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No Black Nurses Lawsuit: Tonya Battles Lawyer Discusses The Case

no african American nurses

The “no black nurses lawsuit” was filed by a nurse after her hospital honored a patient’s request. The father of a newborn asked that black nurses not be allowed to give care to his baby. Nurse Tonya Battle chose to file the lawsuit after a note with distinct racial implication was posted in the nursery.

A note which allegedly reads “No African Americans to take care of baby” was attached the assignment clipboard. Battle works for the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, according to Examiner. The hospital’s attorney reportedly told officials they could not honor the racially infused request, Eclectic Blog notes.

The veteran black nurse works in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Michigan hospital. Tonya Battle maintains after the request about black nurses was passed by the supervisor to the boss, she was reassigned to a different unit. The lawsuit maintains that Battles’ 14th Amendment rights were violated by the Flint hospital

Although the no African American nurses sign was ultimately removed, Battle claims that she and other African American staffers were prevented from caring for the child for about a month. Statements in the lawsuit maintain that the baby’s dad rolled up his sleeve and revealed a tattoo. The dad’s tattoo alleged appeared to be a “swastika of some kind.”

Battle’s attorney, Julie Gafkay, had this to say about the no black nurses lawsuit:

“I don’t doubt that people have made requests like this in the past. You’re not going to control the prejudices and biases of people. That’s not my client’s issue. The problem se has is that her employer of 25 years granted the request.”

Hurley Medical Center opened in Flint in 1908. The facility is a 443-bed teaching hospital, according to USA Today. Tonya Battle maintains that when she introduced herself to the baby’s father after entering the room, he asked to first see her identification and then her supervisor. Read the entire complain against Hurley Medical Center by clicking here.

What do you think about the no black nurses lawsuit?

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289 Responses to “No Black Nurses Lawsuit: Tonya Battles Lawyer Discusses The Case”

  1. Acacia Edwards

    Wow why does this not surprize me, I hope she wins infact I know she will!

  2. Jessie Purewal

    That is disgusting. First the racist parent already instilling hatred into a precious baby and then the hospital going along with it.

  3. Sindy Finn

    wow I have really heard it all now. I wonder what the facist would do if he were in a bad road accident…..No black doctors there too I guess. That hospital is a joke it deserves to suffer the consequences for giving in to some idiotic racist.

  4. Ronald Lemley

    Oh he's not prejudiced, he just hates African Americans. OMG, I can't believe that the hospital went along with him on that one. ARGH!

  5. Penny MacNeill

    God forbid if the baby's life were in danger for any reason, and there were only black nurses on call. Would that man let his baby die? Racist pig!

  6. Charles Andrews

    It is unfortunate that some still judge others by the color of their skin and this is proof that then exist and still reproduce. I hope the baby isn't so ignorant when he grows up.

    I am always reminded of the old episode of ALl in the Family where Archie is admitted to the hospital and shares a room with a man named Jean. (french pronunciation) They chat and get to know each other, even though there was a curtain between them so that Archie couldn't see that Jean was black. Funny stuff when he found out.

  7. Eracism Erasers

    And I am reminded that we still have such blatant racism in this day and age, and my heart is saddened to read this story. Eracism Erasers asks you to please help 'erase racism' today, tomorrow and always!

  8. Brian Hinckley

    This is racist BUT hospital's are customer service oriented and therfore receive funding for those ratings. As a father like it or not it is his right. I would like to think that parent's would want the best nurses possible to care for their child regardless of race. If I do not want a homosexual delivering my child is it my right? Yes. If I do not want Geico insuring my car is it my right? Yes. If I wan't Burgerking over Mcdee's is it my right? Yes it is. My right's for myself and preferences for my family trump political correctness PERIOD! If you don't like it too bad. Quit/ move! I wouldn't want to deliver my girl in China.

  9. Hamilton Gin

    How about a "no ignorant patient" policy? Rather, why not allow people like that to use midwives and have their children at home?

  10. Jennifer Danny

    And as the owner of Eracism Erasers, I am reminded of the work still remaining to 'erase racism' for today, for tomorrow and forEVER!

  11. Anonymous

    I am wondering if there is more to this story than what is being shared. While I don't think it's fair to simply judge someone's character by skin color, I have worked in a Nursing home with both really hard working African Americans but a majority of very lazy ones who would take 3 hour lunch breaks giving the hard workers the burden of their work. With that experience still fresh in my mind even after a decade, I also remember seeing a black aide take the jewelry off a deceased resident, and wondering if she was going to put them to the side for the family or steal them. I wonder if he has issues with black nursing staff because of some past negative experience. I don't condone it, even after having to make up for the work of those that hid out in various places instead of doing their work. A white person could be just as lazy as a black person.

  12. Marci Lepow

    Patients Rights trump everything! It does not matter if you agree or disagree, it is the patients right to refuse care or a caregiver.

  13. John W. McNeil II

    Hahahaha…this is one lopsided way to view this incident, albeit a bit myopic and ignorant. Hospitals are only "customer service" oriented to a point, beyond that the staff makes decisions predicated on what is best for the patient. You might want to read the 14th amendment.

  14. Anonymous

    The hospital should have told her that they wouldn't honor the request and they were free to go elsewhere. However, it won't be long until the Obama phone people will be handed medical credentials and criminals and prison inmates given badges and authority like candy as replacements like they have sent women and gays now into combat. Then you go to the hospital where there is more danger than the disease or problem you go to be treated for.

  15. Michel Km Michael

    I have a strong feeling you are going to hell when the judgmrent day come.

  16. Russell Yim

    I have to wonder, does this person also go around asking that food served to him in a restaurant is not cooked by people of color? What if all the cashiers at Walmart are black; does he leave?

  17. Anonymous

    Wow…. jclewis20318 your ramblings make no sense. The nurse walks in first time and he is asking for her credentials…. if that is not per-judged racist action, you tell me what is?

  18. Bonnie Topete

    There are just as many lazy white and other "races" who art just as, if not more lazy than African American workers, so, please include them in your statement! Also, as many dishonest folks of each and every race.
    I worked in a nursing home as well, but it's not just nursing homes….it's everywhere!
    Laziness and dishonesty as well as every other trait, emotion, and pdrejusice exists in all of us! It's how we handle it personally that matters!

  19. Nathan Fletcher

    Too ignorant to think that way. The hospital should have not honored the request and had the child transferred somewhere else. They did not have to provide the care for the baby as long as it was moved somewhere comparable to please the father. 25 years of service by the nurse to be trumped by a likely one time patient? Which is of greater value to you as a hospital?

  20. Anonymous

    Worthless lawsuit. It shows how far the whacked out liberals have been allowed to venture. It is my right as a patient to determine who I want to care for my child. If I don't want a black RN, so be it.Respect my parental wishes.

  21. Annette Wesley Spradlin

    If that were the case, why throw in the words, "African American" on the clipboard? Why not "Nurse Jane Doe not allowed to take care of baby because she is a LAZY THIEF"? Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Didn't you read the article? The dude rolled up his sleeve to show his tattoo!!!

  22. Annette Wesley Spradlin

    If that were the case, why throw in the words, "African American" on the clipboard? Why not "Nurse Jane Doe not allowed to take care of baby because she is a LAZY THIEF"? Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Didn't you read the article? The dude rolled up his sleeve to show his tattoo!!!

  23. Kierston Pierce

    This kind of racist attitude is NO SURPRISE! especially in Michigan..I'm ashamed to even say I'm from that hellhole of a state..I left there 20 yrs ago and I'm glad that I did..and I will NEVER go back..

  24. Russell Dickson

    The dad is obviously an ignorant fool. But, so is the nurse in my opinion. I could see the lawsuit if they sent her home, or wouldn't let her work at all. She wasn't hurt at all financially, so why sue the hospital? I hope she loses her lawsuit and her job.

  25. Renee Morrison

    On our unit we have had parents ask for a certain nurse not to care for their child. I can't say that it was racially motivated, but to promote peace, we assign the baby to another nurse. I have been that nurse who was not liked for some reason. Usually , I am happy not to have their baby as my assignment so I don't have to deal with people who seem so unpleasant.

  26. Nathan Fletcher

    Jewelry and lunch breaks have nothing to do with not wanting a black person to care for your child. The nurse had 25 years of service in a specialty area which is hard to find. Your personal bias is showing and has nothing to do with this situation. You are right that white people could be doing the same thing that black people are doing and often do that and worse. There was a time when only whites could work in the hospital and all of the atrocities were done by whites. It is highly unlikely that a majority of any group could take 3 hour lunches with the management not noticing. Your story sounds like there is more to it than you are sharing. Sound familiar?.

  27. Eelo Fudpucker

    Larry Finch the former head basketball coach at the University(who was black) tried to strike a white nurse and old St. Francis hospital not to send anymore white bitches to care for him, and you know what the white nurses didn't file a lawsuit, Blacks look for the slightest excuse to claim racial discrimination.

  28. Alberta Shanta Jacobs

    Look, Brain. It's not the 1950s anymore. I can't believe you are justifying this. You are comparing this to what kind of insurance you choose?? That's like comparing apples to steak.

  29. Alberta Shanta Jacobs

    Look, Brain. It's not the 1950s anymore. I can't believe you are justifying this. You are comparing this to what kind of insurance you choose?? That's like comparing apples to steak.

  30. Bonnie Topete

    Customer Service is different.
    In fact, I might suggest that if the dad didn't like the Staff, that he might like to go to another hospital where there were only caucasion workers – he'd have a REALLY hard time finding one ANYWHERE, let alone Michigan!
    A hospital isn't Burger King and you just can't have it your way!
    You get the services provided, but, you get that the way they have it.
    Just curious as to whether they were on welfare or not – becasue if they are, the's better jsut take what they got for free and be thankful the were there to take care of them!
    Hope the baby has a better outlook than the dad (mom, too?) and can be a better person than them! Because that child will have a choice when it gets older.

  31. Janet Pittman

    The father is a complete douche bag. But unfortunately the hospital had to honor his request no matter how ignorant the father is. I do not see how she can sue the hospital over this man's stupidity. I would want the best care for my child skin color does not matter. I feel sorry for this child, maybe dss needs to look into this man and his wife. They take people's kids over anything these days, maybe they should look at the hate he will be putting into his child's head.

