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Maker’s Mark Won’t Be Lowering Alcohol Content After All

Maker’s Mark has changed course on a controversial decision to lower its alcohol content from 45 percent to 42 percent ABV, after internet outcry — including an impassioned plea from our own James Johnson at The Inquisitr.

In our opinion piece on the Maker’s Mark lower alcohol content controversy, James suggested that alcohol content in Maker’s Mark is second to an issue that was central in the proposed change — flavor. He explains that dilution is a big factor in the enjoyment of whiskey, and that even a seemingly slight change in water content could inhibit enjoyment for whiskey fans:

“Whiskey lovers also tend to have ‘favorites’ that they indulge in because of the flavors they provide. Anyone with half a brain cell knows that even a single ice cube melting in several shots (3 ounces) of whiskey can cause the flavor to change drastically …”

James continues:

“In fact, I am going to sugest this challenge to our readers: Fill a cup with 3 ounces (2 shots) of Maker’s Mark and then fill another cup with the same amount of liquor and .3 ounces of water. Taste each drink back-to-back and notice the difference in taste.”

Now Maker’s Mark has done an about face on the ABV thing — confirming that despite the two proposed alcohol content changes, the product will remain in its original form with no changes.

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