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Kurt Cobain’s Birthday Celebrated By Nirvana Fans [Video]

Kurt Cobain would have turned 46 years old today.

Nirvana fans around the world are celebrating their favorite frontman’s birthday by re-watching concerts, listening to albums, and posting messages on Twitter and Facebook about Aberdeen’s most famous musician.

It’s hard to imagine Kurt as a middle aged man (scroll down to see a photo of what he might have looked like), but Nirvana’s influence is still being felt today.

Not only did Kurt, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl influence countless musicians, but the band is also seeing a bit of a revival.

The remaining members of the band got back together last year(with Paul McCartney) standing in for Kurt for a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. A few posthumous songs have been released over the years, and a new documentary about Kurt’s life is currently in the works.

There was also a talk of a reunion tour but Dave Grohl dismissed the rumors earlier this year.

Are you celebrating Kurt Cobain’s birthday today? Here’s a photo from the Gothamist of what Kurt may have looked like today.

kurt cobain