  32. Michael Anderson

    It's ignorant and racist of the GUY. If the hospital had not gone along with it he would have claimed intentional infliction of emotional distress and sued the hospital himself. The nurse's rights are not violated by not being forced or allowed to care for a racist ignoramus. Yes, that kid may be in for a rough life, but this lawsuit is preposterous and needs to be dismissed.

  33. Michael Anderson

    It's ignorant and racist of the GUY. If the hospital had not gone along with it he would have claimed intentional infliction of emotional distress and sued the hospital himself. The nurse's rights are not violated by not being forced or allowed to care for a racist ignoramus. Yes, that kid may be in for a rough life, but this lawsuit is preposterous and needs to be dismissed.

  34. Nilay Patel

    Denny's cannot turn away a customer because he/she is African American or homosexual. It is a violation of civil rights. If you want to have your baby delivered by a white person and only cared for by a white person why in God's name did he go to Flint to have the baby delivered!!! Mr. Hinckley if you don't want your child delivered by a homosexual, then have the baby delivered at home. This is not about political correctness. This is about standing up to racism and inequality based on the color of an organ (skin is an organ).

  35. Nilay Patel

    Denny's cannot turn away a customer because he/she is African American or homosexual. It is a violation of civil rights. If you want to have your baby delivered by a white person and only cared for by a white person why in God's name did he go to Flint to have the baby delivered!!! Mr. Hinckley if you don't want your child delivered by a homosexual, then have the baby delivered at home. This is not about political correctness. This is about standing up to racism and inequality based on the color of an organ (skin is an organ).

  36. Casandra Johnson

    If you don't want the service at /burger King or McD's because you don't like the people working there, you find a place that has all of your checks and balances. you do not violate someone rights to do their job because you are a racist, You should have take your woman to a hospital that has everything you want.

  37. Casandra Johnson

    If you don't want the service at /burger King or McD's because you don't like the people working there, you find a place that has all of your checks and balances. you do not violate someone rights to do their job because you are a racist, You should have take your woman to a hospital that has everything you want.

  38. Kolb Fritz

    Its the guys choice, as a customer of the hospital hes paying for the care and reserves the right to choose care givers! plain and simple, not racist unless he is prejudice, think about it fools!

  39. Alberta Shanta Jacobs

    Right. What about TV. I hope he isn't into sports. The only thing he would be able to watch is hockey.

  40. Eelo Fudpucker

    Blacks are the biggest cry babies in this country,they whine like three year olds anytime things don't go their way.
    They are given jobs they are not qualified for just because of their skin color,when their is a test involved in order to attain a position and they fail they blame the test not their own lack of knowledge.
    I deal with foreign managers from Africa and they laugh at how we have to kow tow to the ignorance of blacks in America.
    They tell me when a black in South Africa is given a managers or technical job it's because of their proven expertise in the given field, color doesn't enter into the equation.

  41. Robert Cobbjr

    does that mean a gay masseuse can file a lawsuit when massage envy honors my request for only a female.
    The guy is going to pay the bill if that's what he wants then he should get it, if the hospital is private.

  42. Dawn Abbatiello

    Shame on the hospital for complying with the request in the first place. Racism in all its forms is unacceptable. The father is a skinhead racist pig. If he didn't want his baby cared for by black nurses (or possibly a black doctor had there been an emergency), then he should have had his child delivered at home by his racist skinhead pig friends!

  43. Shonte Crawford

    A choice of food and a choice to be racist prick is not the same…Personally to each his own…but lol its going to be pretty funny when his chid goes to school…I only want white teachers and administration and white students……lol

  44. Brenda Jones

    Since Ms. Battle works in the Neonatal ICU it is safe to assume that this baby's life was in danger on a minute by minute basis. It amazes me that a parent would put his bias before the well-being of his very ill baby.

  45. Dawn Abbatiello

    You are an idiot! Hospitals are NOT customer service oriented! Their primary function is to care for the sick and to save lives! Go peddle your idiotic comments to your other skinhead brothers!

  46. Dawn Abbatiello

    You are an idiot! Hospitals are NOT customer service oriented! Their primary function is to care for the sick and to save lives! Go peddle your idiotic comments to your other skinhead brothers!

  47. Anonymous

    As you can see, your comment is not very popular. Rightfully so. A hospital is there to serve all. If you or this man have racial issues, perhaps you guys
    should give birth at klan rally?

  48. Raymond Mercer

    Hey Brian, the hospitals are not customer oriented. They are in the health care business. If you have a life threatening injury they are going to get you in there and perform any procedure to save your life regardless of what you like or what color doctor or nurse you prefer. Now if you don't have an emergency then you can pick an choose which doctor or clinic you want to go. But this guy chose this hospital knowing that there are people of color working there. This father has brought a baby into this world and this baby will most likely grow up with hate if he is taught the hateful ways of his dumb ass father. He is the one that needs to leave the country.

  49. Steve Hollingsworth

    Cannot sue this hospital for that parents wishes. Would there be the same stink if the family were black and didn't want ba whitenurse? I doubt it. Poor judgment on the parents part but if they do not accommodate the parents wishesthen they could sue. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  50. Nilay Patel

    Patient rights have some limit just like all rights do. The person only wanted specific racial groups to watch and take care of his child is absolutely unrealistic. Marci have you ever been to Flint? So when they staff the NICU on any given day, say a Sunday because less staff, they should make sure to have a white doctor and nurse on staff for all racist patients? The hospital did not go to his man and force him to have his child delivered there, he walked through the door voluntarily, and is now telling the hospital how to operate. You are not thinking this through all the way.

  51. Annette Wesley Spradlin

    Who is this father think he is, Mr. Special? Why is it that only the nurse's name is mentioned and not that prick? That way, us non-white folk can make sure that if his life is in danger, we don't have to give a crap. I wonder if the very same hospital officials would have honored a non-white patient if they said, "Oh, I don't want a white person treating me!" Ridiculous.

  52. Dwight Spears

    Wonder what this guy would do if he was in a serious car accident and that black nurse was the only one with his blood type, would he choose to die? I doubt anger Some time you wish the world would end tomorrow so you could see GOD cast these nazi's into the bowels of hell where these satanic nazi's belong. But as Christians we temper our anger and pray for them as GOD commands us to turn the other cheek.

  53. Sandy Hoh

    This happens on both ends of the color spectrum. Even thou I have Biracial grandchildren which I totally adore and there father. ( & my first boyfriend which I luv to this day). I have had black people have me removed from caring for there family because I was white.

  54. Karla Child

    I've seen this shit before, we had a patient in for minor surgery, he told me to make should the doc wasn't a homo. I walk out and told the doc about the pt. request, no problem said the straight as a stick doc. he walked in and I swear did the best gay person act ever! all I can say to this ass above, is karma is a bitch.

  55. Anonymous

    I was working on a rural island in Hawaii and we had to fly in a mid-wife to fill in for one of ours. She immediately asked who was the delivery nurse. I said, "me". She replied "Well your a man." I agreed. She said I couldn't do it because I was a man. I told her I am the only RN here, and the charge nurse and that is what you get. I explained my long background with deliveries and that I had never had a complain in over 20 years. She insisted. At that point I told her to get on the plane and go back to Honolulu that we would do it without out her as I had previously done there and in Montana. She finally relented and we delivered a very beautiful baby. The mom held my hand during the entire procedure. Even bigots can learn, at times.

  56. Sandi Rice Barkye

    Well folks, it's called customer service and I have seen it happen for much less reasons. The father should have been offered a transfer for his child but nowadays, the hospitals feel they have too much to lose by making people unhappy. Unfair, yes, the way things are, unfortunately yes. Please continue the lawsuit! See how much they are willing to lose now.

  57. Tess Tee

    If and when this Dad is brought into an ER someone should put a sign on his stating, "no doctors take care of this racist". See where that gets him.

  58. Dwight Spears

    The devil is alive and well,doing his evil deeds as he occupies souls of those in the flesh, who don't believe or care that their IS a GOD until its too late!!!

  59. Anonymous

    Yes, the child's Father is a moron. But the Hospital isn't in the business of judging people's moral decisions. They offer medical care, and some emotional support- for the patients, and that is all.

    Although the child's father made what many would agree is an awful decision/request, I think we can all agree it had zero effect on the child's care. That is the bottom line and the only factor in the hospital's decision.

    If he requested only left handed nurses, would we be discussing this? Same theory, just not applied to skin color…

  60. Nilay Patel

    The hospital is a business, this is true. Should the hospital be obligated to have white nurses and doctors on call on any given night because some patients don't like black people? You also cannot turn away a customer at a restaurant based solely on race either. This is America… al men are created equal…they had to add an amendment for women, but at least better late than never. If you don't want your baby delivered by a black person, first don't go to Flint, second hire a midwife and deliver at home. No one is forcing you to go to a male masseuse just like no one is forcing him to go to Flint

  61. Darryl K. Johnson

    I have a better idea, Brian: why don't YOU move!!! Hire a white midwife since you wouldn't want black or homosexual nurses and doctors to touch your child. Damn shame that the hospital caved in to a racist idiot's foolish request; the kicker is these administrators probably won't get disciplined or fired.

  62. Deborah MacDonald

    Being a nurse for almost 40 years nothing surprises me. Chinese and Russian patients demanding nurses who can speak to the patient in their native tongue and get angry when we get a translator to give informed consent (required by law) why because they don't want them to know they have cancer, or complications of procedures or complications of drugs that could result in death. The only time that I can recall strictly adhereing to such a request was for religous reason, male nurses would violate such practices an example Muslims women who are traditional, but interestingly enough after mult treatments with chemotherapy some of the male nurses bonded with this pt. Most patients or families will back down when it is revealed that the staff member will be made aware of the request and that management will contact patient relations to discuss the issue, but we never promised a change in assignment. can't tell you how many requesst nurses made to not have certain difficult patients….what do you do….suck it up and give the best care you can. Hope she gets a bundle for this whole affair. Maybe this Bozo should have been told to find an all caucasion hospital and they should have shipped the baby to them.

