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Danica-Mania Hits During Daytona’s Speedweeks

Danica-Mania Hits Daytona

Danica-mania has struck at Daytona International Speedway after Danica Patrick became the first woman to win the pole for a race in NASCAR’s top circuit.

The media has swarmed around Patrick since Thursday’s media day in the lead-up to the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Talk has shifted from her new romantic relationship with fellow Sprint Cup driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to her first pole in NASCAR.

With her fast lap times in practice, Wednesday’s Sprint Cup activities could jokingly be called Danica-mania instead of Speedweeks. As for the star? Danica claims she’ll enjoy every minute of it. KSDK reports that Patrick stated:

“I love it when people put me on the radar, I do. When people put you on the radar, that feels good to me.”

While Danica’s achievement on Sunday wasn’t a surprise, given her fast times in practice, team co-owner and fellow driver Tony Stewart praised the former IndyCar driver. Stewart stated:

“That’s a huge accomplishment … She’s made history in the sport. That’s stuff that we’re proud of being a part of with her. It’s something she should have a huge amount of pride in.”

ESPN notes that Danica Patrick is scheduled for a new round of national shows on Tuesday, including the station’s Pardon the Interruption. Steve Phelps, NASCAR’s chief marketing officer, also noted a massive flood of media requests.

Given the media requests that the attention focused on Patrick, it’s likely that NASCAR plans to capitalize on Danica-mania. Phelps commented:

“Just the sheer volume of media requests we’ve received … it’s staggering to see the breadth of requests, from sports, non-sports, national media, smaller media. It’s pervasive and that obviously bodes well for pre-promotion of our racing.”

What do you think of Danica-mania? Who are you rooting for during next Sunday’s Daytona 500?

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26 Responses to “Danica-Mania Hits During Daytona’s Speedweeks”

  1. Rick Michael

    this is great, I'm happy for her. Now if she can learn to keep from attacking an trying to punch anyone that pisses her off during the race. she may learn sportsmanship.

  2. Ken Schultz

    much more likely that half the field will be lost when idiot tries to take HER out, as has happened repeatedly in her NASCAR career. Too many good ol' boys there that can't stand seeing her do good.

  3. Rick Riffel

    Her winning pole is exactly what Nascar needed to help heal the sagging ratings.. Wouldn't put it past big money Nascar to make sure she got the pole with a "hot motor". Headquarters to tech: Her motor WILL pass tech… period.
    Just saying.

  4. Paul Watson

    they had better get the reviews guick.After she wrecks in the 125s thursday or runs 5 laps and comes in so she can stay on the pole.Either way a crash is again waiting for her.A monkey can run 2 laps there wide open by yourself but come race time back pack patrick will do like she has her whole career and either crash or run laps down then pimp herself out in a few more adds to get more attention.she 30ish now so she had better pimp out all she can.Maybe save up for a boob job to replace the 2nd graders she has now and that should buy here a couple more yrs of publicity.It'll never be from victory lane that's 4 sure.

  5. Paul Watson

    she's been riding something beside a bubble to keep her in the limelight with her sucky career 1 win in 10 yrs and that after the leader thought they were under caution and let her go by. lol

  6. Michael Siegmund

    You guys are a bunch of haters give her credit she is a great race driver and without the crap she went through at the hands of jerk drivers she would have done a whole lot better last year. Here's to her winning the Daytona 500 this year. Good luck Danica you have one fan here.

  7. Corey Mcmahon

    "Nascar rigged it", "they gave Her the pole," They gave her a "hot motor". You haters are funny. Ya just can't stand a woman in nascar. Give her credit u sexist losers.

  8. Jerry J-dog Kellum

    Wow, she gets the pole. When she wins a few races then all of you can get excited. I say she crashes out within the first 100 laps, as usual….

  9. James Shores

    Its no wonder she gets no respect in a retarded hillbilly “sport” (I use sport loosely). The “good ole boys don’t like her because she’s not their sister or fist cousin, and we all know NASCAR fans only “LOVE “ their sisters and cousins. Show me one NASCAR fan or driver with an IQ over 70 (that’s legally mental retardation state) and Ill show you some one that faked the test. Danica is the only thing worth looking at in NASCAR. The same 5 sister hummpers cant keep winning forever.

  10. Anonymous

    The only reason she got the pole is, there were no other drivers on the track to take out.

    Who will be first? No, not who wins, but gets wrecked first by Danica, the damage queen? I can hear her blame the whole field as she gets towed to the garage.

  11. Marianne E. Seegers

    U guys really kill me. This is 2013, not 1813. She was a champ at Indy. She punched out some schmuck who really deserved it. The woman can DRIVE, you bunch of desk jockeys.

  12. Anonymous

    No, it wasn't rigged BUT anyone with any racing knowledge knows you can either set a car up to run fast for the pole…or set it up to run the race. They aren't the same thing. It's great for her and the sport that she got the pole…but she probably will not finish the race.

  13. Steve Schwartz

    james your whole post was retarded..except you said one thing correctly, she is the only thing worth looking at in nascar these days…truth is she may win a race, but that is a true testament to how wussified nascar has become…for real, if an 18 year old boy with his pretty face and big dollars can beat the men with years of experience, why not a woman…vagisil should be sponsoring these cars, poise pads…its coming

  14. Steve Schwartz

    truth is she may win a race, but that is a true testament to how wussified nascar has become…for real, if an 18 year old boy with his pretty face and big dollars can beat the men with years of experience, why not a woman…vagisil should be sponsoring these cars, poise pads…its coming..the days of true grit, or as ken squire used to say "danger, drama, dedication" are over…what was once real is more like wwf now…Bill France sr is sorely missed.

  15. Jake Schaber

    seems like more hype like in the IRL where she did small things but nothing that mattered and have to remember the race doesn't always go to the fastest in practice or qualifing.

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