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Dr. Drew Pinsky On Mindy McCready: ‘She Was Fearful Of Stigma And Ridicule’

dr drew pinsky mindy mccready

Dr. Drew Pinsky has spoken out after the suicide of Mindy McCready yesterday, and in the day since her tragic death, one topic that keeps coming up is the increasingly poor survival odds former cast members of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew seem to have after they appear on the reality drama.

Before Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky became notable for his love advice on Loveline — and the VH1 rehab show that followed had many successes, but also many tragedies. Mindy McCready is the fifth former cast member of the show to pass away in just two years, and Pinsky has been brought up since the most recent Celebrity Rehab death Sunday.

One vocal critic of Dr. Drew Pinsky was singer Richard Marx, who later apologized but first said after news of Mindy McCready’s death came to light:

“I think ‘Dr’ Drew Pinsky should change his name to Kevorkian. Same results.”

Pinsky did not address the comments about the fates of cast members who died, but he did have some heartfelt words after Mindy McCready’s death — and he says he had reached out to the troubled singer before her death.

Dr. Drew spoke to People today about Mindy, and had this to say after her suicide:

“I am deeply saddened by this awful news. My heart goes out to Mindy’s family and children. She is a lovely woman who will be missed by many … Although I have not treated her for a few years, I had reached out to her recently upon hearing about the apparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger children. She was devastated.”

Pinsky added:

“Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority. Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment … Mental health issues can be life threatening and need to be treated with the same intensity and resources as any other dangerous potentially life threatening medical condition.”

He concludes:

“Treatment is effective. If someone you know is suffering please be sure he or she gets help and maintains treatment.”

Do you think Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show can do more harm than good for troubled celebrities like Mindy McCready?

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51 Responses to “Dr. Drew Pinsky On Mindy McCready: ‘She Was Fearful Of Stigma And Ridicule’”

  1. William Carlisle

    Does anyone not think this Dr. Drew person is a complete fraud? He is a worthless piece of crap and money grubber. He has never helped a single person,,,, 5 have died from his show. It is crazy to continue to support a show with this guy. Crazy

  2. Anonymous

    Richard Marx is wrong for critisizing Dr.Drew. You cant save someone from themselves.

  3. Eric Flores

    You guys obviously don't realize that he is a real Dr and not a Dr Phil type person. People with addiction issues are very dangerous and these kinds of things happen.

  4. Tonya Blaine Vernon

    I wonder what he overall odds are for ANYONE going thru rehab, relapsing and taking their own life. It has NOTHING to do with Dr. Drew. Walk in the shoes of hose that are addicts, alcoholics or with mental illness before showing ignorance.

  5. Anonymous

    Why do we keep making celebrities out of these Dr.'s who sell out their patients for notoriety…. and then prevent the legal system from making these celebrites accountable for their actions…. poor Michael, poor Whitney, poor Mindy, poor John what a waste of talent, let's celebrate their lives by doing a "TV Spectacular" just plain bull s**t. Let's be honest, they didn't waste their talent, they wasted their lives and made decisions that cost them theirs. We need to focus on people who actually offer their lives as a sacrifice for our freedom such-as the men and women of our military who actually didn't waste their lives but sacrificed them.

  6. Lisa Beacham

    This is what I tell my children whenever they are going through something. If you can't come to me too talk out your problems, talk to someone you feel confortable talking to, even if it's a bum on the streets. The main purpose is to get it out of your system. Don't hang on to it, let it out. So if Dr. Pinsky was able too allow Mindy just a little bit of her openinning up to him, then that's something. There are people who are just too far gone for any form of help. At least that's how they feel, likes there's no way out of this, and having too deal with this nightmare day in, day out is too much too handle.