  63. Sherry Farley

    And I thought racism was only in the south! I had actually hoped it had gotten better but instead I am rocked with all the racism that still exists in 2013! I think the father of this child is going to have a rude awakening one day. And I pray that God instills in the child a unbiased heart that doesn't heed to his dad's ignorance!

  64. Brian Hinckley

    Wow! All the hatefull comments. I speak of a freedom of choice therfore I'm a racist/ Skinhead. anti semite/ evil…whatever. You have your opinions and that's fine. I have mine but obviously no one read the first line "THIS IS RACIST". I am white as you can probably see therfore I must be the devil. No matter that my nephews are 1) 1/2 white 1/2 black and I basically their father fill-in's 2) my best friend of 20+ years is jewish and 3) My sister is friends with muslims which I've actually helped with her broke down car at no cost to her. But hey i'm going to hell right, Michel? I sleep like a baby at night

  65. Fedelia Grandison

    Racism is genetically transmitted and viral in nature as well, it can be transmitted from person to person usually through unified groups who can only be unified by choosing other groups as a target of hate and ridicule – it gets in the blood over time. You can require tolerance but that doesn't mean much because given a chance every racist person will show their true racist color. As long as their is one racist person racism will always exist. And don't tell people to go back to Africa because certain kind of people will not allow any group to exist without their need to explore and find them for exploitation under the pretense of learning more about them. These people cannot let others live in peace they are like a virus taking over everything and destroying the world with their vorocious apetite for capital. They will sell your mama, papa, women and children and anything else and justify it making the world depend on whatever they market as a necessity. They are an alien specie to this world and that is why everything they create leads to destruction of anything in its natural and pure form. they cannot appreciate anything in its natural and pure form it is alien to them because they had no part in the creation. they are the perveyors of destruction. for them to sit back and just enjoy the prestine creation is unfathomable. they are workaholics, goal is to always enslave humans even their own with the idea that money and all it is able to buy is the end all and be all to life. they keep their own on top to keep up the farce. if they are left jobless and without rule they will turn to killing the likes of which you will never know so the powers that be in the heavens leave them to rule for now because it knows that if the power is taken from them and they become the bottom of the rung they will destroy and destroy and destroy because they have no true value for life. They are clothed in the form of humanoids but spiritually they are ravenous beasts. They are not very wise so always seeking wisdom. They cannot accept knowledge in its purest form of IT IS WHAT It IS. They have to disect it, try to extract the knowledge of it and recreate it with the ultimate goal to market it for money. The goal, to get hands on money when money is lost they start killing first themselves and others It is a spiritual sickness a lack of spirit/love, empty vessels devoid of true goodness and as they continue their reign making us dependent on everything they create losing knowledge of our true nature, self and surroundings slowly losing the battle for earth which is OUR TRUE DOMAIN.

  66. Nilay Patel

    I don't think you're racist. But I have heard the PC argument before and I get it, just does not work in this case. The freedom of choice you speak of should be honored, but then the patient should've chose to have the baby at home. You can't go to Burger King and have a hot blonde serve you lobster either.

  67. Connie Fuller Wright

    Step back, take a deep breath and think about this for a minute. Yes, it was an ignorant, racist thing to do. But why a lawsuit? It seems we always are looking for a reason to sue someone for anything we find. How did it hurt the nurse who found the note? Mentally perhaps. But to sue the hospital, just to gain some money is a stupid thing to do. Anyone wonder why insurance rates are so high? I think this lawsuit is an abuse of the system. I believe the whole country has been ruined by attorneys with dollar signs in their eyes. Again, don't get me wrong – it was a stupid, racist thing to ask for initially. But please, a lawsuit?

  68. Cyndi Anadell-Hardin

    What is shocking is that a supervisor with no less than a 4-year degree thought it would be a good idea to agree with that request and THEN put it in writing! There are a few other tactful ways this could have been handled.

  69. Nilay Patel

    Wrong. You came into their building, they didn't come find you and force you into their hospital. You are right, if you feel a staffer at a hospital is just off and you don't want them taking care of you or a family member there are channels to voice those opinions and usually they are honored. To say in a blanket statement that no black people should take care of me or my child is not only ignorant and idiotic but it is absolutely unrealistic, especially in Flint, MI. The problem with you is that you think this is a lib/con issue, when it is an issue of equality and bigotry, you know…. right and wrong. If you don't want a black RN, so be it, then don't go to hospitals where black RN's work!!!!!

  70. Justin Scott

    "Customer service" It's a hospital not burger king. @brian hinckley those examples you just used are of companies that are customer oriented, they sell things, a hospital doesn't sell anything. The Hospital should tell him and you to pack up and go somewhere where there's a colony of simple minded racists folks.

  71. Nilay Patel

    The more I read your statement the more I realize, and lament, the fact that are so many of people out there that are so dead set and absolute in your opinions, but have not even totally thought it through. Scary.

  72. Emma Akinyi

    Advance your believes people!! And these customer oriented hospitals need to do the same too!!!!

  73. Justin Scott

    @marci lepow you're just ignorant. What if the hospital told the guy sorry all we have are black nurses..then what? What if the hospital said sorry we don't take care of white babies? I bet you'd be the first to jump on the band wagon to say sue the hospital.

  74. Eddie Maddox

    She will get no where with the law suit. The hospital is customer oriented and within its right to honor a patient request if at all possible. I am a male black RN and been asked to provide a white female nurse to a patient (white female) by the head nurse simply because the husband did not want/could not stand the idea of his wife being cared for by a black person period. It did'nt hurt my feelings one bit because I knew and everyone else knew who the best was on the floor at that time……… guess what eventually they needed my help, I just smiled and did my job.

  75. Rob Singer

    blacks have been taking care of these clown for ever…. now I don't want that black to get a job… because they have the same government law as we kkk…. we need the Mexican….. they anit got no right's but the will work…

  76. Agnes Amoah

    What if black person donates blood, or kidneys for a white person will thatalso be questionable? , I knww alll blood have the same colour, what a hatred thought for him not to be thankful that child is being taken care of by human and not a beast. Transfer the child to Greenland, that place have no blacks at all, only them.

  77. Rob Singer

    blacks have been taking care of these clown's for ever…. now I don't want that black to get a job in th hospi… because they have the same government law as we kkk…. we need the Mexican….. they anit got no right's but the will work…

  78. Amie Nogrady

    Oh Brian, the ol' I can't be a racist because I know this one guy who is Jewish, or black or whatever. It is a pathetic ploy. You made your fiery statement including telling people who do not agree with your insane rant to "move" (how very American of you, by the way), now wallow in what you have created.

  79. Loretta Leman

    I've worked as a nurse for over 35 yrs and believe your statement about staff who don't follow through with their work assignment in a timely manner does happen sometimes, however, in all levels of nursing RN, LPN and NA's . Some of the most non-productive staff I' ve worked with was Licensed staff who felt certain task were beneath them even though it was part of their job descripton and these folks came in all colors without exception White, Black, Asian , Hispanic. You sound a little suspect yourself. We are all there for the express purpse of meeting our clients needs , if someone isn't preforming their job let them know and if no changes are made, report to your supervisor or if you are supervisor handle it. And as for a customer requesting assignment of nursing staff based totally skin color the Charge Nurse in my opinion should have notified her manager at the time of the request and had them handle it. and that note should have never been placed on the clipboard, I think that was very insensitive and unprofessional of the people making the decision to write the note and it feels unethical.

  80. Amie Nogrady

    So to summarize, you are a racist fool that is still bitching and complaining about something that happened a decade ago?

  81. Anonymous

    wonder what the fathers name is? if he is a business man or someone who is just hatefull, he needs to be punished to the fullest extend. no excuses for his behavior. those who agree with him, also are racist and very, very, very hatefull.

  82. Ray Fox

    The baby will be proud one day. After growing up and watching mom and dad on a rerun of Murray stating "YOU ARE NOT DA FATHER".

  83. Loretta Leman

    No customer has the right to disrupt the operation of a hosptal unit esp. a neonatal unit , I'm sure there was unnecessary tension because of these individuals, that disrupted the delivery of care for no good reason. These are sick babies that don't need any added tension or stress in their fight to survive. In life we have rights and with that responsiblities.

  84. Waymond Hicks

    Do people have the right to be stupid? Sure. Is blind ignorance an unalienable right? I suppose so. You see, this is the 21st century. The some of the technicians who service – and many cases have engineered – the equipment used to care for this deluded man's child were likely black. The building he's standing in, the car he drove to get there, and the roads he took to arrive and will use to leave were, i PROMISE you, touched by the dreaded black folks. The labs that handle blood, tests, xrays, etc? Bound to be one or two of them there. The hospital should TEACH him THAT lesson…by removing any and everything in the room they suspect was handled by blacks. If she eats food, they should let him know if blacks cooked it and ask if he'd rather see her hungry. If he uses the elevator, someone shold suggest the stairs in case it's maintained by a single black workman. If he wants clean sheets, have him bring his own in case a black or hispanic washed them…or clean the room. Let this idiot understand in just this small way what just a day in that hospitial without the work and cooperation of ALL people would be like….

  85. Anonymous

    butt if its was the other way around all u niggg wouldt say chit,,,, so go fucc urself u pusseee.

  86. Denny Derocher

    I am curious which hell you speak of? The original hel came from Viking mythology and was cold. It was adopted by the Christians and hell became hot. My question is if I am to end up there which one. I certainly want to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. :-)

  87. Brad Adams

    my closest friend was dying in a Detroit hospital, I was alone with him for hours when a very sweet female pastor came to our side.her and I prayed together for quite some time for my fallen friend.the fact that she was a black women never became an issue until the next day when his family started to arrive. They requested she not be in the room.I have always felt terrible about this, It does not matter what color you are, when I see another human suffering I can't help but to feel their pain, weather they are Black, White, purple or green.I personally was so thankful for her compassion.We were raised in a very prejudice town.Trust me this is no excuse.people need to realize there is good and bad in all of us.never measured by our color. Very thankful for that sweet lil black lady! More Power To her!

