Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker Gets Apology From New York City Deli

Actor Forest Whitaker has received an apology from the New York City deli that accused him of shoplifting.

An employee at the Milano Market in Manhattan stopped the Last King of Scotland from leaving the store on Friday. After being accused of shoplifting, he was frisked by the worker.

According to Yahoo! News, deli owner Anthony Galofaro expressed regret over the situation. In an effort to smooth things over, he has offered to make a donation to a charity of Whitaker’s choosing.

As for the employee who accused Forest Whitaker of shoplifting, Galofaro said he was a “descent man.” He added that the worker was just trying to protect the business.

Galofaro explained to TMZ:

“We have a lot of shoplifters here. It was very busy. He thought [Whitaker] took something and he wasn’t sure.”

According to WENN, Galofaro believes the employee’s actions weren’t racially motivated. He added that the worker’s intentions were simply “misguided.” Although the deli owner said the employee is welcome to return to his job, the worker apparently isn’t interested in coming back.

Although Forest Whitaker didn’t call the police after he was falsely accused of shoplifting, he did ask that the deli rethink how it treats people going forward. He also didn’t want the employee to lose his job.

Forest Whitaker