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Loaded Gun In Airport Lands Pennsylvania Man Behind Bars

Loaded Gun

A 59-year-old Pennsylvania man’s decision to bring a loaded gun in a New Jersey airport has landed him behind bars.

Robert Kellerman was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport after TSA screeners noticed a loaded gun in his carry-on bag. According to The Associated Press, Port Authority police officers placed the man under arrest at around 6 am on Sunday.

Authorities were summoned after Transportation Security Administration screeners found a loaded.22 pistol inside the man’s bag. The Star-Ledger reports that Kellerman has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

Although the 59-year-old man admitted the weapon belonged to him, he explained he had no intention to use it. Kellerman told police that he simply forgot the loaded gun was in the bag when he entered the airport.

Despite tightened security at airports around the nation, people are still caught attempting to sneak loaded weapons onto flights all the time. In November of last year, 59-year-old Kelvin Jerome Simmons was busted by TSA screeners when they spotted firearm inside his carry-on bag.

According to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Simmons was arrested by area police and charged with carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location.

In September of 2012, a Florida woman forgot that she had stashed a loaded gun inside her purse before boarding a flight from Orlando International Airport to Newark Liberty Airport. However, TSA screeners failed to notice the gun when she was boarding the plane.

The Orlando Sentinel reports the woman didn’t realize she had the.380-caliber semi-automatic Ruger in her possession when arrived for her flight. She contacted Port Authority police to let them know about the situation. Since she came forward about the weapon, she wasn’t charged with any crimes. However, the gun in question was confiscated by police.

It’s unclear if Robert Kellerman will face any jail time for leaving a loaded gun in his carry-on bag at Newark Liberty International Airport.

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14 Responses to “Loaded Gun In Airport Lands Pennsylvania Man Behind Bars”

  1. Anonymous

    "Despite tightened security at airports around the nation, people are still caught attempting to sneak loaded weapons onto flights all the time". This all bullshit. The man made an honest mistake I'm sure.

  2. Brian Dellinger

    I own guns and there is no way on Earth I'm going to forget I'm carrying. While I've never flown with a firearm, most companies do allow it and have procedures in place for flying with firearms. Media reports of forgetfulness and unsafe actions aren't what responsible, law-abiding citizens need with the current political climate.

  3. Don Dembling

    Easy for you to say when you aren't getting on the same plane with him.

  4. Anonymous

    What person in their right mind would go into the State of New Jersey without a good handgun. You`re just asking to get robbed, beaten, and possible killed without one. Also, most beatings and robberies are done by airport police.

  5. Anonymous

    if you forget that your carrying a gun, you should not even own a gun. its that sort of people that will get all our guns taken away.

  6. Anonymous

    if you forget that your carrying , you should not own a gun. these type of people are part of the reason we are going to lose all our guns.

  7. Anonymous

    Let's review. You don't leave your kids or pets in the car while shopping, gambling, drinking, etc, you don't pass a stopped school bus, you don't text, put on makeup or read while driving, you don't pee into a running fan and you never but never carry a gun into an airport. Okay everyone, got it?

    If he didn't know the gun was in there, he is not responsible enough to own a gun. I know where every gun I have is and whether or not it is loaded. (If it's a gun, it is considered loaded whether or not there is any ammo in it).

    Elect me President and I will deport 100 million stupid, worthless people. The rest of us will live in peace and harmony with common sense prevailing. Obama, Biden. Reid, Frank and Polosi will be on the first bus to the coast.

  8. Antonia Ferarri

    The reason why people are trying to get their guns onto airplanes with them just might be because they do not want to be defenceless victims trapped on an airplane with no escape like the poor lost souls in 2002, 9/11 and countless other hi jack victims.

  9. Mark Bishop

    When I worked at TSA, I found a loaded.45 in a carry-on bag, with one in the chamber, and an extra clip. I guarantee it didn't get this type of press attention. The way the title was written, I would have expected that he had been doing his best Neo (Matrix) impression. I sometimes wonder how "paranoid" they would become, if passengers were somehow allowed to screen each other before their flight.

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