  88. Mara Holmes

    the racists on this post are trying to justify whats unjustifiable. What if a black person had did that to a white nurse or doctor? Would you feel the same? The laziness issue is hilarious. We blacks were brought here as slaves to do others work. But we are LAZY!!!!! This land was stolen from the Native Americans but blacks are characterized almost exclusively as thieves. That is the definition of racism. To believe one's own race is SUPERIOR. The father said he didnt want a lack nurse and revealed his swatiska tattoo. Why didnt he find a nice Aryan hospital to have his baby in? Oh, thats right he lives in the real world where all races work together for the good of society. I hope they tied the tubes of that mammy because theres nothing worse than a bigot
    but Mrs. Begot.

  89. Leisa Beat

    You know it is sad to see racisim still hot and heavey here in AMERICA but then you are in AMRICA where the right to choose who helps with your child is still up to the parents. I am not condoning what this father did but I am thinking that he has the right to choose who takes care of his child even in a hospital. What Ms. Battles is doing is just as wrong as what this father is doing, an last time I checked " 2 wrongs do not make a right ". They are equeally wrong in what they are doing. Me I want the best care given to my newborn child and I don't care who gives it as long as they are trained in that field and are the best possable for my child. The hospital had an obligation to do what the father asked, & I think they handeled it quite nicely as far as that goes. No nae calling just a simple note with the request on it, and it was on the babies clipboard, so everyone else also read it. He was wrong to ask this, she is wrong in sueing her employer. Simle as that.

  90. Kevin Genteman

    Wow, see I love the freedom we have. I want MORE people to speak their mind. Makes it easier to spot the douches out there. If everyone is afraid we wouldnt know who not to associate with. Or more easily pick the people to associate with.

  91. Mara Holmes

    Segregation, racism, Jim Crow, discrimination is passe. Its OVER. DUHHH!!!!!!! You cant discriminate!!!!!
    If hospitals can get away with this then what other institutions can start having the same "customer service oriented" requests? If she doesnt move this lawsuit forward, then black professions will be booted from their jobs everywhere. This can not be allowed. We have worked too hards for our equal rights. No swatiska having dad or stupid hospital will rob us of our rights to be professionals and do our jobs.

  92. Waymond Hicks

    …don't know that you're a "racist"…but hospitals certainly aren't in the "customer service" buisness, and they are oriented to the care of the sick and the saving of lives. The idea that a patient can enter a place where resources are critical and life and death hang in the balance in many cases and disrupt those crucial services with demands based on racial hatred is ludicrous. What would happen if the man's child was in need of EMERGENCY care a few months from now and a black emergency room doctor recognized him and said "hey, i remember you. Think I'll honor your request and not TOUCH your dying child because you're white and I'm an inferior black." This kind of disjointed logic defended by some notion of "rights" or combating political correctness doesn't hold. If this man doesn't like the way the hospital is run or requires the kind of special racial treatment he demands, he needs to find a facility that operates according to HIS needs, not the other way around. It's that simple.

  93. John Wood

    Brian I understand you were making a legal point and were not saying you agreed with the action. I don't think you're racist, but I do think that what happened here was in violation of the constitution. Customer service obligations do not entitle an establishment to discriminate against its employees on the basis of race. The hospital should not have complied with the request.

  94. Acacia Edwards

    Who is stopid? I think you ment S-T-U-P-I-D sorry Norm your comment failed your too stupid to spell stupid!!!! Bye Angry Old Dude 😀

  95. Stacey Jones

    30 years ago my newborn daughter's nurse was black. We still talk about how much she loved the baby and how good she was with her. I only wish we could get in touch with her today. People are stupid.

  96. Tina Pugh

    As a nurse I am appalled at the lack of consideration in regard to the nursing staff, and to condoning a racist attitude. Shame on the hospital. As far as the father goes, he is ignorant and should be ashamed. It's awful to think of what kind of morals and values this child will grow up with.

  97. Aj Breeding

    Your a fucking dumb ass. You don't have a right in that aspect and request like that should be even thought twice about deny from the start. you do pick your OB/GYN to hopefully deliver your baby but they are not available you get whoever is at the time or you SOL. In times on high stress in a hospital you don't choose anything doctors and nurse make the best calls when need and that goes for who helps you. But i guess only a dumb ass when turn down the best doctors or nurse cause they are black or gay.

  98. Patricia Warnick

    This gentleman and I use the term lightly is both ignorant and a racist. Perhaps she should take a closer look way back in his family tree and see how lily-white he is or isn't.The child welfare should be his primary concern and God forbid the child has a negative outcome at the hands of a white nurse then what. I believe the lawsuit is warranted as the hospital left itself wide open for it. Remember when hospitals took the opposite approach when nurses did not want to take care of patients with HIV/AIDS in the mid-eighties and were mandated to take appropriate precaution(UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS). This very small minded man should be more concerned about his child and his supporter nombelluso, should really take a language course.

  99. Anonymous

    Folks it is the Patients Rights above all if they Don't like a doctor they change doctors, If they don't like a nurse for any reason they can change them. no it's not right to be racist, but people still are. Not of just blacks but of every color not everyone is going to change and no one can control that no matter how many law suits.

  100. Anonymous

    I am just appalled that this happened to this nurse at this hospital To have this happen simply because of the color of her skin is disgraceful. Her work ethic was not questioned at all which should be all that mattered. If this is the way this "man" thinks then he should of had that child at home or at the KKK rally. I am being sarcastic about rally, of course, I am just really appalled. Not to mentioned saddened by this whole episode.

  101. Anonymous

    Lets please remember what this country is all about. This bigot has every right to not have an african american care for his child. I don't agree with him but it is his right. Maybe the nurse and her attorney should realize that. Plus if the hospital had not granted his wishes he would have sued. It seems to me if the hospital had talked to the nurses about this idiot instead of posting a note in plain view this all could have been avoided. Again I don't agree with him but it is his right to feel that way.

  102. David James

    only person being a douche here is you sir , I for one agree the man is a pathetic peice of shit however he is well within his rights to choose who he and his family recive care from to do otherwise is violate our constitutional rights

  103. Amy Shepherd-Shuster

    Renee, I was not a big fan of my labor nurse's personality. We just had different opinions on how things should go down. But when I had to have an emergency C, damn if she wasn't all over everything making sure I and the baby came through okay, and I am grateful to this day for her vigilance. When my sister, who was present for my labor, had her twins at the same hospital she made a point to ask that the nurse not be assigned to her. Some people just don't get along and in the emotionally charged atmosphere of childbirth, everything gets so magnified! Anyways, it's good to hear it from a nurses perspective. I should add that it would never occur to me to ask for someone not to care for myself or my baby based on race…can't believe that even happens in this day and age.

  104. Anonymous

    I am appalled by how this nurse was treated at this hospital. To have this happen to her just because of the color of her skin is just disgraceful. Her work ethic was never in question here and that is all that should of mattered. Furthermore if this "man" did not want his child taken care of by people of color he should of had the child at home or maybe at the KKK rally. I am being sarcastic about the rally of course, but I am just appalled. I must say I am also very sad about this whole episode. I believe this nurse took the right steps to try and resolve this matter to no avail. Sometimes when all else fails you have to resort to the legal system to get results, if nothing else it is drawing attention to this sad event.

  105. Anonymous

    Mara Holmes – Not true. The government discriminates all the time. Ever notice how blacks get extra points on civil service tests. MLK died for nothing because the government still thinks blacks are stupid just because of their skin color, don't believe me, then why do they get an extra 10 points……It's not because of their character, it's their skin color

  106. Anonymous


  107. Mike Robinson

    Connie Wright student? I see they still don't teach common since in higher education. When you get a job and a person does not want anyone named Connie working with there child is that O. K. with you? I would think not. Think Little lady.

  108. Angela Barnes

    As a Black NICU RN, this is totally offensive to me. Most (normal) parents are concerned with the QUALITY of the care that their babies are getting and less about WHO is delivering the care. It's his right to be stupid enough to choose a preference of skin color over competency of care, though, even when it's such a critical issue. I personally would be hesitant to deliver care because if anything went wrong, as things sometimes do, any black care giver would probably be a target for blame. God bless and protect that child because they are definitely NOT going to be raised in intelligent or loving environment. The hospital is another ball of wax… shame on them for even considering his request. As an EOE they cant make those types of guarantees. I hope the nurse wins

  109. Pamala Guillory James

    everthing is not a persons right! coustomer service or not. The baby was not in for a oil change! Not at all the same issue. The customer does not have right to determine skills and abilites; the customer does not have the right to make out the schedule for the day. No, everything is NOT a persons right…some things are, some things are just not. And you are taking a theory based on economics and try and fit its application to human beings! Please say you care more than just dollars signs!! And you are coddling bad behavior by giving in to such demands!

  110. Lori Perry

    Yes you do have many rights in this country, however I myself am a ICU RN in Ca. And if a person is racist and needs a lifesaving blood transfusion and the blood bank only has african american blood avalible, do you think this idiot would turn down the transfusion. Or if he has a MI on the feild and the only paramedic is blck should we (the medical community) just sit back and let him die? You think about it Brian. Now that I know about this mans sick rights, I'd walk around him if he collapsed in front of me, and I'm not black just a caring nurse who belives in saving lifes. But as I said, he would have to contct another nurse to save his life. Good luck racist fool.

  111. Pamala Guillory James

    If he dealt with african american nurses in the past that were lazy, stole, etc, Iam truely sorry for his discomfort, but that was then this is not the same situation…..those were different people then this nurse…offer him counseling, or offer him the door….and we still give the customer the choice!

  112. Aj Breeding

    Many of the you are missing where the issue really is. Yes the father is racist fucking idiot that was stupid enough to show his tattoo to prove even more he hates blacks. But that is not the issue he's dumb fuck what can you do about it(and everyone else is a dumb as while that believes what he did was ok), but the issue is with the hospital for honoring his request that is where Battle is troubled at and that where the issue is. It would be no different if a black person said they didn't want a white nurse wrong is wrong either way and will always be wrong. It would be different if she did something to offend them or was rude or not caring about their child then yes I would be right there with them get rid of her and get someone else, but that is not the issue it was all about race and the hospital should be their employees aside for one parent especially with a racist request such as this one.

