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Trump Threatens $25 Million Suit Against Man Who Started Online Petition To Get Him Fired From Macy’s

Trump Threatens $25 Million Suit Against Man Who Started Online Petition To Get Him Fired From Macy's

Donald Trump has threatened a $25 million suit against a man who started an online petition to get him fired from Macy’s.

Trump’s attorney sent a threatening letter to Angelo Carusone, the man launched the online petition to urge Macy’s to drop Trump, TheWrap reported.

The letter said that Trump plans to sue the man if he won’t stop the campaign.

The letter read:

“While you claim to be merely exercising or right to free speech, your egregious, pre-meditated and illegal conduct far exceeds anything protected by the Constitution. Rather than simply engage in lawful protest, you have apparently made it your mission to interfere with and intentionally disrupt Mr. Trump’s longstanding and well-established business relationship with Macy’s as well as his contractual dealings with other third parties through mob-like bullying and coercion.”

Launched last year, Carusone’s petition has generated 683,000 signatures on The petition asks Macy’s Chairman, CEO, and President Terry Lundgren to stop selling Trump’s line of fragrances and clothing. It calls out Donald Trump for his “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior,” including his sexist behavior and propagating the idea that President Obama is lying about his birthplace.

The petition reads:

“Macy’s: Donald Trump does not reflect the ‘magic of Macy’s.’ We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy’s says it has a strong obligation to be ‘socially responsible’ and that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Indeed. It’s time to act.”

Even though Trump is threatening a suit that would cripple him financially, Carusone said he’s not giving in.

“Donald Trump’s attempt to silence me will not work. I’ve dealt with enough bullies and know better than to succumb to intimidation,” Carusone said in a statement. “By threatening me, Trump is only reinforcing the point that we’ve been trying to get Macy’s to recognize: that Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying and chicanery; it shouldn’t be rewarded.”

Carusone’s lawyer also responded to Trump’s threat of a suit, writing that Carusone has a First Amendment right to advocate a boycott.

Though Trump is threatening a suit now, back in November he had a much more laid back attitude toward the petition. He noted then that he wasn’t worried about it, and that his perfume was selling well leading into the holiday season.

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141 Responses to “Trump Threatens $25 Million Suit Against Man Who Started Online Petition To Get Him Fired From Macy’s”

  1. Courtney Kerrigan

    If "they" meaning democratities – want the "old" Macy's back then they need to get rid of Jessica Simpson, Kanye, Usher, Martha Stewart, etc. this is blatant political racism at its best – pathetic!

  2. Joe Paretti

    This is the Donald's style. He's notorious for bullying and suing anyone who disagrees with him or dares criticize him. The time is getting closer for the curtain to be pulled away from the image he's worked to create.

  3. Anonymous

    As much as I dislike Trump because he is a dick, I still agree with a lot of what he says. I think Trump is a good thing for Macy's overall.

  4. Jonathan Hart

    The Donald suing freedom of speech in civil court. What a joke. It's just a side show. There is no case and if a case did go to court hes more likely to be counter suited for damages.

  5. Michael Pittman

    donald trumpis a thin skinned, vindictive blo hard, when is this guy going to figure out that no one with any sense cares what he thinks about anything…

  6. John Dale

    I was thinking that it must be embarrassing to live in one of the buildings (that have Trump). He really destroyed that brand with his clownish behavior…PS..I used the link to the site to add my name….going on 700,000.

  7. James Engeman

    Its obvious Trump likes to dish it out but isn't very good at taking it. Trump harassed President Obama with his stupid accusations of the President not showing his real birth certificate and I applaud Mr Carusone for giving Trump a taste of his own medicine.

  8. Ivan Jones

    racim? Seriously. Lok up the meaning dunce. Lots of other things perhaps but certainly not racism unless he is against gingers

  9. Ivan Jones

    also that idiotic suit againt Maher and the whole orangutan thing. Man is a true idiot. Why people get on his shows and dont sepak up attests to how they want his money or need that publicity

  10. Tom Thomas

    Hey "the Donald" did you ever release YOUR tax returns as you CLAIMED you were going to do when Obama released his original birth certificate? Yeah, I didn't think so! Your 15 minutes of fame is running out!

