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Chuck E. Cheese Killer Execution Likely After Failed Appeals

chuck e cheese killer

Colorado’s Chuck E. Cheese killer will likely face execution after several failed appeals, nearly 20 years after Nathan Dunlap, now 37, gunned down four employees in one of the chain’s locations in the state.

The Chuck E. Cheese killer was convicted in 1996 in the killings, and sentenced to death, but mounted several appeals since the trial.

The Chuck E. Cheese killer’s sentence was upheld in 2001, and another appeal started in 2004 was rejected by Colorado’s Supreme Court back in March. At the time, a ruling issued in the death penalty appeal stated:

“We dissolve the stay of execution and remand this case back to the trial court to set a date for imposition of the death sentence.”

Victims Sylvia Crowell, 19, Benjamin Grant, 17, Margaret Kohlberg, 50 and Colleen O’Connor, 17, died at the scene of gunshot wounds, but a fifth victim, Bobby Stephens, survived the massacre and positively identified Dunlap as the shooter.

As the Chuck E. Cheese killer fought the death sentence over nearly two decades, families of the victims began to find the process frustrating — Crowell’s father commented on Dunlap’s continued evasion of his execution date, saying back in 2007:

“It left a big hole in our family, of course … And 13 1/2 years is way longer than the process should take. Slow justice is no justice … Don’t get me wrong. I am not a violent type guy. I just think the public deserves justice.”

Execution for the Chuck E. Cheese killer looms ever closer, as a decision by the US Supreme Court not to hear a final appeal based on the assertion Dunlap was not given adequate initial representation in his trial was rejected. If the execution is carried out, it will be the first in Colorado in nearly two decades.

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40 Responses to “Chuck E. Cheese Killer Execution Likely After Failed Appeals”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    Many years overdue. We need to reform the federal appeals system so this sort of delay, which is completely unrelated to his positively proved guilt, does not keep happening.

  2. Frank Weber

    Hurry up and get rid of this piece of trash that is sucking our tax dollars up. If you need a cheap way to do it just use a.357 and put it to the back of his head and pull the trigger.

  3. Jordan Brooke

    I say they let Mr. Munch beat this trash to death with a sock full of tokens if it send him to hell quicker. Just a bunch of kids working hard and their manager. I bet this clown never had a job in his life.

  4. Richard S. Hughey

    They should raffle off the privledge of pulling the lever and giving the money to victims family after the state takes their cut:0.

  5. Richard S. Hughey

    At first glance I thought he had killed the little rodent which is my opinion wouldn't be much of a crime if you have ever eaten at chucky cheese you will agree. Its a nasty little palace filled with little rug rats dribbling their pizzas all over the play area.

  6. Dan Goble

    Get it over with already! How many of my tax dollars are being wasted by this guy? I want my money back already!

  7. Kris Van Sickle

    I notice the article isn't even saying 'allegedly gunned down' any more. Why, then, did it take so long and cost so much to get to this point?

  8. Chuck Rouse

    The death penalty in this country (with the exception of Texas and maybe Florida) isnothing more that a really bad JOKE. I remember watching the sentencing of Scott Peterson in CA. As word came to the outside of the courthouse people were jumping up and down and cheering and it brought me to laugh out loud as I notices many of them were in their 40's. I thought to myself……you morons don't realize that you will die of old age LONG before he is executed. Here is a homework assignment for everyone who reads this. Google "Executions in 2012 U.S." Then Google "number of prisoners on death row-U.S." YIKES.

  9. Jason Lago

    As a country we are doomed if we continue to allow the multi year appeal processes to drag out. When welfare leaches (not saying this is the case here) have multiple kids they won't raise or care for or love, the tax payers get stuck with the bill. From birth to death, you pay for the trash. This scum has probably cost the taxpayers over a million dollars over the years; more if he got shot or shot someone who was in the ER for a long period.

    If convicted by jury of your peers of ANY crime involving a weapon or where someone is hurt bad, you should get ONE appeal within a year and then the death penalty. If you are a bleeding heart liberal maybe when (not if, but when if you live in a big city) one of your family members is assaulted or killed by a lifelong pice of trash like this you would have a change of mind. What you stupid liberals don't understand is that the same piece of crap who hurts someone one year comes out of prison to do it again (and again and again). Maybe if your wife is the victim the fourth time the scumbag recycles into society you too will demand a quicker, more efficient way to get rid of our human waste.

  10. Anonymous

    Typical coward. Kills a bunch of people and acts tough, then files appeal after appeal to save his own sorry @#s instead of standing up like a man.