  113. Pamala Guillory James

    Because people have abused the concept of a "law suit" for every stinking thing is wrong, and the lawyers are fat cats to be sure! But this is a princple….that is a cancer in the bud and it has to be nipped!!! Yes I can see all kinds of lawsuits if this goes forward…, "I said I dont want no asian woman working the nites this week because I dont want any of them in my walk in my room while I am asleep…and I woke up and found an asian woman in the nurses station"….The lawyers would have a feild day!!!

  114. Anonymous

    Yes, you hit right on the money. This innocent precious baby will have his/her mind corrupted.. SMH.. I just hope this child will be stronger enough as it get older to not follow his/her corrupted dad. Some kids are raised in corrupted homes, but make the better chose when they get older..

  115. Anonymous

    John W. McNeil II – um re-assigning a nurse due to color doesn't make it better for a patient so the hospital shouldn't have honor this, the 14 amendment was violated.

  116. John Weldon

    Why are all the black medical personnel from Africa coming over to this country and signing up for work at this one hospital? When did they all get their citizenship? Not that they can't come here, mind you, I have no problem with that. But do you think we might get some black AMERICANS to work there and not AFRICAN-AMERICANS?

  117. Tina Johnson

    people have the right to request what they want they are paying the 20k bill.

  118. Danita Ford

    wow people are sad this so cruel and when are they going to learn that they are not running things any more and that the color of your skin should not matter if he was in war would he die if a black man was trying to save him , why is that we can fight together for our country but we cannot live together outside of war.I do not understand that what is wrong with people hate has been here so long on earth not only for blacks but for different people as well and they were white but they were jews and they suffer as well to the hand of a crazy person are world is so wrong and one day god is going to fix it and there will be no more color or rights only gods way or die for ever.I hope she sued bit that still will not make a difference because you never forget things like that.

  119. John Beaty

    So tragic. From the time my boy was 5 months old until he was 5, he had a black babysitter. She loved him like her own family. He told me years later that back then he thought she was one of his grandmothers, it didn't occur to him that she was black and he was white. He is 16 now, 6' tall, and we paid her a visit. She wept tears of joy, and said how happy it makes her when her babies come back to her, clutched his arm, didn't want us to leave. That is love. Racism is hate, and is taught, not inherent. God help that poor kid that will have to grow up under hateful racist influences.

  120. John Weldon

    Wow, the raciophobic totalitarians are out tonight. Guess what, people? It's not his business, it's not his car, it's not his house. It's his BABY! No one but he and the mom have the right to touch the baby. NO ONE! Not for ANY reason! Yes, he's probably not thinking that she might be at times the only nurse on hand in an emergency. Guess what? There's a little thing called rationality that would take over. What would he do in response? Sue the hospital for saving his kid's life because they wouldn't abide by his racism? But if it just something like feeding the child and there is a white nurse on hand, guess what? Like it or not, you have to eat it, because it's NOT YOUR KID! Suing because you think you have a RIGHT to take care of someone else's baby if they don't want you. For crying out loud, people, have we gotten that raciophobic (paranoid fear of racism)?

  121. Anonymous

    fonzofoz3 I work for the civil service, I'm black and I "did not" get an extra 10 points. I received 10 points because I'm a military retiree with 10-point compensation. (Even with the 10-points, it took me 8 years to get hired into civil service.) Please stick to facts; that is if you're smart enough to do the research. There are so many stupid comments about this article that it's scary. (I read them because I would rather be informed about ignorance in the world today; still! Prejudice is a sick sick disease and there's so much more to be done since the death of a great leader… MLK.)

  122. Blondesareeasy Fullname

    I'm a white male nurse. (I hate that. "Are you a "male" nurse?" I usually look inside my pants and say, "Yep. Still am.") ANYWAY…I had a black guy that didn't want me to take care of his momma. He was nice enough about it, but he was old-school. I knew where he was coming from. I got a couple of those good old "women" nurses to do my work for me when it came to wiping her ass. Nursing sucks. You get attacked from all sides. Management will always kiss an ass in the name of "customer service." Hell, you can kick a nurse in the face and they'll take the patients side.

  123. John Weldon

    Simple solution, BTW. The sign said "No African Americans to take care of baby". OK, the nurse is black, but was she born in the States to American parents? Then she can handle the baby and the note isn't violated. Better warn any white nurses there too that speak Afrikaans. They can't touch the baby.

  124. Whitemenrdabest Dontaskwhy

    Brian like totally agree. we all have rights. That nurse really needs to get a life and get over i! Im a nurse an ive seen a lot in my career, when one is in this type of field IT IS BEST NOT TO TAKE THINGS PERSONAL!
    Or u'll be suing someone all of the time!

  125. Anonymous

    To be clear, I think racism is repugnant. But, I'm not sure how this suit has merit. Employers can't discriminate based on race but they weren't denying anyone the right to work or be employed. I suppose you could make the argument that if EVERYONE requested no black nurses, then there would be no black nurses at the hospital. I suppose you could also argue that by posting the sign that nurses and other people at the hospital were exposed to humiliation. I will say it again, I believe racism is wrong and in this case possibly dangerous, just not sure were the civil damages are.

  126. Thankful and Thrifty

    I've been a nurse for 20+ years and we've had this request before, along with requests for no male nurses and often times just a request banning a certain nurse or doctor for any number of reasons. It's never the right thing, but patients often "win." Honestly, if a patient requests that I not care for them, then that's the last place I want to be, regardless of the reason.

  127. Nelson LaMar

    @jclewis20318 white people do the same thing. Don't just bring up African Americans and what you assume what they were doing, you racist.

  128. Nelson LaMar

    Where are these "10 points" coming from. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering. In that case, what happened to mine. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  129. Teresa Holt Wylie

    What's funny about this, is my family owned slaves on their cotton plantations in Georgia, on my mothers side, and it wasn't uncommon at all to have the black house keepers breast feed the owners babies, a little history for you.

  130. Patrick Hillis

    Interesting, I had a similar experience years ago I went into the Hospital and the doctor came in, he was from India and spoke very heavily accented and broken English, I told the staff I wanted to be seen by a different doctor and why, so they assigned me to a doctor from Ghana who spoke even less English, obviously the staff did not understand my need to be able to communicate with the doctor what was wrong and for him to be able to explain what any tests showed, I do not care that they were offended as it is MY body and MY right to know and be able to understand and communicate.

  131. Al Foley

    Steve Goodelle

    You don't have to be an aryan brother to feel that the parents have the right to request who they want tending their child. We have had most of our rights taken away, allow us the ones we have. If you didn't like a staff member because you know her on the streets, would it be ok then to request that she not tend your child?

  132. Ed Rodriguez

    So what's wrong with not wanting black nurses to handle your baby? I would have done the same thing if my kids were born in today society. I was lucky my kids were born when America was a white society and we didn't have to be politically correct we could just be free to chose whatever we wanted.

  133. Mary Martin Hayes

    As an RN, we are required to honor the family's wishes. Frequently, the mother will request only female nurses. That's sexist, but you are required to honor their wishes. The same goes for race.

  134. Tawanna White

    Wheww! Lots of comments that appears to be missing the mark. Brian says he's not racist and I believe him. I agree with him as a matter of fact. Is that father in the hospital a jerk, yep, and one day will be in a world of hurt if he needs assistance and there's no one but a black person to help him. But who's paying the bill? Of course, a hosptial is about customer service – just happens to be health care. It's obvious the socialist agenda has infilitrated rather nicely. The black nurse has sued, it's a court issue. But slaughtering Brian is just as bad as what you all have accused him of being or doing. Shame.

  135. Ashley Medina

    Sadly I think you are wrong and that idiot would chose to die. A sad world we live in where a persons skin color is something to hold against them.

  136. Stankonia Roberts

    Let me get this straight: you don't condone what the father did, but you're making excuses for his behavior based on your sweeping generalization of African Americans, based on your working with them in a healthcare facility? Really, now. If that's the case, I should be making the same judgement about whites. I worked in a retirement home, and it was the white people who would steal the residents' meds from their rooms and other items. Yet, I don't because I realize that bad behavior exists among all groups.

  137. Stankonia Roberts

    I hope that if he gets shot, stabbed, maimed, in a car accident, has a heart attack, severs a limb, or his wife does, that black nurses and doctors are present. I would LOVE to see him refuse their help then.

  138. Edward Charles

    Why can a black insist that she has to be able to take care of a white baby (or sue), but a white can't insist that a black not take care of a white? That is reverse racism.

  139. iLLiCiTMedia

    Men and women far greater than you have lived by and died for their beliefs that all who step foot here are created equal. Your right to choose between Burger King and McDonalds is without question. Your right to choose "white only" service is not only immoral but illegal. That father may have the legal right as that child's parent but the law can and probably will step in if it can be proven that his beliefs would endanger that child. Furthermore, even though your fast food reference has been addressed it is far from relevant. His duty as a father should be to concern himself with the health and well being of his child and put all of his petty shortcomings on the back shelf.

    I'm white and I'm proud of who I am and how I was raised.

    When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I see a white man looking back. However, I also see a proud US citizen looking back who doesn't care what color someone's skin is but rather that they go to work, pay their bills, and take care of their own. I'm proud to have served beside men and women who felt just as I and many others do.

    It's 2013 now and if you or anyone else can't live with that then there are plenty of ways off of this continent.

  140. Joe Ratti

    It brings tears to my eyes that someone would be so foolish, so ignorant so detached from the warmth of human kind to suggest that an African American woman should not care for his child. It has been my very good fortune in life to have had extensive relationships with warm, wonderful, loving African Americans. They are, without question and in spite of the beating that they have taken, as kind, as caring, as warm, as loyal and as loving as anyone on the face of this earth! It would be my honor and privilege to have this woman take care of my son or daughter. She would be welcomed, with gratitude, in my house for ever after. When dear lord will the world wake up and realize that the color of someone's skin is meaningless?

  141. Cija Foster

    Keep this in mind as well, WHEN THE hospital is FORCED to pay her, YOUR RATES GO UP. It's because silly ass lawsuits like this that will keep hiking that medical care up but I guess no one cares anymore right since it will soon be a free hand out.