  7. Jennifer Fogarty

    I used to love Dr. Drew on Loveline. I still kind of like him, but after one half season of Celebrity Rehab, my respect went down. Nor did I bother watching any more seasons. Going through addiction is difficult, doing so on international television, HAS to make it exponentially worse. I think that these celebrities have a hard enough time with the press hounding them and waiting to pounce for a good headline when they screw up again. They don't need added pressure of the public watching them do it, struggle and sometimes fail. Some of that public will laugh at them and make them feel badly, just because they think it's funny to do to someone struggling. If I were in Dr. Drew's place. I would never have been able to sign up for the exploitation that would inevitably follow, whether I would be directly responsible or not. Although I do think that Dr. Drew is directly responsible, although not entirely, for exploitation of people that are in a world of hurt, and using that to bolster a career. He could have offered therapy without the television crews! maybe even gotten better longterm results. (Nope, don't like Dr. Phil either!)

  8. Jamie Ryder

    Dr Drew is a joke… The only thing he cares about is getting paid for the so called work with the whores of teen mom and his sorry show on CNN… Take this useless man off the tv…

  9. Anonymous

    This just #($@(#$)@& me off beyond belief! NOT that Mindy is gone, I think that is just heartbreaking…..what is so infuriating is how naive people are, thinking that rehab is purported to be some sort of magic elixir, that Dr Drew is supposed to do a spell on these people and fix them. Truthfully, mental illness is a DISEASE, worsened and sometimes cause by substance addiction. Even when the patient WANTS to change, sometimes their brain chemicals just won't let them. It is unfortunate, and I know there is a weird sort of comfort/closure when you CAN blame someone for this sort of loss, but sometimes it's just the horrid way things turn out. I am a strong supporter of the COMPETENT workers in the mental health field, because there are many, but we just can't save everybody.

  10. Ann Purcell

    Although I agree with your comment I would like to point out that Dr.Phil is a real doctor (as much as it makes me cringe to say that) who has a Doctorate in Psychology or Psy.D just like Dr.Drew has. Dr.Phil is a clear example that having a college education and "years of experience" doesn't necessarily mean the person is qualified. However, Dr.Drew appears to be a wonderful doctor.

  11. Ann Purcell

    Although I agree with your comment I would like to point out that Dr.Phil is a real doctor (as much as it makes me cringe to say that) who has a Doctorate in Psychology or Psy.D just like Dr.Drew has. Dr.Phil is a clear example that having a college education and "years of experience" doesn't necessarily mean the person is qualified.

  12. Anonymous

    Ann Purcell you are wrong. Dr Drew is an MD. He is an internal medicine doctor who is also an addictionologist. There is a mojaor difference in a Psy.D and an MD. Know your facts.

  13. Anonymous

    Ann Purcell The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists determined on October 21, 1988, that McGraw had hired a former patient for "part-time temporary employment".[13] Specifically, the Board cited "a possible failure to provide proper separation between termination of therapy and the initiation of employment"[14] and issued a letter of reprimand and imposed administrative penalties.[15] The Board also investigated claims made by the patient of inappropriate contact initiated by McGraw, but the "Findings of Fact" document issued by the Board on October 21, 1988, at the end of its investigation, includes no reference to any physical contact of any kind. It specifically identified "the therapeutic and business relationships" as constituting McGraw's sole issue with the Board.[15] McGraw fulfilled all terms of the Board's requirements, and the Board closed its complaint file in June, 1990.[16]

    In 1990, McGraw joined lawyer Gary Dobbs in co-founding Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI), a trial consulting firm through which McGraw later came into contact with Oprah Winfrey.[17] Eventually, CSI became a profitable enterprise, advising Fortune 500 companies and injured plaintiffs alike in achieving settlements. McGraw is no longer an officer or director of the company.[17]

    After starting CSI, McGraw ceased the practice of psychology. He maintained his license current and in good standing until he elected to retire it 15 years later in 2006.[18] Appearing on the Today Show in January 2008, McGraw said that he has made it "very clear" that his current work does not involve the practice of psychology. He also said that he had "retired from psychology".[19] According to the Today Show, the California Board of Psychology determined in 2002 that he did not require a license because his show involves "entertainment" rather than psychology.[19] McGraw's license is currently listed by the Texas State Board of Psychology as "retired" and he holds no other active licenses to practice in any other state.[20]

  14. Joanna Valdes

    I don't like Dr. Phil but because you have a psy.d doesn't mean you are less qualified to treat someone. Psychologist who choose a psy.d over an phD do it because PhD is a research degree, yet many seek a doctoral degree in psychology to practice and do not plan to conduct research. The PsyD is intended to prepare graduates for careers as practicing psychologists. That is the difference. It is not some huge gap between both degrees and psychologists who have a psy.d are just as qualified.

