Altruistic blackjack player RobinHood702 wants to give money to needy families

Last year, the anonymous gambler only known as RobinHood702 helped a young family in crisis through Vegas winnings, and he wants to do it again.

RobinHood702 asked for people to submit their stories to him so he could select a family that needed his help. Kurt and Megan Kegler went $35,000 into debt treating their daughter Madison’s brain cancer, and RobinHood702 selected the family from thousands of submissions received at his website, gifting a vacation and cash to the Keglers:

He then flew Kurt, Megan and Madison Kegler to Las Vegas first class, putting them up in a luxurious suite, taking them to shows, treating them to expensive meals and spa treatments. And this modern-day Robin Hood was true to his word, taking from the rich and giving to the less fortunate, handing 35 grand to the shocked and nearly speechless couple who went home with pocketfuls of $100 bills and newfound hope for the future.

On, the mission is explained as such:

Are you buried in bills? About to lose your home? On the brink of financial ruin? If so, this could be your big break. “Robin Hood 702”, a self-made man and expert Blackjack player wants to use his skills to help you. He will select one deserving family based on their video submission and fly them to Las Vegas, Nevada. Robin Hood 702 will provide an all-expense paid weekend at the Palazzo Resort-Hotel Casino, which includes a true high-roller suite. show tickets to the hottest shows in town, spa appointments and meals in the city’s finest restaurants. You will live like the high roller Robin Hood 702 is, then watch him win the money you need to become debt-free. A Fox News crew will be on hand to document the event.

But this year, the gambling do-gooder has gotten a friend to match his winnings and help an additional family in need. Dr. Richard Schulze is planning to match his buddy’s contribution, but he’s not braving the tables to win it:

“I want a thousand people — I want ten thousand people to do this. It’s one thing to hear about people helping people and it’s another thing to be there in person,” he said.

Schulze says he’s ready to give “thirty, forty, fifty thousand dollars” to the family he chooses. “Whatever they need to save their home, to get out of debt, to get out of bankruptcy, I want to help someone out.

“Really this is a story about Americans helping Americans. No one else is going to help us out and it’s time now to help each other.”

Think your tale of woe is sufficient? Try your hand, at

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