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Six-Year-Old Maced In NYC, Cops Arrest ‘Brute’ Responsible

six-year-old maced

A six-year-old maced in New York City is recovering from the traumatic incident, and New York Police Department officers say the “brute” that used the weapon on the small child in a Bronx laundromat has surrendered.

The six-year-old maced along with her father were at the laundry facility on White Plains Road in the Bronx near Robertson Street about 6:10 pm Saturday night.

Per eyewitness accounts, the the assailant is said to have burst into the coin operated laundry business and immediately began to “pummel” dad Derrick Dunn before exposing both Dunn and the small girl to the dangerous mist.

The New York Daily News reported upon the six-year-old maced in the Bronx, saying that a dispute between the alleged perp, Fernando Gonzales, and victim Dunn led to the macing of the child. But why? Over the use of a laundry cart, the report indicates.

The paper explains:

“Investigators believe Dunn and Gonzalez’s girlfriend had previously gotten into an argument over the use of a laundry cart, and Gonzalez had come to settle the score, the sources said … The video shows the suspect gave Dunn a clobbering, holding him down with one hand and landing a series of haymakers with the other. Then the suspect can be seen readying a bottle of mace for use before unleashing it on the 47-year-old father and his little girl.”

After the six-year-old was maced along with her father and after Dunn was allegedly assaulted in the incident, Gonzales reportedly surrendered following the circulation of the below clip and was charged with assault.

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20 Responses to “Six-Year-Old Maced In NYC, Cops Arrest ‘Brute’ Responsible”

  1. Anonymous

    What a man! Maces a 6 year old – I guess she was real threatening. It is a shame that someone in there didn't bother to stand up to hiim and help the man and the child. Bunch of wusses. I guess the big brute might next time go after someone that will be packing and then he will see what it is like to be on the bad end of a weapon.

  2. Deborah Young

    I blame the girlfriend..she started the fracas by telling him about the laundry cart argument…really? don't know about anyone else…but I can take care of myself, and not have to run to my man when someone gives me a hard time….and so fat ass is going to come and save the day….and no one helps this guy or the little girl,,, did anyone dial 911 while this was going on….there are alot of things to use in an a weapon…should have knocked him out with one the carts that started the whole argument….what a jerk….

  3. Jan Barnes

    Dear Yahoo……stop making me read/watch ads to see the news. Write a story and give me the option to negate watching ads.

  4. Sean French

    I really want to hear from anyone who thinks we should hear his side of the story, to include defending his despicable actions. Defend him! I look forward to debating you.

  5. Anonymous

    Won't matter. Even when they catch him, the Liberal/Obama gang will say he has "emotional issues", and set him up on counseling, disability, food stamps, welfare, and free housing.

  6. Anonymous

    The Bronx its where NYC houses its rabid animals. Nobody stands up for anybody in the BX. I am shocked one of the bystanders didn't rob him afterwards.

  7. Michael Trickey

    I hope the NYC police give this devil a baton party in his ass!

  8. Anonymous

    This is why the new gun laws do not matter. We do have strict gun laws we just need to enforce them. Furthermore, even if they took all the guns away from private citizens there would still be crazy people like this guy hitting a kid with a mace- crazy is crazy no matter what.

  9. Margaret C Gayton

    Well hes going to Jail, so you will be paying. Youd be paying under any other president

  10. Deborah Young

    @Brandy Willingham ….we blame obama…because he is to blame…it's time people got their head's out of their asses…and realize he is not the be all to end all…although he will end what we have come to know as America….look past the color of his skin…and see what he is really about….maybe then you all will wake the hell up…..

  11. Brandy BeautyforAshes Robinson

    Well Deborah if that is the case GUNS are to blame for this act of violence. How?? Who knows? Someone who was violent owned a guns so guns MUST cause violence. Better yet I guess I am responsible for this incident because I am black, right? Obama does not know this scumbag personally and newsflash there was violent offenders under President Bush. So should I go back in the newsfeed and blame Bush for every violent act that happened in the miserable eight years that he was president. It is likely this individual didn't even vote for Obama lol. Maybe its time for you to get your head out of your.. and realize that your issue with Obama is a little deeper than politics.

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