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Hugh Jackman Teases Bigger Wolverine Role In ‘Days’

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

According to Hugh Jackman, Wolverine might have a pretty major role in Days of Future Past.

There’s been a lot of speculation and very little solid information about Bryan Singer’s ambitious upcoming X-Men film project, based on the popular Days of Future Past storyline from the comic books. All we know is that the original X-Men auteur is back in the pilot’s seat, casts from the original X-Men trilogy will combine with that of X-Men: First Class, and that somehow, it’s all going to actually work.

One big question regards the inclusion of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Wolvie has already gotten a lot of screen time so far, practically headlining the original trilogy and two spin-off films of his own, and nabbing a First Class cameo. So will Jackman be reappearing in another cameo, will his role be that of a supporting cast member, or will he lead the pack once again?

Jackman wasn’t too specific, but he did hint to The Hollywood Reporter recently that we’ll be seeing more of Wolverine in Days than we probably expected.

“I first heard about it around October or November (2012). I was literally finishing The Wolverine and dreaming about lasagna, and about three weeks before the end, they told me,” Jackman recalls. “There was no way I was not going to be part of that.”

Singer recently told Collider that Days will be “the biggest movie I’ve ever made,” and that it will feature “some more science fiction-type aspects to the story and, without giving it away, some technology that we haven’t seen yet in the ‘X-Men’ universe.”

The director also recently revealed a new and exciting addition to the cast:

Are you excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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