  142. Anonymous

    Brian, then you should take your child to a hospital that has no Homosexuals, or Chinese people, or other Minorities or that meet YOUR special preferances! These are hospitals that are not supposed to DISCRIMINATE and you should be aware of where YOU are taking your child! The hospital doesn't have to turn tricks for ONE person, especially when there are laws against this behavior. So have a Mid-wife or somebody who can come to your house and deliver your baby, and others would be none the wiser, and your biases can be met!!!

  143. Cija Foster

    but you didnt file a lawsuit right ? that seems to ONLY BE FOR THOSE who aren't white. YOU granted their request and went on to the next patient

  144. Cija Foster

    shows HOW IGNORANT you are to think racism is ONLY in the south, IT is VERY VERY rampant in Mi and the midwest. STop having Hollywood dictate how the south is,

  145. Nila Atkins

    Yes this man was an idiot. But the hospital could have stood up for the nurse. If he was not happy having the nurse he had, than he should have been told that he has the right to remove his child from the hospital, and find another hospital that was more to his liking. Unfortuantely there are always going to be people like this. Nothing can change racist people but themselves. Feel sorry for this baby though. Growing up in such a hate filled enviorment. :(

  146. Fred Pahlke

    Seems like a father didn't like black nurses taking care of his wife and newborn. Well, if I was the administrator of the hospital I would have TOLD him that you get what you get and if you don't like it you can just get out, NOW! WTF? I hope the black nurses make a nice payoff in this lawsuit. This is not 1861 Mississippi.

  147. Ryiin Anthony

    After reading this reply, one thing comes to mind(see ending statement for more fun): First, when you are in a hospital setting, you are NOT a customer. You are a patient. You remember those forms you sign before they proceed to give you care? Some of those forms are "release forms". Those forms releases your rights to bitch and make stupid requests because they NOT in the business of fulfilling stupid requests nor are they in the business of pleasing you and giving you what you want..They are bonded and governed by the federal government..

    You can't compare the services at a hospital(governed by the government), to a retail situation, like Macy's..Let's use your own examples: you can chose any insurance provider you want, just like you can chose any hospital you like..However,once you are in, you belong to them..You have to follow the rules and guidelines set by the hospital regulated by the Government..not the other way around. Treating a patient with dignity and respect is not the same as honoring a self request that violates a clearly stated law that protects a employee and hospital.

    Remember when you was shopping for insurance and you had to pick from a "reset of coverage per monthly cost? Notice what you didn't see( you have the right to make request based off race, gender, or sex.

    * I bet you are a tea party guy. lol

    Speaks with emotions, not much common sense!

  148. Kimberly Powell

    As a black ICU nurse, I have had patients and their families to refuse my care and have had the hospitals to adhere to their demands. I wish I had thought about a lawsuit…..Instead, I took care of the people who didn't care about the color of my skin and wanted my 15 + years of Trauma and ICU nursing skills and experience in comparisons to the younger white nurses that were preferred by the ignorant racist patients/families; the same white nurses who had to come behind closed doors or in a corner and ask me what was really wrong with their patients. I still win because I'm yet caring behind the scenes!

  149. David Clemons

    People have the right to choose the race of their doctors and nurses. I get asked if I have a problem with a black nurse working on me every time I'm in a doctor's office. This black nurse knows it's a right.

  150. Gatrics Perine

    The very fact that the hospital, Ms. Battle's employer for 25 years, chose to dishonor her skills, trust, and loyalty to her profession as a dedicated nurse to her employer Hurley Medical Center and instead accommodate this man's bias and racist mindset is perplexing (to me) and supportive of his racial prejudice over the hospital's responsibility to provide the best care for the patient, and have Ms. Battles' back

  151. Anonymous

    I am very familiar with situations like these, the problem is the Hospital's Administration was not immediately informed by the ICU, or they did not handle the situation correcly AS REPORTED BY THE AUTHER OF THE ARTLICLE WHICH COULD ALSO BE MISREPORTED. What should happen is this: Immediatly Report to the Administration and the babies Doctor about the patients husbands request. Administration shall be requesting the police and the patients DR to arrive at the Administrators office to discuss the situation. The baby cannot be discharged (in ICU) so the patient and husband need to be met with by the Dr, Police officer and Administrator to be informed that it is the responsibility of the Qualified nurses and DR at this Hospital to take care of this child regardless of race or color. If your husband is going to have a problem with this we will have to ask hin to leave the Hospital. Either way if the father agrees or disagrees with the Hospital, there will be 24/7 police watch on the child and patient until the baby has been discharged to go home. Situation is taken care of. In Flint, most employees will be black, so the father is going to have to adapt quickly or be sent home or to jail if need be.

  152. Gatrics Perine

    I remember an episode of "The Jefferson's" where George was asked to attend a meeting for the tenants in the building they lived in. Long story short, it was actually a "How to Clean Up our Building by getting rid of the Black tenants" kind of meeting by a rising group of Aryans in the building. The "leader", whose teenaged so was also in attendance, was the one most vocal about getting George's "kind" out, a big argument ensued, (earlier in the episode, George just passed a life saving CPR course in the very same room of the "meeting"); the "leader" has a heart attack, and is given mouth to mouth resuscitation from the ONLY qualified person there, 'George Jefferson'. As he's carried away by EMT's, his son tells him what just happened, and who saved his life, to which he replies, "you should have let me died"…Now, that's HATE–Right then and there, at THAT moment, had it not been for THAT BLACK man, that kid would never again see his father alive,…. when it is ALL SO UNNECESSARY!

  153. Anonymous

    I happen to know a thing or two about Healthcare and your geographical area. Chances are the ICU where you work probably is not that large and therefore has limited ICU nurses to take care of critically ill or monitored patients. ICU is not Medical or Surgical care. I do not think the patient has the "right" to make "choices" of caregivers especially in the ER or ICU. The only problem I could ever see if I was the Administator of your Hospital would be if the Doctor decides he will write an order to honor the specific caregiver request of the patient and then I would most likely have to take this to the situation to the Medical Executive Committee if I could not get the Doctor to cancel the "order" on their own.

  154. Anonymous

    I think of the products that the world needs that racists like this need, that may have been made by the same hands that they hate so much, so regardless you are being touched and taken care of what you hate so much, think on that……

  155. Jacquelyn Barrows

    Doesn't the parent of the child have a right to say which nurse cares for their child? The hopsital will so many blacks seekinga discrimination suit all of them always do because of hatred towards non-black they have to be first if they aren't then they sue, so the hospital has a paying customer who wants specific type of nurse if the hospital does not honor that then the customer sues I feel sorry for the disrespect shown to the family of the child and the hospital.

  156. Caroline Mcclain

    No one has noticed that there was a tatoo on the father of a swatzica( sorry for the spelling error) on his arm. He is either a bigot, prejudice, or a neo-natzi. Take you pick, that is why he wanted no African-American nurse taking care of his newborn. There are thousands of them out there and they will always be this way.

  157. Michael Thomas Connors

    as a male nurse how many times have I heard no male nurses for the patients , sad to bar a professional from only doing their job because of your problems and to disregard the care of their child or family member.

  158. Marilyn Hilliard

    What government gives 10 points for skin color? Research your comment and get your facts straight.

  159. Oiram Fleur

    The only way change has ever been made in this country is to put dents in peoples wallets. After the lawsuit, I'm sure this won't happen again.

  160. Oiram Fleur

    Laziness is a race of people benefiting from the torment, enslavement and HARD WORK of another group of people for centuries. You tell me who fits the true mold of laziness.

  161. Anonymous

    Racism is taught.. people are not born with it. The sad thing is that through the devotion of hard working nurses (no matter WHAT their color) this child will God willing live and grow up… hopefully he won't be taught the ignorance of the parents. Perhaps someday the child will read / learn about this situation and and realize that the dedication of these hard working professionals made it possible for him/her to do so. In this situation I pray that the child learns from THIS that when you need their training their color is not an issue. The HEART doesn't care what the "paint job" is… love, which is the greatest gift of all, will triumph.

  162. Steven Calhoun

    You are an azzhole too. You compare a car insurance broker to a child's life. You evidently are as stupid as this jerk. He should have delivered the child himself and like you compare MickeyD's to BK, have it your way.

  163. Anonymous

    that jerk doesn't need to have a baby. I'm white and I'd let a nurse take care of my baby period. if I had a baby that is.

  164. Dale Elliott

    This is in Michigan? The Same state with the Largest Muslim community, the same state that allows Muslim Stores to segregate Men from Women? If that hospital had a Muslim Patient who ONLY wanted Muslim Nurses and Doctor's to take care of the child- they would honor it, right?

    What if it the people where members of the Nation of Islam and they ONLY wanted African American's taking care of the child- would you still be outraged?

    I PERSONALLY think these people are slugs. But, Hypocrisy drives me crazy.

    You folks act like 'white people' are the only racist. Go to Dearborn Michigan and you will see ALOT of discrimination… Where is the outrage against Muslims? It is WRONG no matter who is doing it.

  165. Lucian Jason

    What's wrong with the blacks? if he want let him find a place where by he will be just alone, becourse blacks are every where.

  166. Arlene H Schein

    Nathan Fletcher excellent answer. Perhaps they should have given the dad the treated by our experienced caring nurses, or transfer your child somewhere else AFTER you sign a release absolving them of any problems from the move….

  167. Anonymous

    Freedom to choose doesn't guaranty that the person making the choice will make a good one. I think he can say if he wants to that one group or another can't touch his baby but I think it represents a really poor way of thinking. I don't think I have the right to say that he has to allow anyone to touch his baby, except to save the babies life or health.

  168. Lucian Jason

    What a horrible right a person can have, he wants let him make a wish for all the blacks to disappear.Lets see if that can work its not our problem that we are black.Sorry sir I LOVE MY COLOUR so the choice is yours take it or leave it.Good lucky!

  169. Anonymous

    Yet if the request was religious in nature, as in, only catholics or babtists could of cared for the newborn, it wouldn't be an issue.

    This country is hosed.

  170. Anonymous

    The whole world is racist….Even the sweetest bunny hugger will become racist if the circumstance presents itself.. Its in our nature to be nasty to each other. Its the world we live in…..