  15. Eric Flores

    Getting back to Dr Drew though. He is not a PHD or a Psy.D and an MD. He used to work in a hospital every day in Pasadena, CA working with addicts on top of also doing LoveLine. These people are not the same. Thanks for the back up @ Jarrellsn and @ hilts.

  16. Nethanyal Joans

    Ann Purcell Dr. Drew Pinsky in a Medical Doctor. Not PsyD. Dr. Drew Pinsky is trained in addiction medicine.

  17. Chris Pepper

    he's so creepy, he has to make the story about him "We agreed that her health…." there is no "we" here Drew, it's not your story, you just failed in treating her, with this treatment you keep saying works so well.

  18. Chris Pepper

    I feel the same as you Jennifer, my wife and I used to lie in bed and listen to him and Adam and really enjoyed his insight, but the Drew that is today's Drew, on CNN HEadline news basically as Nancy Grace's second Lt. and his re-hab shows are all about how great Drew thinks Drew is. it's really sad.

  19. Nethanyal Joans

    Your words make me challenge your education, William Carlisle. Look at her history of mental illness. She has attempted suicide multiple times. Dr. Drew cannot solve the worlds problems of mental illness and substance abuse and undo someones life stressors. Better yet, Dr. Drew cannot help people if they don't desire to be helped. Relapse is a common event in substance abuse. Mental illness contributes to suicide. Both untreated are a recipe for suicide. Dr. Drew is an influential doctor and has been so influential to so many more through being in the media. This is a million times more than you will ever become, Mr "Top Commenter"

  20. Megan E Moriarty

    I think Dr. Drew is doing his best, but the added element of going through the treatment so publicly is not very helpful. People going through depression often feel isolated and set apart, so maybe getting all that attention on the surface seems to help, but I don't think it really lets them know how to cope effectively in dark times when they are alone and need to create and sustain their own supportive networks.

  21. Anonymous

    As someone who has had Depression for 30 years and have been to Rehab, I guess according to your "expertise" that qualifies me to comment on Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew is a completely unethical quack. What makes you an expert on ignorance? Apparently you are suffering from some form of mental illness.

  22. Anonymous

    That is true, but you don't have to publicize it and make a profit off the tragic circumstances either.

  23. Anonymous

    Nethanyal Joans Wow! It is ironic that you are in Berkeley, known for its tolerance, yet seem so full of yourself and intolerant. Jim Jones was influential too!Come to think of it, The Peoples Temple originated in the San Francisco area. Maybe you are his bastard child!I am sure you are so insecure you want to challenge my education. I have a Masters Degree.

  24. Chris Pepper

    I think if Drew really cared about these people he wouldn't put them in the spot light. he doesn't need to be involved, he could spread all the information he does without putting specific people on TV to watch them fail. it's really sick, I think it's sad you can't see that.

  25. Bad Mutha Booboisie

    johnfriendly If you have an advanced degree, as you say you do, then *surely* you know that what you've engaged in is nothing more than a series of ad hominem attacks and arguments from authority–two of the most easily identifiable (and juvenile) logical fallacies in existence?

  26. Bad Mutha Booboisie

    These people are celebrities. They wouldn't do rehab AT ALL if it wasn't 1) for TV exposure or 2) money. So the real question is "Is it better to have addicted celebrities ATTEMPT rehab for the wrong reasons or continue their addictions without any attempt at treatment whatsoever?" You've set up a false dichotomy with your suggestions: either Dr. Drew cares and he'd fix them off TV or he doesn't care so he puts them on TV. That's not the reality of the rehab shows or the obvious motivations of the parties involved. I assure you that if you watched, listened to, or read Dr. Drew's thoughts on addiction, you would never–ever–think that he's "putting specific people on TV to watch them fail." He's putting them on TV because that's the only way they'll seek treatment at all. He's done a LOT of treatment for celebrities off-air and he hasn't put them on TV. Unless you're suggesting he's cherry-picking the ones most likely to fail in order to be on TV, in which case you're going to need MUCH better evidence.