  11. Tom Thomas

    James, you didn't even complete the story. "The Donald" CLAIMED during the REPUG primary that he would "release my own tax returns if President Obama released his original birth certificate". Obama did exactly that and America is STILL waiting on "the Donald's" tax returns. He did NOT make it contigent on staying in the race, so "the Donald" where are YOUR tax returns?

  12. Dawn Abbatiello

    Trump is a cry-baby and a bully. Mr. Carusone has a constitutional right to start a petition. Perhaps Trump is becoming concerned over the amount of signatures he has obtained and is afraid Macy's will drop his line. I for one would like to see him go away completely. He's a jerk.

  13. Darrell Digib

    donald's style is to rip off companies and individuals by filing bankruptcy 4 times in his life. he goes to companies and says I'm donald trump, build me a building on credit and I will pay you incrementally, then he goes to another company, does the same thing, but in order for the smaller companies to survive they have to go to a bank and get a loan to build those buildings then one morning trump files for bankruptcy, files chapter 11, tell the builders he can't pay them except maybe 10 cents on the dollar and they call the bank and say that if they don't accept the offer it may take years to come to an agreement with mr. trump, then businesses don't make payments, the bank forecloses on the company they gave a loan to, the company lays off workers and donald trump goes to 2 more companies says hey I need you tofinish some buildings for me and this has to be on credit since I'm donald trump, 2 new companies start bulding after they get loans from banks and the cycle just keeps going on and on….i wonder who is he hurting…not himself…just the american public, but donald trump will tell you that's how america does business!

  14. Anonymous

    First it was Maher, now it's Carusone, next it will be Bosley Hair Transplants. The latter is probably his best chance at a win.

  15. Anonymous

    First it was Bill Maher now it's Angelo Carusone, next it will be Bosley Hair Transplants. Now that last one he just may win.

  16. Dick Brandlon

    I dread the consequences if it became known that I have advocated having Mr. Trump dipped in sheep-dip and displayed in Macy's window.

  17. Vicki Mitchell

    When is Trump going to learn that just because he has money it does not make him God. He really states that only the best make it to where he is. Some people do not equate being the best with how much money one has. So in Trump's assessment- he is better than most everyone because he has money. What a sad, sad man.

  18. Marivy Rivera


  19. Frank Weber

    I signed the Petition so what is Trump going to do cast a 25 million dollar lawsuit against me if so I would like to see how he will get 25 million out of me and someone please tell Trump to get rid of his ugly wig.

  20. Jeff Carr

    Trump has no grounds to win this lawsuit, anyone can petition Macy's or anyone else to stop doing business with him or anybody else. trump has the wrong idea that he can scare anyone with one of his stupid frivolous lawsuits.

    The guy is thin skinned and a blowhard bigmouth who has no problem nastily badmouthing others but can't take it when someone does it to him. The difference also is that the things people say about him are true while what he accuses others of is usually some claptrap made up by him.

    Hey Trump, seen the President's birth certificate lately?


  21. Mark Konzerowsky

    Just logged on and signed the petition! The internet certainly is a wonderful invention!

  22. Jeff Carr





  23. BL Whitescarver

    I can't stop laughing, where is that petition I'll sign it. He is just digging his own grave, why would you want more PR on this….. I hope Mr Causone counter sues I myself can testify how irritating it is seeing his face online and television all the time, and how his hair frightens me.

  24. Chad Murray

    Ivan Jones I love how you call someone a dunce yet can't construct a simple sentence or spell apparently. Did someone miss 3rd grade English class? Methinks this guy did…..Now who's the dunce, you neo-lib bully?

  25. Chad Murray

    Ivan Jones That suit against Maher is not idiotic at all, Maher is an arrogant neo-liberal douche wad that is just as big of a clown as trump. Maher is basically his antithesis. Trump accuses Obama of not having a legit birth certificate. Maher accuses the GOP of being involved in an Illuminati plot and is a COMPLETE bigot against anyone claiming any belief in a higher power or organized religion affiliation. I say let both of these dancing monkeys fight it out and give us a show, hold on let me get my popcorn…

  26. Victor Steele

    If you haven't been threatened to be sued by Doanald Trump , you're probably not an American and I'll need to see your long form birth certificate.