  11. Marvin Ramos

    Capital punishment a quick way of justice for the state. And wage labor a slow death for the working class infected with ruling class reactionary ideas. What's the difference between physical violence and economic violence? One is immediate and visible (through the front door) while the other is hidden (through the back door) in the background (and justified by ethical, moral arguments by the state, down to universities, books written and privately donated to public and private schools, into the cirriculum of most schools and presented as a choice for the majority. wage labor and poverty are not a choice. the richer the advance economy the poorer its citizens. Why would those that form the majority want justice for phyiscal violence and not economic violence. By the way the arms economy (war sucks so much more on taxes) pulls much more money (a thousand times more) at the federal and state levels.
    If your for capital punishment againts physical violence but not economic violence brought to you by the state it's laws and corporations.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Joshua McCanner

    a few weeks ago a white murderer requested to be put to death by electric chair.

  14. Anonymous

    Criminal justice=where the criminals get all the justice and the victims none.

  15. Anonymous

    Trevor Gowe Do not defend an animal like this. He's lived far longer than should be allowed.

  16. David Taylor

    Trevor Gowe A defender of a executioner is less than it was a family member ,you would be singing a different tune,hypocrite

  17. Lani D'Alleva

    There was no appeals for Sylvia Crowell, Benjamin Grant, Margaret Kohlberg, and Colleen O'Connors lives were there. I bet these people and there families would have loved to have 13 1/2 more years with then (plus many more) Why do these inmates who kill who have NO regard for life except thyere own of course. They should be thankful that they get to just fall asleep and know when there day is so they can say good bye to there families unlike there victims. These people who were just working trying to make a living didn't get to put there affairs in order or get to have a last meal so why should he? I'm sorry but I believe in an eye for an eye in most cases anyway.

  18. Linda Singleton

    He has a lot of nerve wanting to live after he showed no mercy to those poor people… thank God one of them survived to point his coward behind out… they are nothing but cowards… they kill and then beg for mercy, well he didn't show any mercy and he won't get any… he should have been put out of his misery…

  19. Alice Bell

    Dmocrats in the state of Coloardo are trying to abolish the death sentence for pieces of crap like this while supporting late term aborions. Do you think people might have their priorities screwed up! There is no hope for our society!

  20. Alice Bell

    Trevor Gowe, Frank Weber is right but he left out the part where you lead this piece of crap to a pre dug hole and then shoot him in the back of the head then throw the dirt on him while filimig it all and making it very public and telling all the other pieces of crap in society if you commit acts like this, this is what we will do! Then watch the senseless violent crime rate drop!

  21. Matt Elmore

    I'm sorry but I can't agree because there's a significant number of cases where 15-20 years in, forensics made a mistake, or the true evidence wasn't properly presented at the time, etc. There was a story about a man convicted to life in prison, and then 34 years later they found out there was a mistake, and that the guy was actually innocent. That's why we have life in prison without parole. Sure, it may cost money to keep these people alive, but how would we feel if we executed a man, only to find out that he was innocent? The collection of evidence is not foolproof, so we cannot treat it as such.

  22. Matt Elmore

    Read these stories, and answer this: if we went ahead and executed these people, what then? It's better to pay to keep criminals on life without parole sentences than to kill ONE innocent man. Can never know, no matter how clear, cut and dry a case may be.

  23. Mary Powell

    Matt Elmore, this isn't one of the cases where there was a question. He was positively identified by the one lone survivor. He worked with each of the people he shot. I don't always believe in the death penalty, but in this case, it is well deserved. Read the transcripts for yourself. You will find he is guilty beyond a doubt.

  24. Jim Aroyo

    It's too bad that Karla Faye Tucker, who that moron Pat Robertson thought should be spared the death penalty because she found Jesus, wasn't executed sooner. And, Charles Colson, Watergate burglar, should have been shot at the scene, along with G. Gordon Liddy. And, Scott Roeder, who shot Dr. Tiller, should have been aborted at the scene with someone shooting him 15 times in the head. And, Bernard Madoff should have had his throat slit and a 10 pound ham shoved down his throat. But, we don't always get what we want.

  25. Anonymous

    Joshua McCanner ; because he is a real man. He knew he had it coming, and wanted to say how he should die.. This guy is a piece of trash and doesn't deserve to live yet he cries for mercy.

  26. Anonymous

    I think the writer of this article likes the phrase "Chuck E. Cheese killer".

  27. Kareem OfWheat

    Matt Elmore Don't forget the incompetent and the crooked prosecutors that put innocent people in jail to boost their conviction rates.

  28. John N Sara Gibble

    A guy dressed like Conan the Barbarian should lop this guy’s head off so when somebody says, "capital punishment is so barbaric" you can say "yeah, hence the outfit."

  29. Ruth Fahie

    You have to love some of the Third World Countries,after you are found guilty, soon after trial, you are allowed to meet your maker. He's too long overdue. America system allows one to commit crimes,. All these rights that killers and offenders have, stinks. I am so tired of paying taxes so these scumbags can live for years as Royalties.The lawyers that defend them need to be strung up.

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