  27. Anonymous

    Addiction is a medical disease and has been recognized as such for decades. I think that Dr. Drew needs to be investigated for malpractice. He has stated he is willing to pay addicts to enter treatment, which violates the codes of ethics for addiction professionals. For five people to die after they have left treatment is wrong. Imagine if a person with a heart condition leaves medical treatment and dies days later. Would the person with heart disease be blamed for his death? Or would the medical staff releasing him be investigated? This is serious and needs to be investigated by the California medical board, the Addiction Medicine board, and others.

  28. Charles Southworth

    Any Doctor, Counselor, or person acting in a fiduciary capacity of ANY kind can in NO WAY capitalize and/or sensationalize information based on a patient – especially the indigent. Any human who would take advantage of the misfortune of others in order to create a following via the media should be embarrassed to show their face in the mirror.

  29. Anonymous

    This is a reflection on addiction and not Dr. Drew. I have been in recovery for a long time and not everyone gets to stay clean and sober. Many continue their addictions and some die from overdose or suicide or get institutionalized. That is the nature of the addiction beast.

  30. Anonymous

    Anyone who is serious about getting better will go through a LEGITIMATE REHAB FACILITY NOT A HOLLYWOOD REALITY SHOW…PERIOD! I honestly think Steven Adler saw through the BS on that show and made it on his own after he was "kicked-out". Dr. Drew helps Dr. Drew's bank account.

  31. Jennifer Fogarty

    Trust me, the odds go up when you aren't being targeted by cruel paparazzi that want to see you fail. Dr. Drew's show, makes them even bigger targets than they were going into the show. The odds are hard enough of a person getting and staying sober, without celebrity doctors parading them around on television. I really do know what I'm talking about so please don't tell me I need to put myself in another's shoes.

  32. Jennifer Fogarty

    I don't give a rat's behind that some don't believe he is a "real" doctor! I already knew he had an MD, They said it enough on Loveline! MY statements ALL STILL STAND.

  33. Anonymous

    Seems to me that when someone is treating the worst addictions and mental issues, the rate of death, just by it's nature would be extremely high. Regardless of the Dr.. Drug addicted mental patients obviously have a history of making poor decisions in their lives. Although stuff like this is tragic and terrible, I don't see why it's surprising to anyone.. I suspect we won't get a list of his successful patients, because that's not sensational enough to make the news..

  34. Anonymous

    Hey stupid…. DR Drew is a TV show. When the 13 episodes ends Drew goes on Vacation and the producers go back to partying on the money they made. Wake the F up! It's reality TV. If you need help go get HELP. Don't go on a TV show that PAYS YOU to spill your guts to morons like us.

  35. Author Michael A. Lewis

    I understand everyone is trying to make sense of this and naturally looking for blame as well. It is a tragic event but is Dr. Drew to blame? How can it be said his treatment failed when she WAS NOT CURRENTLY UNDER HIS CARE? Let us see this for what it is. She had a history of mental health issues and suicide attempts. Her BF and the father of her youngest child COMMITTED SUICIDE less than a month ago. It is natural to expect her to be stressed about that. I think those around her failed her. Why? I am sure those around her are well aware of her history and issues. With such an event as the suicide of her BF, someone needed to be in contact with her, with her, around her around the clock because at any moment she could lapse into depression and it only takes a moment to find a window and kill oneself.

    When it comes down to it, there really isn't a "fault" here as much as a set of circumstances that led to this result. She can't really be blamed either since mentally she was not at 100% herself. I can't say that I think she even wanted to die. I think she was in despair and simply wanted the pain to stop. Many times people go to extremes without fully realizing that this is FINAL. At the time, they just want the pain, the stress, and the heartache of what they are going through to end. I sympathize with what she went through and her family. I really feel for the children especially the youngest child. Their Dad committed suicide then their mom….. that child needs to be watched for every sign of mental issues, depression, etc because BOTH parents were afflicted. Hopefully the child can benefit from help that was somehow missed by the parents. A sad sad situation.