  27. Chad Murray

    While I do agree that he can't file suit over a legitimate boycott, his suit against Maher is technically legit. Maher didn't make those statements in a matter of opinion but in context of fact. This is libel and slander. Frankly I think this is like watching a dancing chimp vs. a circus bear. Maher is just as big of a clown as Trump is, I say let them duke it out and give us a show.

  28. Priscilla Rose

    just signed the petition I never liked the moron from the time I got old enough to realize who he was he thinks he owns the world and everyone in it he has a rotten personality and clearly has let what little money he has left go to his head now trump go sue me for saying what I did good luck on that I might have 5.00 a month to give u for the rest of your pathetic life because of losers like you.

  29. Priscilla Rose

    by the way get rid of the rug on your head because it still doesnt take the attention off that ski slope pinnochio looking nose of yours.

  30. Anonymous

    Trump's a carney hawker, he's no billionaire, why doesn't he try Lawerence O'donnell on for size if he wants to sue someone, instead of filing an harassment lawsuit against a private citizen with limited funds.

  31. Carrie Hill

    Trump, that man probably NEVER SEEN 25, 000,000…….you DO NOT need the money…….leave that man alone and go play golf or go shopping…..MY GOD…….with all the money you have, you probably can't even count it all.

  32. Anonymous

    if enough people say you suck maybe you do. the donald may need to look in the mirror. does he have his own money or does he use invester funds to run his empire of ruddity? maybe all us po folk need to quietly protest and not buy trump. where is his stuff made anyway? look for and buy American as muchn as possible.

  33. Anonymous

    This is a prime example of you having nothing else better to do. That man whom you are suing, like me, has never even seen 25, 000, 000…….leave the Mr Carusone alone, you'll feel better in the morning.

  34. Sammy Yara

    Trump accuses this man of "mob-like bullying and coercion”. I think this makes Trump a hypocrite.

  35. Sammy Yara

    Trump accuses this man of "mob-like bullying and coercion”. I think this makes Trump a hypocrite.

  36. Cashor Farmer

    Do you even know what racism is fool? A political party is not a race dipshit. Do you mean bias?

    I think you need to give some respect to the real racist out there who work tirelessly to terrorize their fellow human beings and who successfully embarrass members of their own socially constructed racial group. By doing the Lord's work they auspiciously help to maintain a level of distrust and hatred among members of different ethnic and groups who all share the same world with them.

    Truly, you must not know the hard work which has gone into centuries of using arbitrary classifications in order to create and MAINTAIN distance between culturally diverse groups.

    Racism is as stupid and as useless as the people who subscribe to it. It's for the mentally weak and speaks volumes about the individual's (obviously innate) inadequacies which they project onto others.
    And honey trust me, you know true racism when you are faced with. You would be wise to stop mocking its' existence when you have no idea of the dedication it takes in adhering to belief system which breed subhumans on two legs, whom deem it their right to denigrate another.

    Lastly, how the frigg did you come up with that plural spelling of Democrats?

  37. Frank Lisa

    I guess the syphilis spirochetes have finally made enough holes in his brain to show even more insanity. Trump should be hospitalized and kept out of public view. End stage syphilis is not pretty.

  38. Olin Ross

    You are a lamebrain cretin………You must be Trump bastard child…

  39. Yolanda Jimenez

    Enough already, Trump is an idiot his family should be embaressed. He is a fool and some other choiced words I won't say. Enough already!

  40. Olin Ross

    Are you a lawyer??? or just another lamebrain white boy with a superiority complex
    Maher is a comedian ……They make fun of clowns like trump & you all the time….If what you are saying, SNL would have million of law suits against them…

  41. Ronaldo Gatmaitan

    Mr Trump, please send me a hotel voucher, never been to any of your property!

  42. Cafpow Dogpound

    what a hairless tweet, Dump trump, if he was to stuff is head up his AAsss he'd have a better comb over.

  43. Rusty Austin-Henry

    The Idiot should be deported, or he should just go buy an island somewhere cold so maybe his mouth will freeze shut! Who the heck would even miss him.

  44. Ronnie Robertson

    Sounds like he must be worried and and that bottle of stink oil is'nt selling so good.

