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Samsung Galaxy Altius Smart Watch Leaked Following Apple Watch Rumors

New rumors have leaked about a Samsung smart watch.

Apple isn’t the only company working on a smart watch. Samsung is getting in on the action with new leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Altius.

The pictures of the new Samsung Galaxy smart watch come hot on the heels of Apple’s iWatch rumors. The move by Samsung to develop its own smart watch should not surprise consumers. The company is Apple’s biggest competitor, and the Galaxy now accounts for a majority of Android device sales.

The leaked pictures were found by SlashGear on a Korean message board. Aside from the screenshots, not much is known about the Galaxy Altius.

However, the series of screenshots do hint at what consumers might be able to expect if Samsung is making a smart watch.

First off, the name Altius is on top of the picture, indicating the name of the device.

There is also the name of Korean mobile service provider SKT in the top left corner, showing the smart watch may come with a data plan.

Finally, the OS of the watch looks like it may be Android based, but is unique enough it could also be a brand new, in house OS.

For now the Samsung Galaxy Altius should only be considered a rumor. Samsung has not confirmed development on the project, and the name Altius has also been rumored to be a “family name” for the next generation of Samsung devices.

Here are the screenshots of the newly rumored Samsung Galaxy Altius smart watch:

Could this be Samsung's rumored smart watch. Samsung's new smart watch? Could Samsung be working on a smart watch?

If the Samsung Galaxy Altius smart watch is real, would you buy one when it comes out?

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5 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Altius Smart Watch Leaked Following Apple Watch Rumors”

  1. Steffen Jobbs

    Samsung would be able to build their watches 5X faster and at half the price than Apple would. I honestly don't think Apple wants to get caught in another device showdown with Samsung. The tech media perception is already Samsung is a better company than Apple and an iWatch will only make it worse. Wall Street prefers Samsung's method of dominating an industry. Merely flood the market with many devices at multiple price points as quickly as possible. Once a company gains major market share it is declared the winner. With the copycatting resources that Samsung has this should be a relatively easy thing to do over and over.

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