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The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2013 Continues

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An ammunition shortage is still reportedly occurring across America. Gun shops are running low on vast varieties of ammo and are posting “out of stock” signs on bullets for popular weapons. The ongoing gun control debate and concerns over a ban prompted ammo prices to double in some regions.

Some guns and ammo retailers have placed limits on the number of packages a customer can buy. Shells for the 22-caliber long rifle are among the most difficult varieties of ammo to find, USA Today reports. The website might tracks ammunition availability in real time.

Although the website does not boast all the bells and whistles which commonly attract viewers, it has become extremely popular in recent weeks. alerts gun owners to the availability of specific types of ammo and provides links to stores and other pertinent details necessary for purchasing.

The run on guns and ammo reportedly began after gun control proposals started flying around Washington D.C., after the Newtown massacre. Concerns about a ban of specific weapons and ammo, coupled with possible price increases are blamed for the current ammo shortage.

A release from the Hornady company about the ammo shortage reads:

“The current political climate has caused extremely high demand on all shooting industry products, including ours. Empty retail shelves, long backorders, and exaggerated price increases on online auctions sites, all fueled by rumors and conjecture, have amplified concerns about the availability of ammunition and firearms-related items.”

Gun manufacturers are working nearly around the clock to keep up with demand. The number of guns and ammo made this year is more than was made in 2012, notes. The amount of ammunition and guns produced in 2012 was also reportedly more than made in the previous year.

Are you having a hard time finding ammo in local stores?

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29 Responses to “The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2013 Continues”

  1. Gaines Bruce

    Been looking for 22LR. No name box of 50 shell for $16 is far out of reason. I'll just have to quit practicing for a while. No fun at the range this summer. Thanks Obama, this is another reason I owe you.

  2. Joseph Guzzetta

    Keep an eye out. I got lucky at Cabelas – they posted for about an hour 325 round boxes of 22lr for something like 12 bucks. Picked up 5. Now if only I could find some .223 to feed my AR.

  3. Wesley Kent

    Although I do kind of agree with you, it's survival of the fittest right now, Just like in a SHTF scenario. It's first come, first serve everywhere….

  4. Billy Spruiell

    last fall (2012) I bought a box of.223 tula at walmart for $5.99 , while I got my mini-14 on 11-5-12 for $627.00… later my new marlin 60 was useless because.22 disappeared along with.223 and everything else..noticed that.45 was more available so I bought a hi point.45… so now its nearly impossible.
    to find a place to shoot any of the damn things… I'm throwing all of it in the garbage.

  5. Ron Smith

    cheaper than dirt has Tula AK47 in stock but you gotta but 500 round boxes for $300

  6. Ron Smith

    This is the correct way to manage your stock I keep minimum 500 rounds per type – usually closer to 800 or 1000 per caliber – when I reach 500 and its out of stock like now my sporting practice must halt until shelves are stocked at reasonable prices again to restock my extra practice sporting inventory. The core 500 per caliber must be kept for emergencies.

  7. Erik Wade

    Most of us have been reduced to buying rounds at the range to shoot and just taking the "extra" home. Strange how much extra ammo we have left over to take home.

  8. Anonymous

    Gold and silver as the precious metals to invest in? No No No No!
    Lead copper and brass. Making my 401K look like a piggy bank. Ammo will never go down in price. It may get more readily available but the price will never drop. The stocks and my gold and silver will go down and up and down. By the time I retire, my ammo will be far more valuable than my 401K. Trade barter and sell for an amazing profit.
    Only in America.

  9. Anonymous

    Sean Fisher, BS! Buy em if you can find em! I will retire on em!

  10. Anonymous

    Gaines, it might be time to set up a 22LR mfg plant somewhere friendly! Any investors?

  11. Anonymous

    People called me names about 5 years ago for spending a lot of cash on all the sizes I needed to last me about 5 years of normal shooting. Over the course of a year I accumulated after figuring how much I would need for the next 5 years. Now I am getting short and am buying all I can again. I will not let my inventory get too low. Brass lead and copper is a better investment than gold and silver.

  12. Donald Amarescu

    The government is keeping it out of our hands by buying it up. Exp. home land security signs contract for 1.5 billion rounds of.40 hollow point. What home land security needs it for is beyond me.

  13. Ron Spicer

    I have about 3000 rounds for rifle, 5000 for 22, and 1000 for pistol. I will not shoot until I can replenish what I have.

  14. Robert Tucker

    You can blame the Homeland Security for this. Found out from people working at various sporting stores that their warehouses are full of ammo but can't be released for sale due to Homeland. Don't you just love it.

  15. Carlos Hipocloritomonorastafario

    Thanks for being a retard hoarder, Guzzetta. Screw your Ar-15…

  16. Tom Jansma

    People look at me like I'm nuts when I go to the shooting range. I'm reduced to aiming my weapon and shouting, "BANG! BANG!"

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