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Carney Enrages Bieber Fans With New Twitter Profile

Selena Gomez

Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber’s epic Twitter fight stepped up another level today when Carney enraged Bieber fans with a new Twitter profile.

The fight, which was sarcastically dubbed the twitter fight of the year by The Inquisitr, started after the Grammy Awards when the Black Keys drummer said that Bieber had no place at the annual award show.

Carney said: “Grammys are for like music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Bieber shot back on Twitter saying that someone should “slap Carney around” a little.

At that point, the EPIC Twitter fight consisted of one rich musician insulting another rich musician while that rich musician jokingly threatened a slap fight. It was absolutely epic…

Well, the Carney and Bieber fight has taken another interesting turn.

In an impressive display of Geek revenge, Carney has changed his Twitter profile to mock Justin Bieber. Carney changed his name to Justin Bieber, his profile pic to one of the Canadian singer, and the description of his account to the “official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy.”

Needless to say, Carney’s prank enraged some of Bieber’s fans.

justin bieber

What do you think of Patrick Carney’s prank? Is this the geekiest feud of all-time?

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21 Responses to “Carney Enrages Bieber Fans With New Twitter Profile”

  1. Andrew Davis

    Only in America does celebrity gossip make up more than 50% of the news we get stuck with. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ashamed of it.

  2. Robin Gordon

    Aw is the litttle boy bieber get his feeling hurt he need to run home to his mama and when he grows up he can come out to play.

  3. Merica A Relic

    This is America? I literally had no idea, when over half the population is "below average" I find it extremely difficult to dismiss the cold harsh reality of the uneducated folks that "we" interact with everyday. Remember folks, "Ignorance is strength" to the majority, why fight? When you can simply surrender and be chained to the chains that bind you..

  4. Jay Eithun

    Bieber nation need to come to terms with the fact that justin is a fluffy cookie cutter pop star, and nothing else. He has his fame enjoy it while you can because he doesn't have talent. Just because a million screaming little girls like him doesn't validate him as a GOOD musician. he needs to pick a fight with someone on his own level like milli vanilli or Psy.

  5. Kurt Smith

    But Andrew this is "epic" stuff! We're supposed to care that two stupid pampered celebrities did some nonsensical shenanigans on a website called twitter. Twitter is where grammar and logic go to die.

  6. Jan Statkiewicz

    Kurt Smith I hope you don't mind but I'm using that as my tag line from now on!!
    witter is where grammar and logic go to die.!! haha

  7. Sam Spencer

    I find myself lost in the wonderment to amount of time and money people waste in adulation of persons a questionable talent, no matter who they are. This whole rigmarole is nothing more than a tempest in a chamber pot.

  8. Andrew Davis

    @Kurt: "Twitter is where grammar and logic go to die."

    I'll have to use that one in the future.

  9. Billy Kay

    The GRAMMY's are for music? Then why do I keep seeing Chris Brown and Justin Beiber in the audience? Good work Carney. Tell those dimbulb brats to STFU.

  10. Calrissian Foxx Steele

    I hate Justin Bieber just as much as any self respecting human being but why does Carney really care? Does he not realize the Grammy's are crap now anyway? Is he jealous and wants one? I don't think Justin deserves any awards but the Grammy's are a popularity contest these days and nothing else. I wouldn't want that award if I have to do what Justin Bieber does to get one.

  11. Sarah Ruby Malyk Loutrec

    Yea I wouldn't want to bend over for an award either! lol

  12. Anonymous

    Carney's band The Black Keys have 5 Grammy Awards. Bieber has none. There is no "Best Autotune performance while prancing around like a child in a beauty pagent" award.

  13. Roxanna Maria Shulleeta

    This is so stupid hahaha Carney is being the extremely immature one here. It should've just ended after Justin's tweet. Like why do everything else? That's stupid. Hahaha just compare them for a second…. Everyone that says Justin Bieber is "bad" I mean that's personal preference, but there's no denying the fact that he is extremely successful and is here to stay for a while. Maybe somebody should explain to Carney that a Grammy doesn't make you superior to another artist, especially not to Justin haha.

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