  45. Anonymous

    Trump's problem is he has a reputation of being a hole. He can't fix that by being a bigger hole.

  46. Cynthia Jackson

    Icky! He's such a jackass and I don't like seeing his ugly mug in the news.

  47. Lee Bailey

    wish I had a chance to hang with him… I would any day… he may be what people call a douche but he is a very rich douche and if I could rub elbows with him I would… hoping that some of his talent would rub off onto me.

  48. Kendall Marlink

    Where do I sign the petition? Trump is like a bad case of the clap… cant get him to go away.

  49. Jonathan S. Tuttle

    Trump always rants about how China is stealing jobs. But then he has the nerve to attempt to defend his Chinese and Bangaledesh MADE products sold as Macy's… saying he is creating important jobs and that they need to work too.

  50. Anonymous

    also,Obama never showed shit for a birth certificate,hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahha

  51. Mark Blouin

    Caps are for ranting idiots. Please research proper grammar and sentence structure before you ever post again. You work against your own "cause".

  52. Ryan Bell

    Chad crawl back under a rock, because you are blind to reality. The suit against Maher is completely, and utterly idiotic, and for you to not see that makes you ignorant. "Maher is basically his antithesis",ridiculous. He was making a joke of Trump, and Trump had to be a fool, and act like the orangutan he was being implied to resemble!

  53. Ryan Bell

    Back to name calling Chad! You are a real intelligent person yourself that you cannot conduct yourself in a civil way.

  54. James Hodges

    The suit has some rather interesting implications… If he can sue the fellow and win because of a loss of income (based on the fellows activities)… Then the homo-fascists who persecute anyone who refuses to support their agenda… and causes them to lose income… will also be in trouble. I say let the suit continue if for nothing else but for the entertainment value..

  55. Jared Ding

    The sad thing is, if Trump would have been on the Republican presidential ticket people still would have voted for him… The guy is a loser, whack job and inherited $400 million and quadrupled his money wow LOL.

  56. Victor L. Logsdon

    Like the douche bag TRUMP needs 25 million or maybe he does because personally I think his cologne STINKS and his t.v. show apprentice is worthless….so kudos to the guy that started the petiton to get his AS* FIRED.

  57. Buce McLaughlin

    "Rather than simply engage in lawful protest, you have apparently made it your mission to interfere with and intentionally disrupt Mr. Trump’s longstanding and well-established business relationship with Macy’s…"

    Uh…Chump, (oops) Trump, a PETITION IS a Lawful Protest, you stupid PUTZ! When it comes to a 'longstanding/well established relation' w/Macys, doesn't that depend on if your crap is selling at all & sales figures?

    If this jagoff sues, it will just hurt him more than when he ran his big yap about the Obama birth certificate fiasco.
    Suing the common citizen, for voicing their disgust, is telling them that they cannot "ASSEMBLE" and exercise the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS…"FREEDOM OF SPEECH"!

    It is now obvious the Mr. CHUMP is not doing well, both his product line and his Psyche are affected.
    Just think…Years ago, I respected this Man for his success and wealth. Today, he's your typical arrogant prick!

  58. Buce McLaughlin

    This is YET, another STUPID move by Chump. By publicizing his desire to sue about a Petition against him, will just bring MORE PEOPLE to sign it! and who said rich people were smart?

  59. Buce McLaughlin

    BE CAREFUL!!! Chump might read this and come after you too!!! lol

    If you still have it, can you supply a Link to that petition, so that more people can sign it.

  60. Buce McLaughlin

    Mark Blouin …
    Are you SURE your name isn't spelled as Mark B-L-O-W-I-N??? It sure seems like it should be, based on your attacks on someone for just using CAPITAL LETTERS!
    Go F— Yourself you RANTING IDIOT TROLL!!!

  61. Trendyglitzstocks Markmtk

    Trump is a worthless bully in my opinion and will lose. Furthermore; Trump is not self made like Martha Stewart and although he has not filed individual bankruptcy, he is a perpetual corporate filer and that proves either lack of real business knowledge or poor character or abuse of system. I was a shareholder in one company he put through bankruptcy and when he files it has to be done with his permission, personal signature or one he gives power of attorney to sign for him so if he says he never filed for bankruptcy, he's a liar too.