  36. Author Michael A. Lewis

    P.S. People are harping on the people going on the show doing rehab before the world. You all do know that the cast members go on the show Voluntarily and are in no way FORCED to do so ……right? Some of you act as if they are in a private practice session and the cameras barge in and film them without their consent and exploit them.

    They are well aware that they will be on tv, the show will be edited (and may not show them in the best light), and they will be watched with scrutiny. Millions go through rehab every year….. many of them celebs and public figures…. the only ones who do it on celeb rehab are the ones who WANT to, those who don't wish to, do it privately. Also trust and believe those who do go on celeb rehab have an agenda whether to keep their name in the press to stay relevant, or to document their struggles so they can then exploit the redemption angle. You better believe they are not doing it all for the sake of therapy. I would think they get paid as well, all other reality show contestants do.

    Therefore Dr. Drew can't be blamed for providing a platform for those who wish to do rehab publicly. Please keep in mind that for those who are unsuccessful, there are also those who ARE successful and ARE helped.

  37. Marc Side Eye Fisher

    I remember her season and feel so bad for her babies.Dr. Drew and any rehad facility can only give you the tools for a sober life.

  38. Author Michael A. Lewis

    I don't see how @Nethanyal Joans is full of himself. Everything he said is common sense truth. She did have a history. She did attempt suicide before more than once. Dr. Drew is NOT responsible for solving the worlds problems. Relapse IS a common event in substance abuse treatment. Mental illness DOES contribute to suicide. These are indisputable facts. It is also quite clear that they are referencing Dr. Drew's influence in a positive context.

    You on the other hand said nothing of use. The "IRRELEVANT" facts you did manage to mention about Jim Jones by accident were in the process of being mean spirited and sarcastic. So then it seems that in your own baseless claim of being full of oneself you have revealed that indeed, YOU are the one full of himself as you have managed to rant and accuse yet said NOTHING. An obvious example of mean spirited vanity on your part. :-)

  39. Susan Gartin-Betts

    I question these celebrity doctors. They could not possibly attend to the needs of someone this ill and maintain a television and PR schedule. They would lack current clinical experience and this woman obviously had very very serious issues that required medication and in patient care not just rehabing. Substance abuse is always a mentally ill persons method of self medicating for a more serious mental illness. I have a lot of experience with this as I have a family member who was abusing alcohol for this reason and after several severe instances that landed him in jail we put him in the hospital for a month and he needed at home recovery now going on 6 months. It takes a long time to get used to the meds and get your life back together.

  40. Anonymous

    "Pinsky did not address the comments about the fates of cast members who died, but he did have some heartfelt words after Mindy McCready’s death…"

    so many things I can say about this. perhaps he spoke to a lawyer (can anyone say lawsuit?), maybe he knows what an idiot he is, but I think I'll go for my favorite. he's exploiting people already scrutinized by mainstream public. he's suppose to be a professional.

  41. Debbie Ackley

    I watched celebrity rehab with Dr Drew. You couldn't have a better, more caring, more loving of a doctor then Dr Drew. I saw the show he had with Mindy and with Mike from Alice & Chains who also passed away but not because of anything Dr Drew did. He's a doctor and a wonderful man, he is not God. I believe he puts every bit of his heart and soul into everybody he's treated and will treat. I hope he continues with celebrity rehab, I look forward to seeing it again. Try to remember all the good he did do for so many people with some of the toughest diseases. And yes the patients he lost had to be devastating to their families, friends and yes, The great Dr Drew. RIP Mindy. Nobody knows why things like this happens but that's it, it happens. And the rest of us can pray for all they leave behind and try to do all we can in a positive way that might help others suffering from these horrible diseases. God Bless You Dr Drew for doing everything possible.

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