  171. Denny Tom Crane

    When my daughter was born I saw this huge black lady over 300 pounds, extremely dark, looked like she had grease all over her skin, wasn't sure if that is oily/greasy natural skin or she was sweating from moving around. I did not want that lady to touch my newborn. Now on the other side of the coin, if there was a any color person white's included of course were all greasy looking, sweaty, a mess, couldn't control their weight, I wouldn't want them touching my baby either. This person has every right to ask in a nice way to not have someone not touch their baby. In my case I was so worried that these greasy person would drop my newborn. Oh and how sick, she wasn't wearing gloves. Shit they wear gloves at Subway to make you a sandwich, the least she could of done was worn gloves too for the other infants she was touching. I respect this persons decision. Everyone is so sensitive now a days about the smallest thing. Now if he/she yelled out loud and called her a N word, made her feel like crap in front of her colleagues and made a big scene in front of other patients and doctors I could understand the "Horror" she must of felt, but she just wants money and so does the lawyer. If you do or say the slightest thing today it's like, "Let's head to court". I mean really people?? Grow a pair! Not everyone on this planet is going to like you and not everyone is like minded. Stop getting offended by other people's requests, demands or their choices. People are just to damn sensitive. If she jumped off a bridge would he be charged with 2nd degree manslaughter if she left a suicide note and said that she did this because of the embarrassment??

  172. Adam Reiche

    It is the mans right to decide whether or not he wants his child to receive care from anyone but a white nurse or doctor. There is nothing wrong with him making this request. It is the nurse who needs to be talked to. Get over the fact that the man doesn't want specific people caring for the child.

  173. Linda Ostrom

    To all that are blasting Brian Hinckley for his posting: I understand what you all are getting at about people being racist, but I honestly believe that what he was trying to impart was that whether we agree with the parents request or not, parents should have the right to choose whom they feel comfortable and safe with in regards to who has access to their children being physically handled and administered drugs to. And if the parent is paying the bill, then I believe all of us should have the right to make our requests known. Personally, I also would not worry about whether someone was white, black, or pink with polka dots… I would be most concerned about if they were medically capable to care for my child.
    HOWEVER… I AM TIRED OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD of where blacks feel that any demand they make in regards to 'Blacks Only' is their civil right, I.E: not wanting black orphans being adopted by whites – but don't wish to adopt the children themselves; black only scholarships; black only schools; black only communities; etc. But, if whites wish to have their own this or that, then WE'RE the ones being racists. It's time that THIS bullsh*t stops too!

  174. Davle Bee

    Racists don't have a right to have babies. All racist must lose custody of their babies. Only people free of prejudices can keep babes.

  175. Davle Bee

    Racists don't have a right to have babies. All racists must lose custody of their babies. Only people free of prejudices can keep babes.

  176. Keith A. Nicholson

    As long as the hospital employs and will continue to employ black folks, I say ignore the baby. If he/she starts to choke, leave him/her be – as her parent's wish.

  177. Leslie Napolitano

    This is a perfet example of how patients control the course of care in a hospital, even to the point of it being detrimental to the outcome. There is an overwhelming trend in healthcare to let the patient and family make all medical care judgements and decisions. This is because of the belief that people won't sue if 'we give them what they want', even in the event of death. This mentality is purely used to prevent and avert lawsuits. Us nurses have been thrown under the bus for years now over exactly this type of situation. We are FORCED to over look sound medical principle in the name of 'making the patient and family happy'. Needless to say, the vast majority of patients and families are NOT qualified to make medical decisions. I've seen many situations where a family refuses care from a certain nurse because they don't 'like her demeanor'. This is absolutely a way of life in healthcare today and the hospitals pander to it as a marketing tool. There are studies done that confirm the poor outcomes resulted from is type of behavior. We even have children who come to visit patients in our ICU who are allowed to crawl around and touch everything, yet if we explain to the parents how unhealthy this is, we hear about it. If a visitior refuses to adhere to the infection control policy (and consequently contaminate everywhere they go in the community because of it), we are not allowed to refuse admittance. This is not only demoralizing to nurses to constantly be undermined, it's downright unhealthy. I have been a critical care nurse for over 30 years and I'm disgusted. I hope this nurse wins her case, the hospitals should know better.

  178. Reese Cook

    The only problem I see with this story is the lawsuit. She was moved to a different section of the hospital, not fired. The father not wanting black nurses caring for his child is identical to the want of no formula, no pacifiers, or no vaccinations. All three of these can be argued for the "well being of the child". Just because she worked there for 25 years doesn't mean she's the best at her job or that someone else wasn't competent enough to care for the child. She has no case as no rights were violated.

  179. Brad Siegrist

    Though I do not agree with it. It is the parrents right to make that request. Freedom is a hard pill to swallow some times. (No pun intended.) But the same freedom that allows me to call this guy a jerk. Gives him the right to be one.

  180. John Martin

    He has the right to choose who takes care of his baby and if he chose this he should be granted it. The last time I looked this is America and if something happened to his baby and it was a white person treating the baby then he cannot say anything at all and the hospital is a service and should grant his request with no issue. If this had been a request for a black only Nurse than no one would be saying anything. It amazes me how it is an issue if a white person makes a request like this but it is a civil right if a black person request a black person. Black History month, really, how is this not a race issue? If we had a white history month it would be considered racist.

  181. Leslie Napolitano

    Brian Hinckley below is correct as far as medicare goes. Hospitals are reimbursed by Medicare based on VERY narrow surveys. This should not apply to a young couple with a baby, though.

  182. Jayme Moy

    Having worked in long term care for most of 30 years, I have rec eived many different customer requests. Per regulations, we need to try and "accomodate" the best we can. I do not move staff to other units, but staff may trade a resident with another staff member. Most of my requests are for female vs male caregivers. I do not condone a racial request. I also do not believe this warrants any monetary relief.

  183. Barb Keckler

    Good for Tonya-maybe this lawsuit will stiffen the spines of her bosses. Giving in to that craziness won't raise the Press-Gainey scores.

  184. Tammy Edrington

    fonzofoz3 Thanks for pointing that out. They separate them selfs and then complain about it when a white person is distrustful of them. Notice they for the most part want to be called African Americans. Why not americans? Why have a black expo? Why have preferencial hiring preferences for black people. Law suits based not on senority or qualifications but on the fact not enough diversity in promotion practices?special testing practices? ect… With all the preferencial treatment is it no wounder why some would be resentful? Yes black people have been historcally treated poorly but at some point they have to take responsiblity and own what they are doing to keep the separation going. I beleive they do because it benifits them. This nurse is going to get alot of money because she is black no other reason if she were white and sued for being refused by a patient she would be laughed out of court. It is a shame with all the advances made in eqallity that black people continue to separate themselfs and demand not equality but preferential treatment. I guess the male nurses should sue when a woman refused to have them as a nurse??? Dr.s are still for the most part male why the difference? Is it not discrimination? I would venture to say anyone would say its her right? Eventhough men are a minority in nursing I dont see them sueing do you???

  185. Leslie Napolitano

    Connie, take race out of the equation. This is just the tip of the iceberg re: patients and the families calling all the shots, and then wanting to sue when something goes wrong. This happens frequently. I've actually had patients tell me that they make their their own healthcare decisions and they don't care what the doctor says! Really? Then if you don't want to follow the doctors advice, go home. The vast majority of patients and families are NOT qualified to make medical decisions. They do not want to follow prescribed care, but they still want the option of suing and/or making someone's life miserable when THEIR way of doing business does not work out. Can't have it both ways.

  186. Anonymous

    So really what is the purpose of the lawsuit? Was the nurse emotionally damaged by the mans request? No, her feelings MAY have been hurt, oh and her pride MAY have been pricked, and she was absolutely mad as fire. But will a lawsuit against the hospital reach the man and change his views? No it wont. Because we don't know anything about this man, we SHOULD give some benefit of doubt to him and his request. It may have been prompted by a past trauma, we don't know. Hospitals often give patients a bit of latitude in whom cares for them. Seriously, how many males do you see working on rape cases, not to many as a victim will feel more comfortable with a woman. So would it be justifiable for a male nurse/hospital worker to file suit over not being staffed in the rape crisis center? It's a horrible thing that this man made the request, and it's sadder that we as a society assume the worst of him for it. It's also sad that the first response by the nurse is to file a lawsuit, which bottom line always comes down to money, and that wont change anything. Really if it was me, I'd prefer a person to be honest with me and say they don't want me working with their child. Because one, they are going to be hard to get along with and less than pleasant, plus God forbid anything goes wrong with that child, the person they didn't want working with their child, but weren't allowed to express their choices for fear of not being PC, is going to be the first and only person they blame, and then THEY will file a lawsuit of their own and that person they blame will most likely be number one on the defendants list. It's a different world now days, and places like hospitals walk a fine line between the patients rights and the employees rights, so what does the hospital do when the patients and employees rights are in conflict…'s a no win situation for the hospital.

  187. Dwayne Oxford

    Any of you PC zealots ever once for a second or two maybe wonder what the fathers experience with blacks has been? Our "media" turns a blind eye to the vast majority of black on white violence while brightly illuminating every little white on black incident they can find.

  188. Leslie Napolitano

    Eddie, I am a white nurse from Detroit and it's the same on my side of the coin, too. I do my best to not take it personally and move on. It is WRONG no matter where it comes from, and I am embarrassed when I see it happen to anyone. I chalk it up to whatever. I've seen patients accept substandard care because of ignorant attitude. I'm always amazed by that, and I've been in this business since 1973. Good luck to you and all the hardworking nurses who try their best every day no matter what the odds.

  189. Leslie Napolitano

    The trick is to chalk it up to ignorance and to not take it personally.

  190. Owen Yandell

    The problem lies with the hospital. They should have a stated policy that they decide who the nurses will be and not the dad of a patient. If he was that racist and could not accept the assigned nurse then he should have been given the option of having his baby transferred to another hospital.