    People have rights to get petitions on nearly anything but the best way to get one going per Trump and wonderful Macy's that has quality Stewart products is to say truth; a perpetual corporate bankruptcy filer is a bad image for Macy's.

    Sorry Trump, but most people don't like your dealings and delusions of grandeur, you childlike elderly, immature, bully, Trust fund baby.

    JMO other than facts in my post as well expressing my rights of free speech.

  62. Lyle Lafee

    Donald you always take make a fool out of yourself' 1. let's say Carusone did get you fired.would you run right down to unemployment. No! you would not. So what;s got you all worked up, let me think. OH! those two little words "YOUR FIRED".

  63. Doreen Sacco

    Media, please stop making Trump newsworthy. There is nothing about him that I would care to read or watch and his perfume is atrocious.

  64. Gloria Duff

    Trump himself should be suited for the role he played in fanning the flames of hysterica regarding the "Central Park Five".

  65. Lyle Lafee

    Mr. Carusone has 350,000 signatures , and Donald is suing, why? First question, how many of them shop at Macy, maybe 5% so how many signatures, would have an impact. Second question, how important is your line, to Macy. Donald it is time to stop being so SHALLOW! and pay Mr.CARUSONE no mind.

  66. Michael J. Toro

    The Bullying Bozo Trump threatening a lawsuit over this petition? Yet another reason why more people should sign it. Trump, once again, is craving publicity for himself; we'd like to see him get it…the sort that blows up in his despicable face.

  67. Denise Holmes

    Donald Trump trying to get more money. Your hair is ugly, you are ugly. A loser living off his Fathers money. Once a loser always a loser. If I were this losers boss, I would fire him, LOL.

  68. Danny Warson

    hair is massing up his chicken brain! WdaF TROLL extraordinaire! and spiking of orangutan (?)….heee…heee…look at mans color of face!

  69. Danny Warson

    @chad and the other is organic orangutan with IQ 36 (and fat family money!!!)….and by the way without "left" hand how would he fix his hair!!!…heee…heee….

  70. Anonymous

    Chad Murray: To think that his suit against Maher is "technically legit" is insane. Maher is a "comedian" (I don't find him funny though) and his statement is protected free speech. In his role as "comedian" he made a statement poking fun at Trump's offer to Obama. On its face, the ridiculousness of being "the offspring of an orangutan" protects him. If you don't believe me, just as Jerry Falwell how his suit against Larry Flynt worked out. In that case, Flynt also insulted Falwell's mother and still won. GEEZ

  71. John Benoit

    Trump! You must be going broke? You are always wanting to suit someone! Get a life OLD MAN! First Obama, Then Bill Mayer now Carusone! Barbara Walters is right when she said on her Show that you need to keep your mouth shut because you are making a huge fool out of yourself! This man is a NUTBALL!

  72. Kris Schmidt

    Way to go Carusone! That really rocks the American way to not let one of most powerful and richest men here stop you from doing the RIGHT thing. It doesn't get any better than that. He is a disgrace… and if he were a sports star any company would have kicked him to the curb!

  73. Lynn Berk



  74. Jim Aroyo

    Trump has been involved in four bankruptcies. Ironic that people complain about "leeches" in our society but don't even mention him. They say he didn't stiff taxpayers. Sure he did. He stiffed vendors, who in turn paid less taxes as a result. Trump is a right wing hero but a human zero.

  75. James Hodges

    Let's call it the way it is… Angelo Carusone is using his "First Amendment Rights" to justify his attempt to damage Donald Trump via loss of income if the petition is successful. Donald Trump has the same rights to damage Angelo Carusone buy suing him in court. It's a no loose scenario for Trump as even though he doesn't win the suit… he can drag it out until the cost of the suit financially ruins Carusone, as Carusone has to keep showing up for trial or loose the suit by default. Just goes to show you better pick your enemies well.

  76. Dan Dimitroff

    Olin Ross ,Thanks for bring up race, when nothing was said about it in the article! Bigoted "Race Baiters" like you are becomming more and more of a pain in the A$$ here on the internet! Trolls like you should stay underneath your rocks!

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