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Led Zeppelin Reunion Possible, Robert Plant Says

Led Zeppelin singer open to reunion tour.

A Led Zeppelin reunion tour could happen soon if Robert Plant has anything to do with it.

The band’s frontman revealed that such a tour could occur as early as next year. “I’ve got nothing to do in 2014,” Plant said on the Australian edition of 60 Minutes.

Plant also downplayed the idea he was to blame for the band’s inactivity, deferring to fellow band members Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

“They don’t say a word. They’re quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me,” Plant said.

The response offered a change of tune from what Plant snapped to media outlets at a press conference in October 2012.

The press conference was to promote the release of Celebration Day on DVD, which featured a one-off show performed at London’s O2 Arena in 2007.

Plant called one journalist a “schmuck” for even asking the question of a Led Zeppelin reunion.

During the press conference, Jimmy Page was also sour on the possibility, calling it “disappointing for people when the answer is no … That’s what it is now.”

Page later revealed to Rolling Stone in November 2012 that it was Plant, who held back the potential reunion.

“Some of us thought [in 2007] that we would be continuing, that there were going to be more concerts in the not-too-distant-future,” Page said, adding that Plant was busy “doing his Alison Krauss project.”

“I wasn’t fully aware it was going to be launched at the same time. So what do you do in a situation like that?” Page said.

Page and Jones have not issued a response to Plant’s 60 Minutes interview at this time, so we will have to stay tuned.

Would you like to see a Led Zeppelin reunion?

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6 Responses to “Led Zeppelin Reunion Possible, Robert Plant Says”

  1. Melissa Hancock

    WOW! YES PLEASE I will LOVE to see Led Zepplen again. I saw them first when I was 12 years old on there first USA tour at New York Filmore East. with Iron Butterfly the top band at the time. Led Zep fly them out of the water , they were & are Amazing & changed my life for the good. They spin the whole gathering along with themselves up, up, & away into the Universe & Beyond. I was to young to do drugs but that is what happened I have never been the same since I let go & experenced an amazing awakening. I Love them & hope they do come together with us. Please visit your home England. PRO-PEASE, JOY, LOVE, LIGHT & LOTS OF LAUGHTER NAMASTE.

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