  191. Eddie Sillery

    Yes I think the parents are idiots. Do I think the nurse should sue the hospital? No. I feel the nurse would be better off not caring for that particular baby if the parents do not want her to. It would just be a pain in the butt for her to deal with those parents. How many of the posters on here don't think the patient/parent has a right to refuse care from a certain type of caregiver? How about male nurses? MANY times male nurses are told they are not to care for certain patients, due to patient request. How many male nurses have you ever seen work in L&D? Not many, if any at all.

  192. Brad Nolan

    your child will miss a lot in his life because of your hater. please tell this men that everything in his household has be touched or creative by someone of mixing races. How long was this child in the hosiptal? Think about it when he starts to drink brown milk or what other foods. Dumb ass men wake up and see what in front of you. Your child will open your eyes to this soon.

  193. Cathy Davis

    I'm American of African descent, and I agree with your statement! I do want the decision maker to be held accountable for caving into racial hatred!

  194. Zakya Clark

    Hope his baby never need emergency services to save his/her life and there's just a black doctor.

  195. Bob White

    I can see why he made this request. And I agree with him and the hospital for honoring that request. I wouldn't want one around me or my family. I even change the channel on the TV or Radio when one appears.

  196. Eric Humphries

    I wonder what would have been done if it was a "black" baby and no "white" nurses allowed! Let me guess NOTHING would have been said!

  197. Herb Brady

    If one doesn"t want black drs, then don't go to black drs office. If one doesn"t want black nurses, then do so. The patient is the customer. The customer is always right.

  198. Nathan Carroll

    even though the dems are doing their best to f*** this country up this is still American last time I checked and it is his kid and his right to do what he wants to.

  199. Adam Cummings

    The racist dad should keep his mouth shut. I wonder if a plack panther said no white nurses would that be in the news? I am getting sick of everybody pretending they are not racist. Everybody is a racist on some level get over it.

  200. Tiffany Belle Johnson

    Ive been there before, but not with a child. The patient actualy told me at the end of the shift that he didn't want to see my black a** anymore. That N-word didn't have no business in nursing. But after my two days off, and him dealing with some either old burnt out nurses or new young nurses (all white). He requested me by name. He told me he had been in pain since the day I left, and that his pain was severly out of control due to delays of getting his pain medicine. I was told he too requested not to have any black nurses involved directly with his care. What prejudice people don't realize is that the opposite race doesn't want to be involved with their care no way due to the risk of them claiming mal-practice due to thier race. No one wants to jeopardize the way the pay bills for someone else's personal problem.

  201. Dennis Tuckish

    If the child was in the Neonatal ICU then it's life was probably in danger. It is a shame that the man would put his racism above the care of his child. I think the hospital did the right thing in granting him his request. First off, hospitals are customer based. Second, had they not granted his request would he have taken the child out of the hospital AMA? Would you take that chance? Does a single nurses rights trump the childs life? I say no it does not. The father is obviously a pig, but the care of the child comes before the nurse or the "paying party", and if only allowing every other race but black to take care of the child accomplishs that, then so be it. Do you job with another patient and stop crying.

  202. Rodney Mcneal

    I am a black American and really think this lawsuit is ridiculous! He should have a right to make any request he wants;if he wants only non-blacks to care for his baby, so be it. WHAT'S THE DAMN LAWSUIT? IT'S HIS BABY, LET HIM TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN STUPIDITY-NOT THE BABY!

  203. Salvador Mella

    Stupids Hitler imitators! there`s black people living in Germany today. Understand this " Racism it`s out of date ".

  204. Rick Anderson

    Can I just ask what is the big deal here? I get it, OH NO, the guy is a neo-nazi racist. I get it. But if he doesn't want a black nurse he doesn't want a black nurse. Why make a big fuss over it? Because you don't agree and in America, the land of the free, you have to be forced to love everyone?

    I'm not saying the guy isn't nuts. But you all hate him becuase he chooses to hate someone based on color…kind of ironic I think. In my opinion you all are just as bad as him.

    my second thought is that I was watching a black comedian on comedy central this weekend make fun and talk about how horrible white people are. Should I be able to sue Comedy Central for airing such racist programming?

  205. Aaron Aanerud

    People have prejudices. It's incredible that these still exist, but they do. This idiot's CULTURAL, and that mindset is a culture, belief omits Black Nurses. Sad, but true. So then, what should the reaction be by male nurses that are declined to serve based on cultural beliefs and/ or personal mindsets, hmm? As many rile up in arms of this, and I agree- it's wrong- how is it 'ok' or 'culturally sensitive' to bar male nurses in some instances and at patient/ client request/ demand but 'not acceptable' to discriminate against her? Discrimination is discrimination. (There is no 'reverse' discrimination – or 'reverse' harassment for that matter – it simply is discrimination.)

  206. Anonymous

    One doesn't really know what the circumstances are and as always people jump to conclusions. Perhaps (and I really don't know, just like most everyone else), maybe the guy didn't want someone who got their degree through affirmative action to be handling his kid. Maybe the lady was really on the ball and new her stuff, but I have encountered many people who got their degrees and positions due to affirmative action rather than merit. 20% of those ranged from competent to almost walking on water, better people you couldn't find. The other 80% should never have been hired for those positions, but because of quota's they were moved ahead of more qualified people.

    When dealing with life affecting situations, you have to ask yourself "that while there are no guarantees do you want the Dr/Nurse who had progressed through their training due to achievement or the one who progressed with additional points for being a protected class.

    If you really want to end racism, then you need to get rid of affirmative action. If you look at business like the NFL/NBA/ Pro Baseball people advance on their abilities (there is no affirmative action in sports), while businesses and government agencies are bogged down in it. It strikes me as ludicrous that we would burden most of our businesses with a racist policy like affirmative action, but exempt games.

    It's know wonder the economy is in the toilet.

  207. Anonymous

    I am not an legal advisor but I wonder if This is clearly Race Discrimination.
    Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups.
    With everything else being equal as per the complaint the sign said "No African American Nurse To Take Care OF Baby" in other words "NO BLACKS".
    Had the sign said "White Nurses Only to Take Care Of The Baby" "Whites Only" would that be equaly as offensive and insulting in the work place.
    My thought would be the " African" a person and especially a black person of African ancestry is based on Color "A phenomenon of light (as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical values ".
    And the "American" A citizen of the United States is based on Nationality.
    Where the "White" being a member of a group or race characterized by light pigmentation of the skin is based also on Color or lack of Color.
    In other words could you say the discrimination besides Color is that the Nurse is American. and the Father of the baby showing the German nazi symbol swastika tatoo is a racist of German decent or want to be. "It is unlawful to harass a person because of that person’s race or color".
    To me the Hospital Failed to protect the Nurse from Harassment in the work place.The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment.

  208. Patti Glimski Samson

    As a former postpartum and Neonatal intensive care nurse, I can look back remembering a similar incident. My charge nurse, who was black, had a mother request that she not take of her or her baby. There really wasn't any "incident " that occurred, just the request. We called the supervisor , she talked to her, and we switched patients. it was a pain, and I'm very sure my charge nurse was embarressed, but we were able to make things work without forcing the issue and having a major conflict. If a patient is uncomfortable for whatever reason , with a caregiver, it is their right to report it. Some people are, unfortunatly, racist. Some may be the opposite, where they request a particular nurse. Whatever the case, if it is reasonable to accomodate the request, and staffing allows for it, it should be granted. Personally, I think both the babys' parents, and the nurse, would wind up extremely stressed out and unhappy if the request was not granted. As a nurse, I would not want to take care of a patient or family that did not want me to care for them. It could lead to potential problems. Anyways, this is my veiw.

  209. Ben Jackson

    Welcome to America y'all. What did you expect? This reminds me of WW2 when racist soldiers said they didn't want to be transfused with the blood of Black soldiers. That was until their life was on the line. The ignorance in this country is mind-numbing. Excuse my language but f-=4 the man and his kid.

  210. Ben Jackson

    Those of you who think a persons ethnicity determines their work habits should look to the US Congress. Majority white males, racist comments abound and no work gets done. How come? I'am sure the racists among you have a comment.:)

  211. Ben Jackson

    Can you imagine the dinner table conversation in that house? "Don't play with that child Billy, they are not like you and they don't belong here".

  212. Ben Jackson

    Connie, what would you do if a non-white nujrse said to you that your child wasn't fit to be cared for because they were the wrong color? Its not about money dear, its about respect and dignity. If you as a parent don't respect health care professionals than why use a hospital? If you want an all-white staff, then go where that is available to you. Don't call the non-white nurse or doctor when you have a health problem.

  213. Liz Whitman

    I bet if that baby was in serious trouble, and stopped breathing, or went into cardiac arrest, and the black nurse was the only one around to help, he wouldn't think twice about letting her step in. Funny how people change according to circumstances.

  214. Liz Whitman

    Never thought about it until now. But I once had a nurse with bed pan manner, not bedside manner. She had some kind of Austrailan or English accent. She was not a nice person by any means. And I'm sure I wasn't too nice either being over due and baby was in fetal distress. I kept vomiting and at like 6 nurses, holding a kidney-shaped bed pan, That was not much bigger than a saucer. I asked if they could please leave so I can puke in privacy. I don't know, even though I was in a hospital, I just didn't feel like I should have to throw up in front of all these people. All the nurses left but her. As she stood there and tried to argue with me about how it is her job to be there while I was getting sick.It was embarrassing and humiliating tome. Well after she wouldn't leave, I started screaming that if they didn't get this eNGLISH b-WORD OUT OF MY ROOM, THAT WAS LEAVING. They got her out, and I did feel bad afterwards, thinking maybe I was just being a psycho pregnant women in labor. But I honestly never meant anything racial by it. But I now wonder if she took it that way.

  215. Carl Turner

    I could care less about the individual racist, but when racism becomes institutional policy or racism is upheld by institutional policy, then that's a big problem which should be addressed by law suits. I could care less about the person who lives down the street who might be a racist. That person has a right to their personal opinions, but when these people become the gatekeepers of our institutions, then they must be challenged. There are options for people who want to be racial separatists. Private schools, private Hospitals and members only clubs offer options to those who don't want to co-mingle with the general public at large. That's fine and your right, but that is not how the rules are applied to the general public, which does not allow for these special accommodations to your racial preferences.

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