

While Lauren Silberman’s chances of becoming the NFL’s first female player may be small, the regional combines have yielded NFL players before. Just last year, kicker Greg Zuerlein emerged from the regionals to earn a starting spot with the St. Louis Rams.

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48 Responses to “Lauren Silberman: 28-Year-Old Kicker Is First Woman To Earn NFL Tryout”

  1. Dave Holohan

    Sometimes some things just aren't realistic no matter how much we want them to be. What does she do on a kick return? Come on.

  2. Anonymous

    She will kick other balls after the football and or flash her tits to tackle.

  3. Anonymous

    If she makes the team which is unlikely will she shower with the rest of the guys? Will male reporters be allowed in the locker like female reporters are allowed in locker room while guys are showering and changing? Things that make you say hmmmm…

  4. Mintons in Madagascar

    come on dave she will do what all the other kickers do they will pray someone else tackles the ball carrier and then make a pathetic dive in the wrong direction as the ball carrier goes around them! exception: maybe del grecko (sp) I think that was his name.

  5. Gary Smith

    No place for a woman! I hope she does make it and she gets her head knocked off on her first play! But let me guess…then we will have to change the rules where you aren't aloud to rush a woman kicker!

  6. Beau Bales

    Who are you to determine what a woman's "place" is, you ignorant clown. Jealous she is trying out for the NFL and you're whining about it on the internet I guess?

  7. David Larios

    Hey Beau…do you really think she should out there ( if she makes a team)??? Its just not the kicking but the morons who want to be the first to put a licking on her..not as a woman but a lame kicker!

  8. Beau Bales

    There are women in MMA, boxing, etc… which are FAR more painful and dangerous than football. Plus you can't rough the kicker, not to mention she would probably be able to dodge much more swiftly than some gangly dude.

  9. Ken Fecher

    Good for her and when she gets hit once I don't want to hear about we need to change the rules u play a man sport u will get treated like a man

  10. Gary Smith

    I had my tryout for the NFL you clueless asshole!! NFL is NO place for a woman!!

  11. Gary Smith

    You are an IDIOT!! Women in the MMA fight WOMEN!! YOU STUPID MORON!!!

  12. Beuteefulone Lugo

    Wow, really guys! For the IDIOT that said he hopes that she gets her head knocked off…what you wish on her will come back on you…karma!

  13. Gary Smith

    I dont think so! Why dont you strap on the gear yourself bigmouth see how long a woman lasts playing football! Obviously you speak without thinking!

  14. Brian Jack

    I know a bigmouth fat slob who forced her daughter to play HS football and take up reps from the kids that want to be there. I feel awful for her. She is a fat slob like her mom, if she didn't have such a foul mouth like her fat lazy slob mom. I would support it. I ate people for lunch in NCAA, had my combines…not a hater, just a realist. There is zero place for a woman on the field, not even umpiring. You have to feel it, anticipate it, and been there to call it or play the game which has evolved into speed and strength. This is a slap in the face to every D1 kicker every D2 and D3 kicker that has stats and careers. This chick is from my home state, and has zero passion for the game as do kids that have been kickers since they were 4. I don't get the politics anymore. This chick will be mangled, if not…. why even bother….10 man and a woman? I will quit watching the NFL.

  15. Brian Jack

    just like Danica Patrick winning the POLE? has she ever won a race in how many years? she has never won a race. She pannicks and is a liability to the other drivers. She has zero strength compared to the other drivers. Jeff Gordon is very tiny. I worked with him. She is even smaller. Brutal…go home daddy.

  16. George McMahon

    Good for her! I have a daughter in college and this lady is an inspiration to her. Along with Danica Patrick winning the pole for the Daytona 500. I love seeing my daughter be excited over the accomplishments of these great women! I'd love to see her defy the odds and make it onto and NFL roster. And for those of you saying you hope she gets her head knocked off. Every NFL player gets their heads knocked off at some point, like all the others she'll shake it off and get back out there! I wish you the best Lauren!

  17. Anonymous

    I'm all for this, as long as the rules are not modified. The game is the game, let's just let the players play no matter what gender they are. Should make locker room drama a little more interesting too.

  18. Debbie Anderson Roberts

    My advice to ANYONE going to a combine would be that if you haven't practiced routinely like all the others supposedly have, how could you expect to be selected? You have to be willing to work for a position in the NFL. People who don't stay in shape, work at it, etc, cannot hope to be picked.

  19. Debbie Anderson Roberts

    That said, I wish her the best and think it would be really COOL to have a female kicker in the NFL!

  20. Karletta-Kookie Hart

    I really don't want to see a Woman on the Pro football field. As an avid footbll Fan, I don't want to see a woman getting beat up, and, the guys getting penalized for Hitting her too hard. It is a Man's game, Period! And, BTW Guys, and, Gals, we know what the Initials mean in your bad mouth language! Cut out the Potty Mouth!

  21. Gary Smith

    Beau Bales -Do you realize I know where you work?!?! We will see how funny you are!

  22. Beuteefulone Lugo

    Well Idiot, I have no desire to play football, I spend my life safeguarding your bigmouth!

  23. Lou Windom

    she would be the Kicker..not a regular player..
    still, i really do not want to see females in a MALE game..

  24. Karletta-Kookie Hart

    Kickers get knocked down too, but, players get Penalized for roughing the kicker!! I just hope it doesn;t happen!!!

  25. Karletta-Kookie Hart

    Going to get dressed. things to do, finishing up cleaning out closets. Filling Bags with clothes for the Boys Home Store to support their Efforts to help Wayward Boys, Sherifs Boys Ranch. OK, I am getting off of here!! ya'll have a great Day……..

  26. Gary Smith

    Obviously I was correct in stating you speak without thinking! I spent most of my life playing some type of sport until I chose to stop at the age of 36. I certainly know that football is NO place for women. If a woman wants to act like a man then she should be treated like a man. Hence I hope this chick trying out for a mans sport gets knocked out on her first play! And by the way the only bigmouth you are safeguarding is your own, you have no idea what you are saying!

  27. Beuteefulone Lugo

    REALLY!!! Actually Gary, unfortunately I do protect bigmouth people such as yourself and I wouldn't change a thing! I would NEVER wish harm on another human being, but I DO PROTECT AND DEFEND!!! I feel that she should go for it if she wants and let her or the powers that be make that decision.

  28. Gary Smith

    Well I hope she does just what you say and gets her head knocked off because thats what it will take to teach people like you a lesson! She will have to get hurt to prove a point to IDIOTS like you!!

  29. Gary Smith

    By the way Ms Lugo, How did that tryout work out for your girl?! You stupid bitch!

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